Does character matter Lois Capps?

November 1, 2014
Rep. Lois Capps

Rep. Lois Capps


If it is true that a crisis does not build character and only reveals it, the accident that took the life of my daughter, Mallory, revealed an appalling lack of character on the part of congressional incumbent Lois Capps and her staff.

While Mallory was fighting for her life under the care of the wonderful staff of Cottage Hospital, another staff was performing its own kind of crisis work. Capps is out in front of the camera mouthing her pious concern for my family while her district director, Mollie Culver, is allegedly scheming to get Raymond Morua, another Capps staff member, who was drunkenly driving the vehicle that ran Mallory down, out of jail and into a VA treatment center where his service as a troubled vet might minimize the media damage.

While my family is suffering horribly and facing decisions that no family should have to consider, Capps and staff are thinking only of preserving her exalted position. After all, what is the life of one of the commoners if it might threaten anointed royalty?

Five days into our ordeal, our beautiful and precious gift failed a neurological test, and we hear the term “brain death;” all hope of hearing her laugh, feeling her hug, or seeing that amazing smile again are lost forever. Yes, while we are suffering so, Capps and her intrepid troupe made a 180-degree turn and shift their focus and deny that Morua was representing her office that fateful night that he drank, drove, and caused my child’s death.

“He must have taken the invite off of someone’s desk” is floated by Capps’s office as a theory and excuse, which was clearly rebutted by the string of texts exposed in Peter Lance’s series in the Santa Barbara News-Press. “We were never aware of Morua’s background, including multiple drunk driving offenses, or his hit and run, or his embezzlement conviction” is trotted out as the new position, as if that made any sense at all. My oldest child, Mateo, was drug-tested and background-checked to push carts in Walmart’s parking lot, but to work for Lois Capps, all it takes is good demographics apparently.

Mallory Dies

Mallory Dies

There are certain crater-sized holes in this “we never thought to ask” excuse that have always bothered me. Any time that I have been hired for any kind of job, I have been required to provide valid identification. Morua, at the time of his hiring, could not have had a valid California driver’s license and would only be able to present a basic identification card. This person will be going to different venues and events, and this lack of a valid driver’s license does not raise any red flags in Capps’s office apparently. Nor does the fact that Morua’s fiancée is regularly driving him to events and work raise an eyebrow in this eight-term congressperson’s office. A simple Google search would have brought up an article where Morua talked forthrightly about his issues with PTSD and alcohol abuse.

Next up is Capps’s preposterous public statement that her staff is not sent to events where alcohol is served. It was not uttered in front of a winery, but it might as well have been. Perhaps we can offer you a Cappsatini as direct evidence of the complete lack of credibility in this statement. We do not send our staff to events where alcohol is served, yet as documented in Part Two of Peter Lance’s series, the Cappsatini cocktail party in which donation levels were pegged to cocktails was a Capps fundraiser. In short, since my child was run down by a Capps staffer returning from a holiday party that most certainly was related to his work for Capps, all that Capps and staff concerned themselves with is the upcoming election and how this tragedy might impact their chance to continue the royal reign.

Do not be fooled by the feigned concern, the soft public voice, or her claims of long and loyal service. When this crisis came to her, did she have the fortitude to stand up and say, “We were wrong, and this horrible tragedy is our fault. We didn’t monitor Raymond Morua as we should have. We regret and apologize for our negligence that took lovely young Mallory Dies in the flower of her youth. I know that we cannot turn back the clock and make this tragedy never to have happened, but I personally take responsibility and only want to know how I can help the Dies family and their organization VOW4MAL.”

So Santa Barbara and San Luis Obispo counties, I ask you, what type of representative do you deserve? Is it someone whose character points to callous disregard and preservation of prestige and position at any cost? I hope that it is not.

Matt Dies did an interview Friday on the Andy Caldwell Show at 1440 AM. Click here to download the interview.

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A political hit piece as an ‘October Surprise’ is its own unique mark of ‘character’.


Something tells me if a similar piece was done about your favorite candidates opponent you would be saying something different, like voters right to know or such.


No, you’re wrong. I’m always skeptical of last minute accusations, when they can’t be refuted in time.

Now, when ones submarine themselves with ill-timed statements or behaviors ( like Joni Ernst has done in ignoring the press and staying away from interviews ), that is different.


OK, it’s Sunday Nov. 2 about 8:00 pm, and about an hour ago I received a robo-call from Michelle Obama stating that “Barack and I encourage you to support Lois Capps… etc., etc.”

Now, seeing as how Michelle probably has no idea who Lois even is, this tells me that Capps must be in major trouble in the polls and on the verge of a humiliating defeat. And that would be humiliating not only for Capps, but also for the local Democrat organization.

If Lois would have held to her original term self-limitation, she could have retired with a modicum of dignity and grace. Unfortunately, she apparently became addicted to the lethal political opiate of Washington, D.C. power-mongering and instead may be thrown out in shame and disgrace.

And, if so, it’s also a failure of the local Democrat organization, for they should have seen this coming long ago. For years it’s been quite clear that Capps is an empty suit with virtually no notable record of achievement whatsoever, and the Democrat organization has had ample opportunity to send her off into retirement and replace her with a more sustainable candidate.

Instead, Lois hung around assuming she’d last forever, and the Democrat organization stuck with her. The irony is that, if she does lose, it will be the ultimate humiliation- to a Tea Party conservative who may be one of the weakest Republican candidates to ever run against Capps.

Que sera, sera.


Perhaps voters will follow Michelle Obama’s advise about as well as kids eat those school lunches she pushes.


Look at that poor old lady at the top of the page,look into her eyes,there is nothing there,they are just blank.

Look into Miss Dies eyes,they were vibrent and alive,this girl would have made something of herself in her lifetime.

Capps is washed up please people loose her.

I feel bad for Matts family our children are not suposed to go before we do.


I’d vote for a replacement for Lois Capps, it’s way past time for her to retire. But Chris Mitchum, are you kidding me? With the preponderance of Republicans in this district, is that the best we/they can do? I’ll cross my fingers and vote for Lois before i’ll give this wonker a chance.


Yes, that is the best they can do.

Republicans are just evil and stupid.

That is what they have devolved to. Chris Mitchum is just a meat-puppet for the billionaire Koch brothers.

Rich in MB

Boo Hoo….the House and Senate are Republican Controlled….boo hoo….

Looks like you are in the minority and pretty soon we will use the IRS to go after you for your political beliefs…oh what fun.


I’d vote for a pedophile giraffe, if it means getting rid of Lois.

Why is he a “wonker”? Was his past political gig so bad that the state, county, city suffered for it? Did his policies destroy the local, state, and national economies…like Lois did?

Oh, that’s right. He never had a political office. He’s just a very successful businessman, who knows how the economy should work….unlike “married into money” Lois.

Did you know, that Lois once swapped Los Padres National Forest land…PUBLIC LAND… to a yoga business, the White Lotus Foundation, so they could have a nicer place to contemplate their navels? What the fuck, exactly, did that benefit California or the central coast? Why was the rest of the population of California denied use and access to this same nice place?

Oh, and her much touted “foreign policy”?

In 2012, she was the only member of the House to vote “no” on Resolution 556 to condemn the government of Iran for its continued persecution, imprisonment, and sentencing of Youcef Nadarkhani of the charge of apostasy. The resolution passed 417-1 with 15 non-votes. She said she voted no by “mistake”. I think she meant to vote; HELL no.

Lois has been an embarrassment for too long. Lose Lois now.


My condolences to Mr. Dies and his family. They lost their daughter way too soon. I think it is absolutely fair to bring this out at this time. Yes, character matters. I doubt this will change the opinion of true believers like Fishing Village. Actually I don’t doubt. I KNOW it won’t change her opinion.


Read the above linked article: “Morua Sentenced. Slams Congresswoman Lois Capps”, May 29, 2014.

At Morua’s entencing of 20 years to life in prison for manslaughter, he continues his cowardly irresponsibility in blaming HIS criminal behavior on his employer.

HE made all the decisions to attend the Santa Barbara Independent party ( not a political event ), HE decided to drink and get drunk, HE decided to drive while still drunk, HE hit and killed Ms. Dies.

Nobody else told him or forced him to do these things. It was Morua’s arrogance and lack of judgment.

The externalizer’s commenting here are using the same false excuses as the criminal Morua !


And Mollie Culver made all her own decisions in the first cover-up attempt? I don’t think so. I think Capps’ machine is putting the party above intergity.


Slowerfaster is absolutely correct, this guy made the decisions that brought about this tragedy! He needs to be held personally responsible.

However, there should be some scrutiny for Capps’ office and their screening process. They literally set the T.N.T. down and walked away, while Morua lit the fuse. There is SOME culpability, but not as much as Morua must take.

I’m not a fan of Capps AT ALL, that is well known; however, I only hold her and her office responsible for so much – which is much less than what I hold Morua for.

It’s a tragedy, and that makes us want to put on an air of vengeance. Beating up Capps and her office (as incompetent as they are in all things) does not lessen this tragedy.


I’m with you, Roy: Morua is much much more responsible for this tragedy than Capps is.

However, Capps is responsible for the attempt at cover-up. That is reprehensible. No one with a conscience can vote for slippery ethics like that.

fishing village

( I guess this will be removed, but it is my opinion for anyone who reads this site)

Yes, my heart is broken from the family and friends of the precious woman who was killed. I do not blame Congresswoman Capps in any way. She didn’t know there was a risk or she would never have allowed Mr. Maura to drive a car. Honestly, all around us are people who drive without good sense and who is to know? Congresswoman Capps has done so much good for all of us and I support her!


A considerable part of her blame is in trying to hide Morua out of the limelight and out of the reach of the law. The rest is PR.

Kevin Rice

I don’t know what that “good” would be. I never hear of her doing much. The only I met her she was drunk. Granted, that was election night, but she was pretty obnoxious.

Republican Money Spotter

I completely agree about the tragedy for the family, or course, but is that who we’re really talking to here? And the need to blame someone? We all know about America’s sue, sue, sue, culture, though we’re certainly not all like that. But that’s all that some wealthy Republicans can think about. How to make their next 5 million. They may not really need the money, but because that’s the way they measure their self-worth, the rest of us are stuck with them.


Oh My, RMS…this is everything about right v wrong. Had Congresswoman Capps been alert, proactive, dotting her “i’s” and crossing her “t’s,” she would have run a background check on Raymond Morua and NEVER hired him. Period. And that would have been the end of the story. Ms. Dies would still be vibrantly alive and Matt Dies would have no incentive to post his heart-felt opinion here.


village, this tragic incident not withstanding, please explain in detail how Mrs. Capps “has done so much good for us.” Now keep in mind that I have met Mrs. Capps and her husband (who I really liked…RIP).

I’m not sure however, how effective Lois has been over the years.


Ms. Capps and her office are VERY GOOD at constituent services….ordinary people dealing with problems with Social Security, Veteran’s affairs, Medicare, etc.

She and they do it for local citizens, and they also take care of people that come here from Rep. McCarthy’s district; because McCarthy is only interested in his personal power and hob-nobbing with billionaires…not helping the ‘little people’.

You won’t hear this advertised, but it is true. And Lois Capps is too gracious of a lady to make a fuss about it.

Rich in MB

Gracious…ha ha ha

Well I guess we understand the thinking of the left that just got them Trounced in the National Vote last Tuesday…Gracious…you’re too much. Thanks for the comedy.


I posted a few links to this story on Capps’ Facebook page and she blocked me….can’t handle the truth!


Mr. Dies,

I am to blame, in part, for your darling daughter’s untimely death. I did not work hard enough to prevent Lois Capps from being re-elected in the previous election. Ms. Capps should never have been given another four years of free reign to do as she pleases. Here she goes again trying to make it another four years.

Thank you for posting your opinion to Cal Coast News … only wish you would have submitted it simultaneously with the arrival of absentee ballots in voters’ mailboxes.