Cal Poly student sexually assaulted on campus

November 16, 2014

calpolyCal Poly police are looking for a man who allegedly sexually assaulted a student on the San Luis Obispo campus Nov. 9. [KSBY]

At about 3 a.m., the victim was walking between Mott Athletic Center and the parking structure when a man grabbed her from behind. The man then put the victim in a headlock and placed his hand over her mouth while he tried to sexually assault her.

However, the victim told police she was able to fight off the man, described as about 6 foot 3 inches tall with a medium build, and escape.

On Friday, Cal Poly students received an alert about the assault through the Cal Poly’s emergency alert system.

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SLOPD is extremely fortunate they were not dealing with a serial rapist or a sociopath who subsequently escalated to female mutilation or murder during the ensuing week that this was hidden from the public (the public that includes women who have the right to be informed and then more aware [so they can then take precautions to be more careful and alert]).

One day, they will play these little games and it will not turn out so well. The women will then file a lawsuit that says they were not properly warned-and they will win it too. I will be the blonde woman in the back of the courtroom with the black beret: the one that is applauding.

Please don’t think I’m blaming the victim but who walks around at 3AM? There is a fine line between your “Rights” and stupidity.

Let’s get one thing straight. Women do not get raped because of what they are wearing, where they are, what they drank or where they are at any time of the day or night. They get raped because men-who know this is a felony criminal act-decide they want to overpower the woman and sexually assault, harm and humiliate her.

Many women run up therapy bills into the tens of thousands. What if her car broke down and her cell phone was dead? Still “her fault” or is it still the fault of the rapist?

Where were you on the night of November 9th at 3am?

Relax and read what the poster wrote before getting all in a lather. It is a legitimate question and the poster was NOT blaming the victim. Notwithstanding any uncontrollable circumstances, walking there at 3AM is not a good thing to do. We are not blaming her…it is just that there are certain things people can do to safeguard themselves against incidents that aren’t their fault.

Well said, Perspicacious. Following similar alleged and/or substantiated incidents, our young women have been urged and reminded to NOT walk alone after dark. Even if some readers here think a young woman should be “allowed” to walk alone in the dark, history clearly speaks otherwise. The risk of assault to young women walking alone increases exponentially when the sun goes down.

Motive alone does not produce a criminal act.

Motive becomes a criminal act when it meets opportunity. Unfortunately, in order to keep ourselves safe in society we need to act in such a way as to limit opportunity of those with motive.

No one is suggesting it is the victim’s fault. Suggesting that young women may not be safe alone at 3 AM in a fairly secluded situation is not affixing blame for the result. It is, however, an unfortunate reality of life.

A man or woman, adult or child, should be safe to walk wherever and whenever they choose.

Yes, in a perfect world. And I should have no problem leaving my doors and windows unlatched 24/7/365 without so much as the faintest hint of fear of an uninvited “guest” entering. But our world is tainted with so many people who have lost all respect for themselves and for others. For these individuals, nothing is off limits. Therefore, the rest of us must exercise caution, use common sense, and not let our guard down.

Your point?

They should be.

But that’s not the reality of life in this day and age, especially

in California.

You ought to be able to keep your life’s savings in a cardboard box on your front lawn, no one should take it because they know it’s not theirs, right?

While you could have framed your thought a whole lot differently I can see where you were going with that. I’ll said it “what a stupid place to be at 3 a.m.”. Don’t these people listen to one bit of the training they’re forced to listen too and if they don’t do that do they have a grain of common sense anymore?

Feel so sick for this girl….I’m sorry this happened but, you sure did well kicking some butt and escaping this parasite!

Maybe the Campus Police should try a sting operation, follow a young lady around the campus late at night and see what they catch.

That’s a five-day delay between the alleged assault and the time Cal Poly students were alerted! Five days leeway for alleged perpetrator to assault additional students while “flying under the radar.” Was this timing delay due to the victim giving consideration to report/not report the crime – or – Cal Poly’s decision?

Perhaps it was the press. No matter who it was: we as citizens that value safety in our community should make it clear that this is not acceptable and that it violates the “protect and serve” aspect of their duties.

I drive my wife to work at CalPoly 545AM, Every time I drive her to work I have “ALWAYS” seen college girls jogging even during rain sprinkles and fog.

These young girls jog daily pre-sunrise, this is a fact.

Most of the girls I see jog solo, there is one that always jog with 2 dogs.

I believe they feel safe in the campus area, so did Kristin Smart.

Also so did the the 15 year old walking in downtown SLO with her mother who got punched from behind and ended up with a broken jaw.

So did the gal working in SLO downtown shop that got punched in the nose.

So do my children who doesn’t seem to heed me that SLO is getting “risky” and to be wary.

They don’t believe such a wonderful place could possess such risk.