Warm ocean temperatures attract different species

November 3, 2014

turtleHigher than usual ocean temperatures off the coast of California have attracted a menagerie of warm-water creatures that typically live in more tropical areas such as the Hawaiian and Galapagos Islands. [Mercury News]

In mid-October, ocean temperatures off the Central Coast ran about 69 degrees attracting sea turtles and Hawaiian Ono. Most years, water temperatures along the Central Coast would be in the high 50s or low 60s.

Experts say the warm temperatures, not seen since 1997, are not caused by El Niño or global warming. Instead, rare changes in wind patterns this fall have led to the warmer temperatures.

Winds that normally blow from the north and trap warm water closer to the equator have slackened since the summer. These winds also churn cold water from below with warmer surface waters in a process known as upwelling, which is not happening.


different species…….dose that explain my mermaid wife?


The ‘feeling’ that something is not right about our weather patterns is not new to anyone above the age of 50 who’s been paying attention.

We’re in for a wild ride. The ‘recent’ declaration from international science groups as to an accelerated ‘global warming’ is a clue. These folks tend to be conservative out of self preservation.

Warm and dry is our outlook. Periods like these past few days of rain will come and go, but dry and dryer is out fate. In the background to ebola, ISIS, and the various oligarchs, will be our dissolving stasis environment.

Eat, drink, drive, and be merry. For tomorrow……you guess.

Theo P. Neustic

The latest reports have us in an “El Nino Neutral” situation. No huge amount of rain but hopefully a return to what is more of our “normal” winter pattern. With the California area not under the influence of a “La Nina” as we have been for the past few years.

fishing village

Thank you for your attention to this interesting situation in our oceans. I spend almost everyday watching over the MB Estuary walking the Marina Walk and along the Harbor Walk to the Rock. I see many birds returning for the winter layover, no brants yet , but willets, curlew (several hundred), white and brown pelicans. An osprey returns every year to a perch at the West end of the marina, up high in the trees. The Winter Bird Festival is coming soon, so anyone interested can sign up. http://www.morrobayfestival.org. A wonderful event.