Lompoc city employee arrested for hit-and-run DUI

October 8, 2014

LompocLompoc police arrested an on-the-job city employee Tuesday for a hit-and-run while under the influence of alcohol. [KSBY]

Officers say Lompoc Parks and Recreation Department employee Kelly Didrickson backed a city vehicle into another car in the 800 block of West Laurel Avenue and drove away. The owner of the other vehicle followed Didrickson to the city corporate yard, where officers tracked him down.

Didrickson voluntarily provide a breath sample, which contained a blood alcohol level significantly over the legal limit, an officer said. Police then took Didrickson into custody.

Earlier this year, in March, Lompoc police arrested one of their own officers for driving under the influence after he slammed his car into a tree and took off while off duty. A second Lompoc officer was arrested in May for vandalism and making criminal threats.

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I bet they have great parties.

It would appear as though Roger Ramjet was the last worthwhile public servant to hail from Lompoc.

I remember watching that cartoon as a kid growing up on the east coast. Had no idea of the local connection. Very cool.