Alleged SLO torturer heading to trial

November 3, 2014
Timothy John Hayes

Timothy John Hayes

A trial is set for a San Luis Obispo man accused of torturing his girlfriend and attempting to kill her. [KEYT]

In September, 33-year-old Timothy Hayes allegedly bound the woman, 27, with tape, and assaulted her with a knife, scissors, a pool cue and burned her with kitchen utensils. The case is set to begin trial on Dec. 22.

Hayes faces possible life in prison for torture, attempted murder and other charges. But, his attorney, Ilan Funke-Bilu, says Hayes and his former girlfriend enjoyed bondage and included it as a regular part of their relationship.

“At trial we plan to present what I think will be very persuasive evidence of his innocence,” Funke-Bilu said last week.

During a preliminary hearing in September, Funke-Bilu also suggested that the victim was under the influence of cocaine at the time of the incident. The victim testified during the hearing and said cocaine was a regular part of their relationship, when questioned by Funke-Bilu.

But, the victim also provided a detailed account of the alleged torture.

“It turned into a lot of punching and kicking with full force, as if like a male-on-male fight,” the woman said. “I was thrown against the wall and kicked as hard as a soccer ball.”

She also testified that Hayes tried to cut offer her breasts with a pair of 12-inch scissors, saying, “Babe, I need these for myself.”

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Any man who has gone this far with his perverted tastes at this young of an age-is likely to escalate and end up creating the most tragic of circumstances within society. Besides, there will be plenty of opportunity to act out on others in prison. You HAVE TO keep guys like this out of free society. They will continue to hurt people and the thrill seeking gets more and more complex to get the same gratification. Later on, while there are bodies buried everywhere and women missing-it will be too late to rectify this. Or worse-if his appetite rears its ugly head on children.

So defense attorneys think it’s okay for guys to torture women if they’re under the influence?