Three city sting nets 37 johns and prostitutes

October 25, 2014

arrestPolice officers from Arroyo Grande, Pismo Beach and San Luis Obispo conducted a three day joint sting on prostitution this week that resulted in the arrests of 37 johns and prostitutes.

Both male and female undercover officers were used in the crackdown aimed at stifling an noticeable increase in prostitution at local hotels and motels. Officers said internet use and mobile communication have made solicitation easier.

Police also addressed the perception that prostitution is a victimless crime.

“Prostitution may be seen by some as a “victimless crime,” a Friday press release says. “In recent times our communities have experienced the use of underage females by “pimps” to engage customers in acts of sex in order to make money to continue in a lifestyle of criminal behavior. Often these underage females are held against their will and are coerced into services through force, fear and retaliation if they do not perform. Often acts of prostitution are accompanied by the use and sales of narcotics, acts of violence to include serious assaults and robbery and the trafficking of stolen property.”

Nevertheless, all 37 people arrested in this week’s sting were legal adults. Of those arrested, two were also charged with drug related crimes.

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Come on, these girls were just trying to make a little on the side like that former inept City of SLO employee who was charging people for the services he was paid to do as a City employee.