Nipomo raises water rates

November 22, 2014

water2During a heated meeting on Friday, the Nipomo Community Services District Board voted 4-1 to approve a water rate increase to pay for supplemental water from Santa Maria.

The increase in cost will pay for a pipeline and the cost of the supplemental water. Nipomo residents currently relay entirely on groundwater.

Proponents of bringing in supplemental water say it is necessary to reduce pumping of the underground aquifer.

Opponents question the cost, which will increase rates in January by about $20 a month per-household. In addition, critics say the plan was pushed forward while residents were distracted by the election.

In mid-2015, Santa Maria water is slated to begin flowing into Nipomo.


This is the photo CCN should use for articles like Nipomo’s rate increase and Gearhart getting a reprieve:


“In addition, critics say the plan was pushed forward while residents were distracted by the election”. Time and time again, I tell the same story: In an effort to reduce the usage of cattle prods in slaughter houses, psychologists were called in to make design changes that would facilitate this. They discovered that giving the cattle two separate entries (which really makes no difference-they end up in the slaughter house anyway) into the slaughter house made a huge difference. When the animals perceived they had some choice-they chose their door, and moved along more quickly, nearly eliminating cattle prods entirely. In other words, giving the cattle a choice (left or right) caused them to go along with the agenda more quickly.

This is the same concept behind the Republican and Democratic parties (have you seen the vitriolic arguments before elections?) You are being “worked” emotionally all the time-but that is because you are unaware of psychological warfare. Once you learn psychological warfare tactics-you can “see” better. (Yes, this is the classic “politician kissing the baby” routine [emotional manipulation]).

I call this the “shell game” (when your attention is diverted, you lose track of what shell the prize is under). 911? Patriot Act just went right on through-and no citizen had any influence at all. The patriot act affects my profession in this manner: The FBI can choose to come to my office-read any of my clients mental health records they choose-take copies with them-and I AM NOT ALLOWED TO INFORM THE CLIENT THIS EVER TOOK PLACE. Anytime you see a school shooting, etc., your attention is diverted. Watch what government branches pass; you will be amazed. Tax increases are highly subject to this sort of shell game.

Now, all of this said—-many cannot handle the truth. The cognitive dissonance that forms at the prospect of a government turned manipulator—will not sit well—and you will be compelled to click the “thumbs down”. First, before you do so: stop acting like you have the mentality of cattle. At least minimally read about psychological warfare. You don’t have to become a full throttle conspiracy theorist. But you can gain knowledge. Knowledge is the key to stopping this. Our forefathers suggested a revolution every 19 years in order to not avoid government domination. Complacency has dominated our nation for decades now.


QUOTING INDIGO 1955: “Now, all of this said—-many cannot handle the truth.

No kidding. It is called “denial.” When folks are faced with a life-threatening situation, most of us will launch the Good Ship Denial.

We see it all the time. It is abundantly present in our current Ebola outbreaks, for instance.


People: we have two choices here. (1) The staff involved in estimating rates when the project was approved are utterly incompetent, or (2) Leaders elected to deceive the community and completely under estimate the cost. The choice is yours. I simply believe it was a combination of both.


If Nipomo keeps this up, their rates will be as high as Pismo’s.


The current water customers of NCSD are playing for the huge cost of bringing water to the Nipomo Mesa.

The current water customers are also paying for the rebuild/expansion of the wastewater treatment plant.

Really, I don’t know how NCSD’s board of directors and its general manager, Michael Lebrun, can live with themselves.


Exactly what the City of SLO did. Water for additional development was prohibitively expensive, so the developers, through their bought and paid for City Council, dumped $190 million on EXISTING ratepayers, TRIPLING their rates. Now you know why Gary Grossman has such a s**t-eating grin. Dan Carpenter is the only city council member who represents residents, but it’s 4-1 developers and business.


Sadly Nipomo has three (3) golf courses that are lush and green. NCSD just approved service to Black Lake Golf course for a hotel and many residences. Pismo and other cities asked NCSD to not grant any more connections as the aquifer is shared. NCSD went ahead anyway. The NCSD does not serve the residents of Nipomo, just the developers. We residents are to pay for the Santa Maria pipeline, additional water for development, and profits are to be made. Residents have voted 3 times against the pipeline, NCSD went ahead anyway. Last election the votes were weighted by how much property you owned. One man one vote? Not in Nipomo! The protests on the rate increases must, by state law, be a majority of the residents who have NCSD connections, not a majority of those who vote. People who don’t vote (no time, live out of town, etc.) are therefore a yes vote. Not what an election used to be. Cal Coast News states the average bill will increase $20. Not so, only if you are a very minimal user in an apartment. Try a 50% increase when totaled up and most of us like to shower, have small lawn, maybe a tree or two. Best we look at landscaping in Phoenix for examples. NCSD is NOT honest and forthright with the citizens of Nipomo. We are told to conserve due to aquifer depletion, then the berry growers dipping in the same aquifer have sprinklers running all day over hundreds of acres, the golf courses remain nice and green including peripheral plantings, AND NCSD grants additional connections for further development.


So how do we the votes in the NCSD to change—-because we cannot keep building out without water and without signs of it being replenished—we cannot keep pushing our natural resources to the limit. The elected and appointed officials need to realize this…is this the next cause on the central coast? Do we need to organize against the developers and fight the urge to build? SHUT THEM DOWN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


We all need to be concerned how these water districts and the south county sanitation district are using this very undemocratic voting process to fleece the ratepayers.

A rate increase has never been rejected using this voting process in the state.

They have no incentive to reduce salaries for general managers , reject new developments , or use voter approved bonds for infrastructure.

Reminds me a lot of the entitled attitude before Prop. 13 # was approved by voters.

Time to rebalance the democratic process and allow voters a real election on rate increases.

Ted Slanders

Damn it, all true Christians have to do is to pray for rain! It’s as simple as that, period.

My fellow true Christians, I can’t do this by myself, understand? You have to help along the way on this issue. Christians, all of you pray, and truly believe, for our God to give us this needed rain for California and our SLO County and it will be forthcoming.

Jesus stated; “And all things, whatsoever ye shall ask in prayer, believing, ye shall receive.” (Matthew 21:22) Key word: “believing.”

Jesus stated; “What things soever ye desire, when ye pray, believe that ye receive them, and ye shall have them.” (Mark 11, 24) Key word: “believe.”

What I think is the problem, is that other Christians that are praying for rain are NOT believing enough, or not at all. God only knows that I truly believe, so I think the problem is the fact that many other Christians don’t believe as much as I do, as Jesus says is a part of the fulfillment of prayer, therefore, no rain is forthcoming from “your” prayers! Blaspheme!

My fellow Christians, step up to the plate and swing with true belief like I do! The burden is now upon your shoulders!





Brother Ted, where have you been? While you have been undoubtedly doing the Lord’s work, my own selfishness has led me to fail to attend to my spiritual needs absent your guidance. Blessed be!


I meant to say “if” we are so concerned—-


So is we are so concerned about water and the amount we have–why are we continuing to build giant homes and increase the water usage? I don’t get it—


Same question applies in Paso. We’ve got a council whose mantra has been “build, build, build” for a decade.

Among other developments, there’s a new hotel with a water-sucking vineyard being built by Cuesta off Hwy 46.

And don’t forget the Beechwood 1,000 (!) subdivision off Creston Rd.

Meanwhile, Paso Roblans have mandatory water rationing, no power-washing of filthy sidewalks, no washing cars at home, etc…


Well pasoparent5—let’s organize and shut them down.