This is an insult to veterans

November 11, 2014


Each year the President signs a proclamation declaring November Military Family Month.

On Tuesday, the San Luis Obispo County Board of Supervisor’s adopted a resolution proclaiming November “Thank a Veteran Month” in our county. Counties all over the country took similar actions. This annual proclamation marks the month-long celebration and the nation honors the commitment and sacrifices made by the families of the nation’s service members.

As a veteran myself, I take umbrage when I see references to the military misplaced.

Most recently and not surprising in light of all its other blunders, the Los Osos Community Services District has embarked on an outdoor water conservation campaign. The message they have chosen to plaster around the community suggests a brown or dying lawn is a “badge of honor.” A badge of honor is a medal worn signifying an awarded distinction. This public relations campaign is meant to tip a hat to those who are saving water.

When will the LOCSD learn, it is they who are culpable in the most egregious act of water wasting in the history of Los Osos. As the county constructed sewer collection lines, it dumped 150 million gallons of treatable water into Morro Bay. The LOCSD was complacent and let the practice continue when they had the ability to prevent it.

The reason behind the wording, also explains that none of these directors served their country in the military. Self before service is their modus operandi.

The LOCSD’s $18,000 public relations campaign targets all water users in the community; yet are paid for by only those of us who are served by the LOCSD. The campaign goes on to insult those of us who have done our part suggesting water conservation is “not an option anymore.” This is America, millions of servicemen and women have fought and died to give our country freedom and benefit of choice. To conserve water is a good choice. If I chose to use more, I will pay more for it.

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I don’t see how this water conservation campaign insults veterans whatsoever.

What I DO find offensive, however, is our Commander and Chief dressing like a Communist Chinese leader, attending another pointless summit abroad, instead of honoring veterans here at home at Arlington Cemetery on Veterans Day.

Obama was dressed that way in hopes of hitting on the Chinese First Lady….but once again, Putin beat him to the punch.

A badge of honor can mean many different things. I suggest you do some research before you attempt to make such a ridiculous statement regarding veterans.

I continue to be amazed at the lengths you anti-sewer folks will go to in an attempt to either discredit the county or the CSD.

An insult to Veterans is corporate stores asking customers to donate to the troops. Why should our troops have to depend on charity? Our troops in Iraq have holes in their boots and veterans have to raise money for them? Why? Again the VA is under scrutiny for the lousy job they do. VA was a mess when I got out of Marines after Vietnam. Only a few congressmen and senators have served in military and almost none have sons or daughters serving. Our military is now all professional, no draft, a mercenary force that the government can abuse without protest. If we were drafting we would not be fighting these wars. It is only going to get worse. The biggest insult to veterans is how this government uses them.

Sending them to die for the Military Industrial Complex is abuse?

Speaking as a veteran myself (1st Gulf War, cold war spook), I really have a hard time seeing the water conservation sign’s usage of “Badge of Honor” as any kind of slight to veterans (active or otherwise).

It’s truly grasping at straws, and kind of sends up some red flags for me.

Tom, understand that “Badge of Honor” is a phrase commonly-used in colloquial speech, as well. Do people who use it as a common phrase mean to insult servicemen and women who earned their awards? I think not.

The whole piece is a bit obtuse, I feel – but I do not have a dog in this fight, so I’ll let the quite vocal Los Ososans decry the water and sewer issues.

I’m a vet. I’m embarrassed I read any of this. Killing for a paycheck? I forgot to do that.

What do you remember you killed for?

To rescue 3 young Marines left on an island by mistake.

I’d do it again tomorrow for free and forego the $246/month paycheck.

Please point me to that story of your rescuing 3 young Marines. I would like to read it. Thank you for saving them.

Read up on the Mayaquez.

Never said it was successful – all 3 were executed by Khmer due to piss-poor leadership and Gerald Ford

So you have the freedom to post such absurd comments perhaps?

exactly. for constitutional rights. we have a winner.

this is Toni Bones post. I am sharing it because it is insightful:

I would wish you all a happy veterans day… but I just can not and will not glorify war.

If sharing ideas, embracing peace, encouraging an alternative thought process or just refusing to celebrate coercion, violence and death makes me extreme, then so be it. I am ok with that.

The hero worship mentality expected and even demanded from those perpetuating violence against others is horrifying. Whether you are a road pirate or service member employed with stolen money to ‘protect our freedom’, it is time for some serious reflection. If you can suggest a job or costume leaves you free from judgment or accountability I beg you to reevaluate…

Coercion, violence and/or disassociating yourself enough to harm or kill people in exchange for a pay check just doesn’t get me feeling all that festive.

This is not a video game, people are dying every day and we are paying for it.

I don’t find it cool, I don’t find it impressive and I do not feel inclined to slap a magnet on the back of my car, either. Sorry?

If ‘we were’ achieving freedom then this country would not house 25% of the worlds prison population and only 4% of the human population. If they were really fighting for our freedom, then they would be lined up in DC or protecting civilians from law enforcement… It is not difficult to see that the United States government appreciates its service men and women like our urethra appreciates a kidney stone. Id rather ‘support my troops’ by not exploiting and sacrificing them as pawns of war but that is just me…

So to clarify, this isnt a ‘fuck the troops’ posts… but it definitely isnt a post suggesting that anyone should be bullied in to feeling obligated to condone war or those partaking in such as an honorable or praise worthy cause…

You don’t say “happy veteran’s day”, as if it were Thanksgiving or New Year’s. You honor veterans and thank them for their service, without which you would be typing your post in German or Japanese.

instead of driving a mazda or bmw

Blindly accept Propaganda much achillesheal?

so WWII would have been won without the US military?

I suggest you read …

“America, Hitler and the UN: How the Allies Won World War II and Forged a Peace.”

just what part of surrender to the forces of the united nations is not clear ?

I love you revisionists who have no clue.

click on the link

I forgot all of those UN soldiers that after taking the beach at Normandy Francebegan pushing toward Germany in 1945 while the UN also conquered Berlin from the east that sealed the deal with Germany.

The mighty UN and the dropping of the atomic bomb on Hiroshima and Nagasaki that caused Japan’s surrender.

Take the UN out of the world and the world is a better place. Take the US military out of the world and one cannot imagine the horror.

Once the US figured out they could win the second world war with propaganda(meaning move our people to do what it wants), the propaganda hasnt ceased has it? Propaganda is so prevalent in our society that you spew it without even knowing it. THE US WON WW2 is your statement or question. No, Russia crushed the Germans and would have done so without the US invading Europe in mid 1944 (the Russians were almost to Berlin at that time and had already lost over 10M men). The US accelerated the victory. We dont get taught this in school. We get taught that we should have kept going into Russia, as this would have prevented the spread of communism.

The difference between WW2 and any other war that we have since fought, is that WW2 happened to be a relatively just war, the rest of the wars were 100% propaganda. Fight communism. Fight the war on drugs. Fight the war on crime. Fight the war on terror. Now its the war on poverty and civil rights within our own country, courtesy Osama Bin Laden or the Patriot Act.

I’m not sure who this Toni is, but there is one valid point buried beneath the contempt and radicalized/propagandized thoughts. In my view, I think the word “HERO” is thrown around too much. I served. I served with pride and did my job well, but I would hardly call that heroic. No, a hero is the guy who charges the “nest” to take it out and stop the decimation of his fellow troops. A hero is the gal who low-crawls under heavy fire to treat the wounded.

Are all cops and/or firefighters “heroes?” Not at all, but we, as a society, seem to have this notion that they are. Let’s reserve “hero” for the officer that actually does something heroic; the firefighter who rushes into the burning building to save someone, etc. We really do know what HERO is, we should not give that title out nonchalantly so as to try and impress others with how much we appreciate someone that is doing the job they are paid to do.

I fear, though, that if people DON’T use “hero” all over, other overly-exuberant types will jump all over them for not worshiping troops/cops/firefighters enough.

“Hey, do you LOVE hamburgers?”

“No, I like them, though.”

“OMG! Why do you hate hamburgers?!”

I agree with the over use of HERO. Not all who serve are heroes. Mr. Mason a local firefighter recently reinstated is a coward and a near sociopath, not the usual characteristics of a hero. The firemen who died in NY on 9/11 were exceptionally brave men and women but were they heroes, did they even suspect the building would collapse and if they knew would they have entered. If we over use hero we will eventually trivialize the real heroes…the ones who knowingly risk their lives to save others. We hear of these stories frequently, in and out of war zones and we are in peril of thinking….hey just another hero story. I believe there is a clear analogy in baseball. The post season records. Back in the day, the post season was a maximum of 7 games…called the world series. Now its only god knows how many games. The giants of baseball (eg Whitey Ford) are falling way behind in the Post season stats and will be eventually fall off the list. There is a big difference between “post season” (bravery and service) and world series (hero). Please forgive the baseball analogy during football season…Go Giants..and Bum (the true hero of the 2014 world series…hmmm)

I think the heroes are the people who get up everyday and go to work in private industry, so others can have jobs and call themselves heroes.

Yeah, I agree. I usually find myself in agreement with Tom but this is a bit of a stretch with the insult to veterans. I am a vet and didn’t make the connection.I do take offense to being made to feel like a social outcast if I choose to not let my lawn wither up and die, there are other ways I can be sa Ving water. I don’t like them trying to dictate how I use a commodity that I have paid for. I have that right and as a veteran that is one of the freedoms I fought for.

Honestly Tom, your opinion piece is more insulting to veterans than any sign posted by the LOCSD. It makes NO sense.

Your attempt to malign the CSD by claiming they are insulting veterans is absolutely incredulous and absurd.

Tom….are you Crazy?

Your anger at the Los Osos Community Services District has turned you crazy my friend.

Attacking them for a water conservation campaign and then trying to tie the attack into something about Veterans Day? Cal Coast News should be embarrassed about even publishing such craziness.

Yeah, I agree. I usually find myself in agreement with Tom but this is a bit of a stretch with the insult to veterans. I am a vet and didn’t make the connection.I do take offense to being made to feel like a social outcast if I choose to not let my lawn wither up and die, there are other ways I can be sa Ving water. I don’t like them trying to dictate how I use a commodity that I have paid for. I have that right and as a veteran that is one of the freedoms I fought for.