Morro Bay managers in line for raises

October 14, 2014

morro bay plantMorro Bay management employees will receive 3 percent raises Tuesday night if Morro Bay’s city council approves a proposed bargaining agreement.

Management staff, which consists of senior officials in city departments, have reached a two-year agreement with city negotiators that would last through June 30, 2016. The terms, including the 3 percent pay raise, would apply retroactively to July 1.

The compensation increases in the agreement will cost the city a total of $41,483, according to a staff report prepared by Administrative Services Director Susan Slayton. That figure includes both salary and benefit hikes.

As part of the compensation increase, the management employees are also slated to receive bumps in city contributions to their health and life insurance and deferred compensation.

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Just wonderful. While all of us are trying to live within our means despite increasing costs on everything….Morro Bay is spending like they’ve won the lottery. That sewer is going to cost a bundle….and those of us on minimal fixed incomes are in for big trouble I predict.

And I see that Jamie Irons and his cronies and inlaws have slick signs posted everywhere in support of Measure J. Gee….wonder why? Could it be so it’s easier for the Irons’ machine to get re-elected to office? Lucky us. Folks pay attention if you vote….really dig for the consequences prior to voting!!


Kalalau, the king and his cohorts could care less about the working man or woman. It is all about their personal benefit.They are all massaging each other. You have the king and his 2 co-horts aka council-members (Christine Johnson and Noah Schmuckler) that ran as a block here in Morro Bay. You have Queen Monica Irons, who is the director of human resources for the city of SLO, who just happened to hire Christine Johnson’s husband (Lee) for the position of Economic Development Manager. (when many applicants were more qualified) . And dont forget the interim city manger we had in Morro Bay (Ed Kreins) I am sure by happenstance worked with Monica Irons for the city of Beverly Hills. Leadership or in this case lack of in Morro Bay is starting to make Arroyo Grande and their mess look like Disneyland.


Great News folks! This must mean Morro Bay is finally in the black! The streets are all fixed, Trump Towers ( Morro Bay Fire Department building) is finally paid off and the city has given back to the community…..Obviously, this must be the case or we wouldn’t be giving raises to “management”. I mean who would give raises to people who are failing at their jobs? It does not matter who is leading the city. They all, (politicians) have learned that you need to pay off city employees (with our money) to keep them on your side. There is nothing you can do silly peasants, they will all get raises, our taxes will go up and they will come back to pick your pockets to fill their own. The cycle never ends.


Now we know why the city has been paying an municipal investigation company to dig into the business license money bag. Must of found $41,483 worth of violations.


They’re going to vote to pay another consultant $49,000 tonight. It’s raining money in Morro Bay.


Also, I would bet that King Irons, who is doing a facade improvement on Morro Bay Boulevard, paid for those improvements with a low interest loan from the City.


Rambunctious, oh now come on be fair! Remember when Betty Winholtz was running for mayor and was asked why she did not have a business license on file for her tutoring business out of her home? Her 2 replies were.

1. Oh I didn’t know I needed one

2. I didn’t know where I was suppose to pay it.

Not sure which assanine reply she stuck with, if either. Thankfully she lost that election

Wonder if she ever got one?


lol I’m just sayin…


The problem with salaries of government officials is that they are not market, performance or value driven, but arbirtrarily negotiated.

I used to work for state government and you should have heard the outcry when pay for performance was floated. The union went balistic.


Morro Bay’s new City Manager is already being dishonest with the fiscal impact of this raise. Since the Executive Team (Dept. Heads) follows the Management Team it also will receive the 3% increase. Also, Confidential employees and Police got raises. Total fiscal impact is closer to $200k. per year. There is absolutely no transparency in Morro Bay with King Irons and his new City Manager.

mb business owner

A public records request would be interesting for two questions in Morro Bay: 1. What have the increases to the Department Head salaries been in the last 12 months and 2. What is the total to date spent on attorneys since City Attorney Schultz left.


I have been told that the City is spending a shitload more on attorneys since Shultz left.


WOW !!! Only 16 days after the new City Manager takes the helm the managers get a raise … imagine that !!!

Does he get a cut of the action too?


Yes the City Manager will also get a raise since his contract states he gets equal raises to management. This Council is spending money like a drunken sailor. We are no closer to a new sewer plant either.


MBwaiter, what ever happened to the king’s infamous sewer plant relocation?


They ARE drunken sailors who have NEVER ventured onto the water.


Look at it this way MB….some would consider them…the sewer plant.


I don’t see where they are getting a 10.5% raise like Steve Adams got, and they get more than our police officers got.

AG needs new blood to run our city

Rich in MB

Where oh where would we be without these high paid city workers to take care of us? Answer…much better off and with less money picked from the pockets of the middle class. Sure give them more retirement benefits, give them more health care benefits and life insurance plans. What joke. How about giving the fine city employees of morro bay the average pay of city residents? Heck I’d even splurge and give them 20% above the average….wouldnt that seem fair?