County officials dispute release of murderer to SLO

November 25, 2014
Theodore LeLeaux

Theodore LeLeaux

San Luis Obispo County Sheriff Ian Parkinson and District Attorney Dan Dow are appealing the release of a convicted murdered to San Luis Obispo, arguing that they were not provided as much time as legally required to prepare for the parole a man who once cut out a coworkers heart. [KSBY]

Earlier this month, state officials paroled Theodore Allen LeLeaux, Jr. from custody at the California Men’s Colony to the San Luis Obispo home of his wife, whom he married while in prison. LeLeaux received a 16 years to life sentence in 1984 after he killed 25-year-old Kenneth Carlock and cut out his heart.

LeLeaux stabbed Carlock 77 times during the murder. The following day, police arrested LeLeaux and found Carlock’s heart in his jacket pocket.

In August, Gov. Jerry Brown rejected a state parole board decision to release LeLeaux. But, a Fresno County judge overruled the governor and determined in September that LeLeaux no longer posed a threat to society.

The governor’s office opted not to appeal the judge’s ruling.

Six days prior to LeLeaux’s Nov. 13 release, the California Department of Corrections and Rehabilitation sent messages to the San Luis Obispo Police Department and the county sheriff’s and district attorney’s offices notifying them of LeLeaux’s parole. The department of corrections delivered the messages by way of an electromechanical typewriter used for communication between agencies.

Parkinson and Dow said in a joint statement that the teletype misspelled LeLeaux’s name and provided a case number that did not correspond with their files. San Luis Obispo Police Captain Chris Staley said the message did not provide any details and failed to mention that the parolee cut out a man’s heart and put it in his pocket.

Local officials argue that LeLeaux’s parole violated California penal code, which mandates that the sheriff’s and district attorney’s offices receive 60 days warning prior to an inmates release.

Dow told the Tribune that he is seeking that the parole board relocate LeLeaux’s release to the Fresno County area. LeLeaux committed the murder in Fresno County and was held in custody there prior to his state prison sentence.

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so I’m out side yesterday and the guy next door is telling me he’s in my back yard the mesa dunes mobile home park arroyo grande in the park ….wtf now i can’t find out if the is real or not

Some things in life defy one’s sensibilities – this quite plainly fits that category. The magistrate’s decision to not rightly inform District Attorney Dow and Sheriff Parkinson of LeLeaux’s impending release seems just as much a crime as LeLeaux’s. Statutes are in place for a reason – in this case to protect and notify the public. A penal code is not a mere “suggestion” to be applied willy-nilly. It is a state mandate. And what’s with teletype and electromechanical typewriters as means for notification? Haven’t we been paying enough in taxes to have long ago afforded California to upgrade our court and penal systems into 21st century technology? None of this makes any sense whatsoever. From all appearances, this was either a deliberate, intentional act – or – state employees were so busy checking Facebook accounts, sipping lattes, and exchanging personal texts that they didn’t notice the clock ticking away. THERE IS NO EXCUSE FOR THIS KIND OF IRRESPONSIBILITY!

I believe it is the LAW that a parolee return to his county of commitment – not the county of the prison and not the county of his wife. Otherwise no one would leave San Luis Obispo after getting out. This law has been on the books over 20 years. What gives?!? Was it changed/ Or doesn’t it count any more? Thank you Dan Dow and Ian Parkinson for standing up for us. We grow our own weirdos here and attract a lot of free ones, we really don’t need more dumped here by the state.

If the former prisoner has a partner or relative to live with, one who meets the approval of parole authorities, then that’s where they can go.

Fortunately, his doting wife chose San Luis Obispo.

I suspect his wife is a real piece of work.

Rather than he remain in SLO, perhaps she could join him in Fresno?

What is wrong with you. Do you even know the woman???

Her taste in husbands says a great deal about her.

Yeah, where WAS Parkinson and Dow when this bull$hit decision was made?

Are they actually looking for to increase the number of heinous crimes that occur here?

WTF, Chuck!?! Plain and simple: GET HIM OUT OF HERE!

Here’s an idea…since a Fresno judge overruled Gov. Brown’s decision not to parole this heart-plucking maniac, SEND HIM TO FRESNO.

Perfect Mary! Who is this judge and how do we start a recall?

Hey Charlie, how’s your new neighborhood? Ya Bozo, we’ve got great neighbors but I am a little concerned about the guy over the back fence. He stabbed someone seventy seven time and then ran off with the extracted heart in his coat pocket. Well Charlie, that was a long time ago. You have a point, guess I’ll just be careful to not upset him.

Think of the positive Charlie, the next time you slaughter a pig he may offer to help. Bozo, you just saved my property value.

Remember Edgar Allan Poe’s chilling short story “The Tell Tale Heart” where the perceived beating heart of the victim haunted the murderer.

This guy kept the heart as a trophy and carried it around. Now he’s sane and fit to live in society? Unbelievable.