San Luis Obispo County hires new public works director

October 28, 2014

slo county signThe County of San Luis Obispo announced Tuesday it has hired Wade Horton as its new public works director.

Horton will be directly responsible for overseeing the operations of the public works department, which has approximately 190 full-time employees. Currently, Horton works for the City of San Luis Obispo as the deputy director of the utilities department.

“I believe Mr. Horton will bring a high level of energy and enthusiasm to the position, and I look forward to having him join our team,” said County Administrative Officer Dan Buckshi.

Before his post at the City of San Luis Obispo, Horton was a senior engineer for Penfield & Smith, a construction field engineer for Modern Continental, and an associate engineer for URS Corp/Radian international. He earned a bachelor’s degree in environmental engineering from California Polytechnic State University, San Luis Obispo and has served in the United States Navy Reserve for 10 years.

“I’m looking forward to serving with an exceptional team focused on improving the quality of life for our fellow San Luis Obispo County residents,” Horton said.

Paavo Ogren, the former public works director, resigned his position in May.

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How could CalCoastNews publish a “News Story” and fail to mention the most important aspect of the story! What is his pay and compensation! We need to know just how many times the average City Resident is this Joker going to be making? Twice? Three Times?

Oh, for Christ’s Sake!!!

The usual ding-dongs come out in force to spew their ridiculous blather. Mr. Horton was never “Director of Utilities for the [C]ity.” The man is an officer in the U.S. Navy Reserves.I’ve done some asking around with friends of mine who are in the know, and Mr. Horton is a SeaBee officer with an Iraq deployment under his belt, a family man who has lived in the area for years, and a well-regarded man with a broad palette of experience. I realize that we’ve all become cynical due to the shenanigans at the local, state and federal level, but come on! We live in a county. The county has an infrastructure. The infrastructure is overseen by the County Public Works Department. We need a County Public Works Director. What say we give Mr. Horton a chance to get in there and start working before we all start trying to flay the meat off his bones? I think we might be getting a really good person here for this job. Let’s give the poor guy a chance to prove himself.

I just have one question. Was Mr. Horton, as the Director of Utilities for the city, in any way involved in the hazardous spill debacle?

Mr. Horton appears well qualified and obviously likes the area.

The usual crepe hanging cassandras comment.

…as incestuous as ever. I’m sure they had to give him a nice big boost in the ol’ pay package to entice him to this hellhole of an area… right? (Even if he was already here)

What fresh He’ll is this?

salary?, total compensation?