SLO assailant reoffends shortly after release

November 15, 2014
Justin Edmond Pard

Justin Edmond Pard

Shortly after an Arizona man was arrested for battery and concealing a dagger, the suspect allegedly harassed patrons of another store in San Luis Obispo.

At 11:30 a.m., Justin Edmond Pard, 20, entered a downtown San Luis Obispo store Thursday morning, conversed for a few minutes with a female employee and then punched her in the face, surveillance footage shows. Officers arrested Pard and booked him into the San Luis Obispo County Jail where he was held for about four hours before being released.

At the time of his release, sheriff deputies had not yet watched a security video of the assault or researched Pard’s criminal history which includes being on probation in Arizona.

At about 9:30 p.m., an employee at Black Horse Espresso on Foothill Boulevard reported Pard lingering inside the shop, acting strange and making customers feel uncomfortable. Police later found Pard trespassing at a nearby church and arrested him for trespassing and disorderly conduct.

This time, Pard will be held in jail pending a mental health evaluation.

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Why isn’t anyone asking how all these homeless people are ending up in San Luis Obispo? Quite awhile back Santa Cruz was caught giving their homeless one way bus tickets to San Luis Obispo. How are all these people getting here?

You spend millions to roll out the red homeless carpet, determine that panhandling and ranting at passersby are protected free speech, demonize the police, and voila, they’re here.

Santa Barbara seems to have found a way to “deal” with their homeless folks, and it is a far sight better than what CAPSLO does.

Oh, that’s right. Santa Barbara has its own program, and doesn’t have a Resident Doofus on their BOS ensuring a free flow of $$$ is supporting SLO’s homeless program…CAPSLO.

Is this guy one of our public officials kids? Why the special treatment?

It’s time to get out the BIG BROOM and sweep the city clean of these malcontents who refuse to become civilized and join the real world.

Some folks have problems that get in the way of their entering mainstream society. As I said in another post, Santa Barbara is able to fund and handle their own homeless issue without CAPSLO, and I believe that is the defining difference.

Your BIG BROOM is going to get confiscated by some high power homeless advocate attorneys that YOU have to pay for.

I am presently visiting in Idaho most folks in this town im in in the far north , bigger than SLO carry their weapons on there sides , they have no crime , GUESS WHY /? sure would be nice if calif got a clue.

Jarhead, the majority of the public here doesn’t want to live in Idaho, that is why we live here.

Perhaps SLO County isn’t the right place for you.

There is something very incompetent about this case, and it is astounding to read what transpired. Who gets held for 4 HOURS on a $2,000 bail after an unprovoked assault when they were carrying a 10 inch knife? That young woman is VERY lucky he did not use that weapon on her-or use it at Black Horse Espresso. His release and re-offense could resulted in human tragedy and also could have opened the door for a HUGE lawsuit due to his brief hold and also this being treated like it is absolutely nothing to punch a young woman in the face while she is alone at work. A message should have been sent that said “YOU ARE NOT ALLOWED TO ENTER SLO BUSINESSES AND BEHAVE VIOLENTLY-AND WE MEAN BUSINESS IN THIS TOWN!” Instead, the hold was short enough for this guy to still be in the mindset to assault and wound. This is how those headlines happen that are so tragic-they leave the whole town reeling with grief for months to come.

Clearly, the PD dropped the ball on this one.

The police probably decided to ‘f it. The courts do not take assault seriously. You’re better off assaulting someone than getting caught stealing a candy bar.

Who thought a two thousand dollar bail amount was proper after the initial arrest? Two hundred bucks to any bail bondsman, and he was out. Did anyone keep an eye on the retail store- to see if he went back to get even with the young lady he assualted? This whole case stinks. Law enforcement has set the bar so low that violent offenders are walking among us, just hours after their most recent crimes. Is this what you voted for?

The guy who stole a pair of headphones from Rite-Aid (understandable; if you’re homeless you gotta have headphones) had bail set at $35,000. That’s theft! Rite-Aid could make some uncomfortable phone calls to the city if this were not taken seriously. Violent, homeless, psychopaths, they have a political lobby! $2,000 bail (“Daddy! I’m still trying to get into Cuesta”) and is laughing at the stupid cops. Ha, ha.

Three hots and a cot.

That’s just fine. A little rehab break. But you can’t afford to keep me there for the time necessary to deter my criminal behavior. Anyway, it’s society’s fault. Ha, ha. Ya happy now?

Where is Paul Kersey when we need him?

All I can say is this would be a suicidal act 20 years ago in SLO. The community would not tolerate it, legalities aside. Now, WTF not? I blame society for my problems. Print this guy’s picture, laminate it, put it in your wallet, and keep your eyes peeled. The cops who found him behind the church should have passed the info along to a few good citizens and then taken a coffee break on the other side of town.

Wow, first off I am curious as to why this is being handled by sheriffs deputies instead of SLO PD ? Why was he not held on a felony assault while carrying a concealed weapon in the first place? I have spent more time waiting in the er at Sierra Vista than this scumbag was in custody. The only charge now is trespassing and disorderly conduct! I’ll tell you what the real crime is here, its the incompetence of the police who gave this guy anoher opportunity to harm someone else. I wonder if they let him keep the knife?