Marijuana grow uncovered in North County

October 8, 2014

legalize-marijuana-california-environmentSan Luis Obispo County narcotics officers confiscated approximately $40,000 worth of marijuana from an illegal growing operation Monday, according to the county sheriff’s office. [Tribune]

The raid took place Monday afternoon after law enforcement received a report from a ranch manager about something suspicious on private property north of Highway 46 and west of Paso Robles. The sheriff’s narcotics unit responded with assistance from a CHP helicopter crew, which surveyed the area.

The CHP crew discovered a grow of about 100 marijuana plants. Narcotics officers removed the plants and are expected to destroy them.

An effort is currently ongoing to eradicate illegal grows that pose fire and environmental hazards during fire season, according to the sheriff’s office.

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This is becoming a bigger problem in the North County, pot growers are mainly Mexicans and they are planting in the same rows as the grapes in the vineyard’s and most winery

owners rarely visit the field’s of there property. so here we go…all the water they need,..

green grapes, green pot plants…..and they maintain them as they maintain the grapes…

who knows…maybe a hemp hybrid grape….

No wonder I got the munches after that lasr bottle of Chardonnay.

Marijuana grows cause lots of problems.

1. Growers often illegally damn rivers and creeks, or tap into them, to water their grows.

2. Growers often use rat poison and other chemicals to kill rats, mice, and other rodents, which pollutes the water supply.

3. Illegal fertilizers also cause damage.

4. Illegal grows typically have armed guards.

5. Illegal grows are often connected to the Mexican cartel / gangs.

6. This illegal activity often attracts other illegal activity – like meth labs, drug trafficking, etc.

1. Legalize it

2. Regulate it

3. Tax it

There–problem solved.

Not quite solved as regulation and legalization has not eliminated the black market for marijuana. The legal pot is 2-3 times more expensive.

The journal of the American Medical association just did a study that shows a significant increase in children admitted to emergency rooms after ingesting marijuana.

While too early to call success or failure in the states that have legalized, why not let it play out for a while.

I’ve never tried the stuff, nor do I intend to but this whole “War on Drugs” is a multi-gazillion dollar joke. It’s time to legalize it and be done.

As for kids accidentally ingesting pot, I’d also like to see the stats for accidental overdoses of prescription drugs and alcohol. There are FAR more deaths contributed to booze & pills than from marijuana.

I’m for legalizing it as long as users sign an affidavit that they will forego all public assistance. I have known lots of potheads, and never met one who got himself out of bed before 11 am.

Please, just admit that you are NOT for legalizing it, in any way, shape or form, for anyone anywhere anytime, period.

I’ll wager that you would prefer to eliminate all public assistance anyway.

Not true. I cannot stand government overreach in any form, however, that includes confiscation of my hard earned money and giving it to people who choose to do nothing (including spending their days getting high).

Wipe out welfare for able bodied adults, and legalize anything you want. Just don’t compel me to pay for the 46,000,000 slackers on food stamps due to their own choices.

My experience is different than yours. I agree that a fair number of potheads are slackers and prone to living without working if they can get away with it. However, I had an employee for about 12 years who smoked weed every day after work. He was strong, steady and reliable.

I strongly suspected from the start that he was a pot smoker due to his dress and speech habits but I agreed to keep him on if he agreed to not come to work in the morning while under the influence. The only further conditions were that he not operate a company vehicle and that an on-the-job injury requiring treatment would also involve a drug test for which a positive result would mean termination. It worked out well for both of us.

I also know several other people who were/are casual, recreational pot users and function just fine in work and society. You wouldn’t know that they were pot smokers from normal interaction unless they told you — and they wouldn’t tell you if they thought you might be judgmental in a negative way. This may be why you don’t “know” any pot smokers who aren’t late-rising slackers.

I also know people who are alcoholics that can’t hold a job becuase they can’t keep sober long enough and can’t work well when drunk. Are you going to extend the “no public assistance” agreement to all booze drinkers? What about people who use prescription drugs (also a source of addicts)?

Here’s the thing though.. a child being admitted to the emergency room does not actually mean that there was any danger, it means someone was trying to be responsible and *make sure* that the child had medical attention just in case there might be a danger that the person in charge of the child is unaware of.

Yes – “responsible” parents take their 5-year olds to the emergency room after the kid eats their pot brownies. Talk about an oxymoron.

Or the pot brownies they got from a neighbor kid or classmate?

Because the RICO Act is often applied to growing pot, no one wants to risk planting it on their own property even if they could make a case for not knowing about it. Thus the tendency to do all the other illegal things you mention on either public land or someone else’ property. Legalization would mostly solve that problem and people growing openly on their own property are much more likely to do so with good ag management practices. They would also not need to associate with the gangs and other hard-core druggies just like those who grow wine grapes.

So how do green (watered) marijuana plants increase the fire risk over dry brush?

WRONG, environmentalist logic.

Good point, MarkGB. The fire thing is just an EXCUSE to invade private property.

We must remember that the sheriff selects which cases interest his people, and this one must have come up in the morning doughnut lottery. The rest, you can ignore laws with impunity.

I can’t believe how law enforcement irresponsibility and misfeasance in this county can change a person from a lifetime LE supporter to an opinion of disgust.

Very lame indeed

I have not heard of a case in this county, but there are numerous cases from around the country where law enforcement’s motivation for enforcing laws against marijuana is that it gives them the right to seize any and all property associated with this type of illegal activity. In some states, the seized property can then be sold and the proceeds used in any way they want — as opposed to some restrictions on money they receive in a government budget. Talk about motivation for corruption and abuse of laws!

Even in this county, I suspect that some LEOs like enforcing marijuana laws because it allows them to unleash their inner bully and play tough guy with a SWAT team in circumstances least likely to produce dangerous reactions.

The fire danger is likely gun fire. Tresspassers must be aware, in the past the charges are limited to illegal cultivation, excessive force is not likely during a robbery at night, in the dark.