Repeat San Luis Obispo DUI offender arrested

October 19, 2014
Lisa Rae Davis

Lisa Rae Davis

Police arrested a 53-year-old San Luis Obispo woman for felony DUI on Saturday afternoon after she crashed into another driver causing injuries.

Shortly after 2 p.m., Lisa Rae Davis drove her Ford F-150 pickup into the back of a Subaru that was stopped for a traffic light at the intersection of Marsh and Nipomo streets in San Luis Obispo, police said. The driver of the Subaru suffered minor injuries in the collision.

Davis was driving without a license, which had been suspended because of an earlier DUI arrest. In addition, an arrest warrant had been issued for failure to appear on the earlier DUI, police said.

Officers booked Davis into the San Luis Obispo County Jail for felony DUI causing injury, driving on a suspended driver’s license, and the DUI-related warrant with bail set at $110,000.

Russ J

Stop handing welfare checks over to these drunks, She doesn’t deserve a penny from the taxpayer until she’s sober.

Assumption made; she can hold a drink, but can’t hold a job anymore than she can hold a drivers license.


Daytime drunks are the worst drunks on the planet.

Mandatory rehab and financial restitution; Or, throw the key away.

There is a severe need for a local rehab center here on the Central Coast. Sad that these chemical addicts have to be shipped off to remote adult rehab centers in L.A. and San Francisco.


Just one more drunk out on the streets causing chaos for other



Been there, done that. Nine years sober the 30th of this month. It is fixable. This happened right outside my place yesterday, so I got to to see how the “older party girl” look wears ever so thin…..and I am soooo glad that is over! It is near the holidays….I am the frequent designated driver around this time. People trust me again.


Congratulations, good for you!


How would that stop an assh*le like her?


Instead of focusing on a 10 million dollar homeless tourist hotel, we need to start thinking about a residential drug and alcohol rehabilitation center for our county. It might not have helped in this case, but we have a drug/alcohol problem here that is not being addressed. The only place some addicts can dry out, at this point, is in jail, and often after they have already committed a crime or have hurt someone.


While I think that your cost projection for the proposed homeless shelter is quite a bit on the high side (3-4 times?), I tend to agree with your point in general. A large proportion of the homeless has substance abuse problems (often in combination with other issues) so a good rehab program would decrease the need for those services as well. Currently, low-cost rehab services usually involve a long wait — so long that it is too late in some cases. If one has the resources to pay, it is much easier to get into “celebrity” rehab centers.

But an even better argument would be the reduced impact on the jail and prison system. How many of the inmates are there for crimes committed either under the influence or while trying to get cash for the next fix? Would the cost savings there be great enough to offset the costs of a good public rehab system? No one knows and the startup costs would be higher. However, there is also the beneficial effect of changing people who are burdens to society into contributors. Sometimes the benefits of expensive programs can’t be measured in financial terms alone.

Also, rehab is not a cure-all. It only works for those who want it and many of them fail as well. But at least there is a reasonable chance of success — better odds than the misguided value placed upon the “correctional” effect of imprisonment.


A lifetime driving prohibition should be imposed immediately upon her release from prison following a LONG sentence. Lets not allow this woman to kill someone.

Noodly Appendages

She was already ‘not-allowed’ to drive. Blindness is the only answer for the repeat-repeat offender. An injection in each eyball. Done.


that has to be the happiest looking booking picture I’ve ever seen…..think she learned her lesson?


Not condoning dangerous habitual drunken driving, however I gotta mention that this sort of smiling, boozey, fun and irresponsible party girl was just the ticket for a lifetime of great encounters and experiences, at least for a much younger man who did not possess Tom Selleck good looks to flash in the taverns.

When she hits my age, she’ll probably be old, boring, and socially responsible as well.


Assuming she lives that long.


She already looks old and boring.


With technology today shouldn’t it be easy to preclude these serial DUI offenders from driving cars. I am all for personal liberty but not at the cost of someone’s life. Make this bitch equip her vehicles with breathalyzers regardless of whether her license is suspended.

She’ll probably get bailed out and drive home from the jail, after stopping at a bar.


all she would have to do is have some one else breathe into the machine, or drive someone else’s car.

I don’t agree with drunk driving at all, but in reality it is so hard to stop it unless you leave them behind bars for life.


True. Where there is a will, there is unfortunately a way. Vehicle impound while license is suspended might be an additional deterrent. Too bad if its the family car.