Vandalism and clashes mar South County campaigns

October 13, 2014

unnamed-6While the theft or vandalism of signs is a common problem for campaigns across San Luis Obispo County, in South County the battle for the Arroyo Grande mayor position and the District 4 supervisor seat have escalated to include verbal disturbances and felony vandalism.

In less than two weeks, Patty Welsh, an Arroyo Grande woman who has taken on the task of placing Jim Hill for mayor signs throughout the village, has endured vandalism on two different vehicles promoting Hill’s candidacy. In both cases, Arroyo Grande police responded to vandalism reports.

Two weeks ago, Welsh parked her truck in her driveway and placed an elect Jim Hill sign in the front window. Sometime during the night, someone smashed her front window.

On Friday night, Welsh and another Hill supporter met at Chili’s Restaurant in Arroyo Grande to discuss the campaign. Welsh parked her whiteunnamed-5 Volkswagen, which sported a Hill for mayor sign on the side window, outside the restaurant.

During their meal, someone vandalized Welsh’s hand-written campaign sign and also wrote “nigger” in black ink on one of the car doors.

On Saturday, during Nipomo’s Oktoberfest celebration, John Brunsfield, a Nipomo man who purchased and placed signs in the Nipomo area that say “Lynn Compton is a fraud,” became verbally abusive at the supervisor candidate’s booth.

After attempts by event staff to diffuse Brunsfield failed and he refused requests to leave the premises, a San Luis Obispo County Sheriff deputy escorted him from the event.

There are 23 days of campaigning left before polling day on Nov. 4.


Playing dirty.

When you are losing you can either re-assess your goals or sling mud and hate. The 4th district is looking a lot like the Covello and Dow race. How did that turn out for the mud slingers?


He won.


The person who wrote that on her car must be referring themselves, because I find nothing about that word to fit her.

I hope she is not going to let that stop her from trying to get Jim Hill elected as Mayor of Arroyo Grande, to many of us want to see the change in leadership.

Sorry that happened to her, it does not reflect well on the residents of our great city.


We agree dog, others working for Jim Hill are literally sick about this.

Who’s next?


PS. Jim Hill is WHITE and, as far as I can tell, has never said a mean word about anyone.


The same woman, not once, but twice??

That’s not a coincidence. Sad, and Disturbing!


Greeted by a “Caren Ray” flyer recently. It highlights 4 items she apparently is very proud of. 1 – Serving of the A.G. city council before “becoming”(not elected) our supervisor, 2 – Balancing the county budget and creating a reserve without raising taxes, 3 – Bringing national retailers to A.G. and growing local economy, plus bringing us out of the recession, and 4 – helped create the FCFA, which we are told improves protection and saves us $150,00 a year.

It also announces a chance to meet the candidate tonight, Oct 13th 6 to 7p at a privately hosted event, 554 Sombrillo in Arroyo Grande, the home of Ken and Cheryl Price, RSVP 458-9338 or

I can not attend because I have to work, but could someone attend and ask her a few questions? 1 – Does she have any opinion at being appointed by the governor even though her positions are opposite of the person she replaced whom was elected? 2 – How could she balance the budget without addressing the ever growing pension liability looming over taxpayers and even if taxes were not raised does she think it is okay to raise so many other items we pay for, water, sewer, trash, and such? 3 – I thought national retailers, i.e. Walmart were the death of local businesses, is this not the case?. and 4 – If creating the FCFA is saving us money why did they have to ask for a property tax assessment and threaten us with reduction in services is it didn’t pass?, and did she publicly support the assessment and what was her personal, “publicly available” vote on the assessment?

I look forward to her answers……


Ray’s claims surrounding anything to do with the Five cities Fire Authority are completely bogus!

Notice she did not get the FCFA endorsement; only the Cal Fire endorsement.


Who in-the-hell runs around with a wide format Sharpie marker on their person?


Who in-the-hell uses it on someone’s CAR?

Mike Byrd

Until I spent my time on the campaign trail I hadn’t fully appreciated how much our South county had changed. We used to like and respect those with whom we disagreed. But it seems that a lot of folks moving here from big cities bring big city attitudes with them. Politics is rough and tumble and some seem not to share the same sense of neighborliness as we’ve long enjoyed. It really is a shame.


While it’s easy to blame new comers “from big cities,” I don’t see any facts that support that. Generally, big cities are more diverse and more tolerant than smaller, tight knit communities. Perhaps this is a bunch of AG “natives.” I’ll hold my judgment until we have some evidence. In ANY case, this is total Bravo Sierra. Totally unacceptable.


The Byrdman is correct–the vitriol comes from those who have moved within the last five years. I have seen it plenty. The Oceano Dunes vehicle park is a great example. If you’re from here, you know about it, have lived with it, and likely had a hell of a great time spinning around out there. But those on the Nipomo Mesa, newly moved here from, yes, the big city, are the loudly squeaking wheels. And that’s putting it politely. They are not interested in a conversation.


Mike, I’ve never met you, but have heard that you are an alright kinda guy. In this case, however, pinning blame on “newcomers” is soooo very much the Good ol’ Boy attitude. “You’re not from around these parts, are ya?”

Come on Mike! I’m from the LA area, but have lived here now for 14 plus years. Where I used to live down south politics were much more polite. Since I moved up this way I have become very impressed with how much the Good ol’ Boys rule and are very resistant to any enlightenment or change. I would like to see this area stay as beautiful as it is…the reason I moved here. But sadly, there are a lot of idiot, seemingly inbred Good ol’ Boy types that would like to make their quick bucks and see it become Los Angeles. Believe me, if you want to continue to live here, you do not want that to happen! LA sucks!

Open up to some insight from your “newcomers.” They may have some experience that you should listen to.

Mike Byrd

You’re right. I shouldn’t have painted everyone with such a broad brush. My poor choice of words was influenced by the fellow from LA who trespassed to plant the fraud signs and had to be removed from Octoberfest by deputies as well as by some recent transplants from Orange County I met during the campaign. Thank you for reminding me the generalities should be avoided.


might I remind you Justducky that the narrow-mindedness is coming from the mayor, the council, the city attorney, and the city manager—I can assure you , the group working to elect Jim Hill is not narrow-minded—-we are upset that one of our own was targeted by people who are small-minded and bent on intimidation………


Dear LeAnn – Everything in life on the Central Coast is NOT all about what is going on in Arroyo Grande with your Mayor and the Council. That is your issue, not mine. Sorry if you are dealing with narrow-minded people, some who it does sound like may have been here for sometime. I don’t have a dog in your fight. Just sayin’ don’t judge all “newcomers” as having “evil” intentions or as being ill-informed.


Really, Mike Byrd. Didn’t you come from a big city (Bakersfield)? Did you bring such broad-brushed distrust with you? Do you accuse all immigrants such as yourself as having (unspecified) big-city attitudes? Racism is best described as an anticipation of a person’s behavior based on their apparent race. I accuse you of y’all-aren’t-from-roun’-here-are-ya-ism. You are the shame.

Thankfully, the 4th District will not have to suffer from your narrow-minded mentality.


I have never understood why people cannot just discuss issues and agree to disagree. Why the angry, hatred and destruction. In my opinion, that is a sign of an unbalanced person with bigger personal issues. This may be a chance for the candidates to show their leadership and ask everyone to take a step down and analyze your behavior.

Play fair folks, do your best campaigning, and may the best person win!


What does a person’s race have to do with anything during a Mayoral campaign? What is wrong with these people?

I sure hope Chili’s has cameras in their parking lot so the low life who did this to the white Volkswagen will be prosecuted!


I know they once had cameras in their bathroom when a creeper was watching women in the stall.

I’m gonna bet the proof will be in the cameras for both the vandalism case and the July 3rd incident!

Rally tomorrow night at 5:15 in front of Council Chambers

Bring a friend!

We will provide signs and written material that can be read.