Keep taxpayers’ monies at home

November 3, 2014


We are constantly told we don’t have enough money as a society to pay for various social programs, fix the roads, fund schools, rebuild infrastructure, etc. And yet when it comes to a new war or military adventure there never seems to be a shortage of funds.

Now we are involved in yet another war. This time the excuse is the murder, the beheadings, of two reporters, one social agency worker and numerous others in the Middle East by members of the Islamic militant group ISIS. Obama and Co. couldn’t put over a war against Syria last year, but now they feel they have the perfect cover.

We are told that the ISIS fanatics are barbarians that threaten civilization itself. They indeed are crazed fundamentalists bent on extreme violence. But what’s new about that kind of thing in that part of the world?

Many of the forces there that are allies of the U.S. sometimes do the same kinds of things. In Saudi Arabia, for instance, beheadings, the cutting off of hands, stoning of women, etc., are commonplace, but we never hear a peep about any of that from the politicians and talking heads on TV.

The point is that there are always some extreme examples or horrible actions that are held out to justify military action and whip up public sentiment. But if we look deeper we can see the hand of U.S. foreign policy at work leading to these new crises. There was no Al Qaeda in Iraq before the U.S./British invasion of 2003.
There was no ISIS until years of oppressive rule in Iraq that victimized Sunni Muslims. Indeed, there was no ethnic/sectarian conflict at all to speak of in Iraq until, that’s right, the aftermath of the invasion of 2003.

Now we are told we must go to war in Iraq, again, to clean up a mess caused by the disruption and horror caused to begin with by the imperial war moves of the Western powers, a vicious circle of death and maiming which benefits no one. No one, that is, except politicians, military brass careerists, big oil companies, arms manufacturers, various other corporate ghouls, and reactionary proponents of “American exceptionalism.”

Look at the numbers of homeless and mentally ill veterans of these wars, right here in SLO and SLO county. What about the physically damaged vets, their lives decimated? What about the money going to war that could go to cities and states like SLO and California for social and economic needs and debt relief? Did any of the candidates who are running/ran for office locally say anything at all about any of this? No, they didn’t, and they never will.

Don’t go along with the war drive this time. Don’t buy into the propaganda and demagoguery. It has nothing to do with any noble causes or humanitarianism fights against barbarism. It’s the same old drum beat of imperialist geopolitical power plays and the manipulation of your mind and consciousness based on carefully and overly hyped and constantly repeated horror stories aimed at getting your support for another power play in the Middle East.

Don’t drink the poison Kool Aid. It’s not about homeland security or protecting you and your family. Demand there will be no more of these wars and that money for war be used instead here at home for human and social needs and for maintaining our home turf.

Jim Griffin has lived in San Luis Obispo for six years. The son of a career Air Force officer, Jim lived in many varied places growing up. Born in California but moving to Alaska at 2 1/2, back to California, to Illinois, back to Alaska, to Canada, and ending up in the Detroit area, Michigan, when he was twelve.

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Sounds like the author should have voted for Ron Paul rather than Barack Hussein Obama!


I don’t think he voted for either one. But that’s his bidness.

Who did you vote for ? If I might be presumptuous. OK if you don’t want to say.

I voted for Obama in 2008, and voted for Dennis Kucinich in 2012 even though he was not on the ballot then.


I am waiting to cast my vote for the first Hispanic American who came here illegally (never mind what the constitution says) and is either openly gay or transgender.

I think that individual might be even more worthy of the presidency than Barry H.O


Sen. Ted Cruz was born in Canada, so he’s a trans-american.


Americans are too stupid to understand concepts like imperialism, and they just don’t care. They’re dumb, panicky, and distracted and occupied by superficial toys and games. It really is quite fitting that they are so willfully dominated.

The last forty years, they have sat idly by and witnessed the most massive transfer of wealth to the top .001 percent that now own over 90% of all capital goods, property, and monies.

This re-distribution was done right under their noses.

They didn’t SELL the rope to the oligarchs and plutocrats, they MADE the rope that now binds them; and they’re the free-est slaves on the planet !


We need to really look at his statement with a critical eye.

Of course we have more money that we need to run the government, local or otherwise. The problem is seeing where the money is or is not going. Here’s but two small examples.

When a San Luis Obispo city administrator is seemingly paid more than the governor, there is a problem.

When San Luis Coastal gets more money per kid than virtually any school district ( we have Diable Canyon taxes) with a few exceptions like Beverley Hills ( they have their own oil well)… and yet we have some of the lowest scores and ratings in the state… the problem is obvious.

Those that handle these administrative tasks don’t need more money… they need to be changed out.


The article concerns an issue of national scope, and you reduce it to a parochial, local one.

Not apples and oranges…apples and sesame seeds.


is this the miltary-industrial complex that Eisenhower and Robert Scheer warned us about?


Read “War is a Racket” by General Smedley Butler. Availavble online.

You might be able to answer your own question.


glad that you posted that. we all know the answers, glad you thought!

Rich in MB

Of course we have plenty of money for the essential services of Government…its the ludicrous pay for Government workers and retirement that we don’t have enough money for….measure G is going down…let them in City Government eat cake…like the rest of us workers.


A Lot of New Tax Increases on the Ballot !

New Sales Taxes.. .Pismo Beach…SLO…Atascadero, Double Taxation Road Tax Grover Beach, Overzealous New Building Taxes…

We Need A “Time Out” From All These New Tax Increases

Can You Afford More New Taxes ?


If we taxed the rich appropriately, then there would be no need to nickle and dime everyone else into servitude and poverty.

Your choice.

Francesca Bolognini

Those who vote NOT to tax the overly wealthy, who are not those rare individuals themselves, are the chickens voting for Colonel Sanders.

We fought a Revolutionary War against oligarchy and corporations whose strangle hold on the colonies were supported by the Crown of England. At the inception of this country, all corporations were banned, with the exception of very limited public works projects. At the end of the project, the entity was disbanned. Profits were strictly limited and any action which injured the public in any way led to the immediate dissolution of the corporation. Corporate heads were allowed limited compensation for their troubles. Our Founders knew the danger inherent in corporate power.

Now we have stood this concept on its head and call it “freedom”. They trick people into thinking that corporations are what make us strong and we should allow them to be “persons”, while they ship all our employment to other countries, expect the welfare state to pick up the slack when they inadequately pay their workers, do grevious harm to individuals and entire areas with impunity and treat the natural resources of the earth like a business in liquidation. at our and future generations’ expense.

Our Founding Fathers would be dumbfounded at how much they sacrificed and how little we valued what it purchased. we are becoming a third world country and too busy making excuses for the very ones who are taking us down that road to notice. We give them “freedoms” at the expense of ours. The tax structure was the opposite of what it is now when I was a child. The economy was booming, our veterans got decent care and were not living on the street, and our schools, with the exception of the corporate propaganda, were a damn site better than they are now.

If we were to stop blaming the “safe” targets, like the poor, the illegals, the current president, etc.and FOLLOW THE MONEY, with the courage to elect those who would actually change things back (living wages, jobs brought back to this country, import laws that protect American made goods, health care that actually IS affordable, corporate accountability for ALL actions and a government that is not run by purchased influence), perhaps we could get back to the point where every individual has a chance to benifit from their labor and the weaker of us are properly cared for with resources to spare. Just a thought.



Very well said.

I would add that our American revolution was fought as much against the greedy corporations at the time ( the American East Indian Company e.g. ) as it was against the English crown.

Americans are too stupid to know their history and all too satisfied to be slaves for rent.