California Wal-Mart protest produces 23 arrests

November 14, 2014

wal-martOfficers arrested 23 protesters at a Southern California demonstration against Wal-Mart Thursday evening. [Los Angeles Times]

The protest occurred outside a Wal-Mart in the Los Angeles County city of Pico Rivera, where it began in the store’s parking lot, but moved into the intersection of two boulevards. Demonstrators marched and sat in the street, holding signs and lighting candles.

Police arrested 11 men and 12 women after they moved into the intersection. Officers cited them for unlawful assembly and failure to disperse.

Both charges are misdemeanors and punishable by jail time, but police released the suspects after citing them.

A union-supported employee group called OUR Wal-Mart organized the protest as part of a push for $15 an hour wages and more full-time positions. The demonstrators say they make about $12.50 an hour and are threatening more protests on Black Friday if their demands are not met.



Those knuckleheads make $12.50?! Are you kidding? What are they griping about? This whole, “the minimum wage should be a living wage” thing is a crock of crap! The minimum wage was meant to be an entry level wage for people just starting their first jobs. I believe it was supposed to protect against child labor abuse originally. If you want a “living wage”, work your butt off and promote up the ladder or to a new, better paying job elsewhere. What a bunch of chumps!


Look at the type of people who work at a Walmart.

Do they seem like the kind of people who want to get ahead in life?


the people I meet working there are WORKING CLASS trying to keep what they have together getting through school or getting the kids through school all the while

hoping for a full time position and a raise. Almost everyone working there is part time! that way Wal Mart gets to take without giving back a FAIR SHARE to the community it draws labor from .

Mr. Holly

Hope the names of those arrested get posted. Wondering if Tom Comar and Lee Perkins might have been involved and just getting warmed up for Atascadero?


If you’re in retail you’re worth about $12.50…..period.


Let’s see, besides the “People of Walmart”, Atascadero is looking forward to the “Organizers of Pico Rivera.”

Is law enforcement prepared? … budgeted?


“The UFCW created OUR Walmart as a UFCW subsidiary to benefit the UFCW’s anti-Walmart campaign. The UFCW uses OUR Walmart to stage demonstrations on Walmart property to draw media attention to its campaign against Walmart. Five separate state courts have ruled that those UFCW-staged demonstrations are unlawful and have enjoined (stopped) them. In addition, on March 14, 2014, the National Labor Relations Board notified Walmart that it would issue a Complaint against the UFCW, absent settlement, for violating federal law by trying to intimidate and coerce associates during one of its Black Friday in-store demonstration in 2012.”

Who knows if the above is true, but it is worth thinking about; that and income re-distribution. The thinking in this country is sometimes disappointing.


“A union-supported employee group called OUR Wal-Mart”. Wonder if it’s a non-profit.


Unions, again!


If you think you’re worth $15 an hour, go get a job where they’ll pay that wage.


that’s why my wife and i struggled to give them an education and get them out of those jobs. they have, and they own homes.

Mitch C

Hats off to you and your wife … you obviously get it, great job.


Pico Rivera? The place used to be nice. Oh, Unions.


You’re right. tom. Pico Rivera was nice back when Ford had an assembly plant in the city and paid everyone UNION wages. It’s been downhill since Ford closed its plant in 1980.

South Gate suffered a similar fate when its GM plant closed.

BTW WalMart is the second largest employer in Pico Rivera, after the school district.

W. Diller

Union wages in an automobile assembly plant. I can’t imagine why it closed down…


After closure, the plant was then purchased by Northrop Corporation in 1982 where they established their “Advanced Systems Division,” which was a cover for the development of the Northrop Grumman B-2 Spirit stealth bomber. Many of the Los Angeles Assembly workers were rehired by Northrop. The site was demolished in 2001, and it is now the Pico Rivera Town Center.

Nice in 1956?


Kool picture.


Unlisted, Youngstown Ohio used to have a Union run steel mill. It also had the worst air pollution you could imagine. The mill shut down before 1980. Now the city is trying to revitalize itself as a green city. Union jobs? Funny you should ask. There is a plant that makes pipe for the fracking industry. Let’s see. Unions – pollution. Is there a link? I don’t know, but just to be safe we should prevent unions from coming into our area for the environments sake.


I always wonder if there’s a link between all of the outsourcing in manufacturing and the unions…Did their high demands run off “Made Proudly in America?”


Nope, it may have contributed but the big factor was that our government signed “free-trade” agreements which allowed corporations to take advantage of countries with little or no regulations (on environment, workplace safety or compensation) to cut their costs and increase their profits. If it was just the labor cost savings from bypassing unions, there would not have been sufficient savings to compensate for the increased cost of shipping goods back to the US.


So how do we reel in our manufacturing and see more “Proudly Made in the USA” labels?

W. Diller

Good luck with that


You don’t go into that area now, unless you have a gun for protection.