Nipomo raises water rates

November 22, 2014

water2During a heated meeting on Friday, the Nipomo Community Services District Board voted 4-1 to approve a water rate increase to pay for supplemental water from Santa Maria.

The increase in cost will pay for a pipeline and the cost of the supplemental water. Nipomo residents currently relay entirely on groundwater.

Proponents of bringing in supplemental water say it is necessary to reduce pumping of the underground aquifer.

Opponents question the cost, which will increase rates in January by about $20 a month per-household. In addition, critics say the plan was pushed forward while residents were distracted by the election.

In mid-2015, Santa Maria water is slated to begin flowing into Nipomo.

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This is one more reason why Santa Margarita water needs to stay in Santa Margarita. We got it and is part of the priviledge of living here as well as the asset we purchased. Thankfully we are not in the commy water management plan.