Are Cal Poly boys behaving badly?

November 3, 2014

crime sceneCal Poly officials have sanctioned a popular fraternity following the surfacing of allegations that a sexual assault took place at a Halloween party hosted by the fraternity Friday night.

The alleged sexual assault has landed Pi Kappa Alpha on suspension from university-regulated activities. The incident also comes amid a string of recent events in which Cal Poly fraternity members and football players have garnered the attention of local law enforcement.

San Luis Obispo police received a report on Saturday that a man engaged in sexual activity with a woman without her consent at a party hosted by Pi Kappa Alpha. The woman may have been drugged and allegedly woke up to find herself engaged in sex acts with a man with blond hair and blue eyes and the first name Jake, according to a report passed on to police by a university housing representative.

The victim, though, has refused to report the matter to police, and officers say they have yet to launch a criminal investigation.

Nevertheless, Cal Poly suspended the campus chapter of Pi Kappa Alpha over the weekend. The fraternity must now seek approval from Cal Poly’s dean of students, as well as from its chapter headquarters, in order to conduct meetings, hold social events or participate in campus activities.

“The activities alleged to have occurred at this gathering run counter to the character and good judgment that we expect from our students,” Cal Poly President Jeffrey Armstrong said in a university statement. “Any violations confirmed by our investigation will be dealt with swiftly and forcefully.”

The alleged sexual assault come less than two months after San Luis Obispo police arrested the recent president of another Cal Poly fraternity for selling marijuana out of his frat house. Officers arrested the Delta Sigma Phi former fraternity president nearly a month after a group of Cal Poly football players allegedly robbed the same fraternity house.

Sources allege that members of both the football team and fraternity were engaged in marijuana sales. Police have yet to formally release a motive for the robbery, though.

Officers arrested five football players following the robbery, and Cal Poly suspended the suspects from the football team shortly before the start of their season.

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People (a.k.a. “college students”) lacking well-defined, embraced morals and values model behavior that is as rotten and lethal to society and, ultimately, to themselves as Ebola is to the well being of our citizens.

My best guess is, both boys and girls are behaving badly. It’s the college culture. If the culture does not change, this problem will continue on to the next generation…and so it goes.

Felony rape is not “bad boy” behavior. It is criminal behavior based on entitlement of a woman’s body and requires an assumption that the woman’s lack of consent, are meaningless obstacles to “getting off”. Women who are the victims of such crimes can suffer the agony of the effects of trauma from rape and violence for years to come. The act of forced sexual assault is frighteningly sociopathic in construct and the title of this article-that hints at “boys will be boys”, places Cal Coast right smack where it belongs in the journalism hierarchy: right on an even keel with the National Enquirer.

pretty funny. i was shocked in the 60’s when the class below me looked out of control. something happend real fast

Indigo, I had a visceral reaction of disgust when I saw that headline. You are spot on. They are not boys – they are men. If serious crime was committed, we should not even SUGGEST that it was simply bad behavior. I don’t know how CCN allowed this.

You know, it’s interesting. They just received a $20M gift, they are contemplating a $155M hotel and conference center, they have the PAC, new facilities, new housing. Now, if we could just get the students to realize how much this community and this state care for the success of this university. Sure it’s fun to let loose once in a while, but the thousands of drunkards tottering about every night in downtown SLO say many things to the world. I encourage the student body to tighten up or, someday, it’s possible that these wonderful benefactors may recede into the background.

and this was what my university was worried about in the 60’s…..they kicked the “hippies” off the lawn

Hello McFly….they are Frat Boys…of course they are bad.

“Are Cal Poly boys behaving badly?” are boys behaving badly?