Recount requested in Pismo Beach mayor race

November 22, 2014
Mayor Shelly Higginbotham

Mayor Shelly Higginbotham

A challenger who lost the race for the Pismo Beach mayor seat by two votes filed a formal request for a ballot recount with the San Luis Obispo County Clerk Recorders Office.

A supporter of Kevin Kreowski mounted an online fundraising campaign on to cover the costs of the recount slated to cost about $2,348. The campaign raised $3,130 which will be refunded it Kreowski wins the election.

Mayor Shelly Higginbotham finished with 1,637 votes, and Kreowski tallied 1,635 votes in the final count by county election workers.

Contributions to the recount effort include $300 from San Luis Obispo County Supervisor Adam Hill and $100 from alleged conman Scott Barnes.

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No mention that “Higginbotham donated $495 toward the recount.”? Stunning.

Kool. My wife and I voted for Shelly. I guess we tipped the scale! Man, that’s a good feeling.

If you didn’t have your name there I would have thought you were Adam Hill! You definitely think like him….

Really? This is your story on the recount?

No mention that HALF the voters in Pismo Beach did not want Shelly Higginbotham serving a second term? Your obvious bias on stories regarding Pismo Beach are clear to many. Maybe because one of your main sponsors has a vested interest in Pismo Beach.

Sea Venture, Apple Farm, The Cliffs and Sycamore Mineral Springs are all owned by John King. It looks to me like he is keeping your website ticking.

Half minus two.

I don’t speak for Cal Coast News, but I speak for myself as a local and a regular on here. I think that I can use the word “we” and speak for many of the Cal Coast News fans who are locals.

He’s very much a “local” developer. We used to think he was a bit of an arrogant self absorbed snake in the grass, and the town fought him on many things. But all things being relative, he turns out to have been one of the better developers in the area. He has restored many of the greatest historic buildings in the city as well as help build many local companies that have added character to the town and kept the capital in the area.

Generally speaking, the quality of construction and unique architecture of his buildings are outstanding. When he built the Promitory people gasped at garish design and the way it stuck out, but NOW, well now we are truly grateful because it’s actually a pretty nice building. Compared to the stucco aluminum frame crap popping up all over now, it’s a downright masterpiece. He may be a wheeler dealer developer but at least he’s not a whore! Grossman builds JUNK.

So yeah, it may appear to be hypocritical that CCN doesn’t tie him into some political scandal like they do Grossman. But that’s because most people already know what he’s been up to and most of the time it was fighting officials, not greasing their palms.

You probably thought no one would respond in any honest direct way, well there ya go, doesn’t leave you many places to go with that angle now does it?