Suspected DUI crash kills man in SLO

November 18, 2014

ambulanceA man died Monday in a head-on collision in San Luis Obispo that investigators say likely involved drugs. [KSBY]

The crash occurred around 2:15 p.m. on Foothill Boulevard near Blue Granite Lane. California Highway Patrol officers say that a northbound driver of a Toyota Prius veered onto the wrong side of the road and hit a Ford escape traveling south.

Emergency responders had to extricate both drivers from their vehicles before taking them to the hospital. The male driver of the Escape died from his injuries, while the Prius driver survived with major injuries.

An investigation into the crash is ongoing. No charges have been announced, and the CHP has yet to release the names of the individuals involved.

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I am very curious about the vehicular related deaths per capita, seems to be allot of them for our rural area?

People. Driving is a very serious responsibility. We don’t really have storms, hills, snow, ice, dust, or crazy traffic here. Please don’t let that be the reason you let your guard down and please be safe. The Tribune says that perhaps drugs were involved. We’ll see. Very sad and very painful for everyone.

The Trib will say anything to perpetuate a perception which the status quo wants to perpetuate. . Perhaps a dog ran across the lane, perhaps the person was temporarily possessed by an angry demon, perhaps space aliens did it, PERHAPS ANYTHING really. If there is some evidence that drugs were involved, then you would think that Trib and LE would have enough respect for the audience (the public) to state what evidence indicated that there might be drugs involved. If there is no evidence, these so-called professionals need to keep their mouths shut.

But there is money, and lots of of it, involved with perpetuating perceptions of what is going on in society. So the moment that someone who claims to be a “professional” makes statements like this, the first thought in your mind should not be “see there we go again with THESE people destroying civilization and killing people willy nilly” it should be “that was unprofessional and makes me suspect that whoever made that statement has some motive other than truth (e.g. they are corrupt)

That is absolutely correct. It could have been anything that caused this accident, and this perpetual scheme to sway belief in a certain direction keeps politicians in jobs (and in control). People have very little clue about why they believe anything or do anything-they just believe what they are told (or conditioned to believe). Skinner was a huge proponent of operant conditioning. People wonder how Hitler got millions of soldiers to perform the hideous acts they did. The answer is: operant conditioning. Similar to classical conditioning. People have no clue about Milgram’s obedience experiments, Asch’s compliance studies, the Stanford prison experiment….or fundamental attribution theory, bystander effect….the list goes on and on. They simply believe what they are told and are brainwashed endlessly.

Surprise: The American Dream is a holographic false reality….you just think it is real. Strong emotions about “serving your country” or “pledge of allegiance to your flag” are also psycho-constructs to keep you…..obeying.

Well thank you.. We’ve often disagreed before but you obviously see some things clearer than I give you credit for.

People should at least ask themselves if it’s POSSIBLE their perceptions have been manipulated in this manner, no matter how confident they are of their independent thought process. After allowing the possibility, it takes many instances of comparing generally held view against factual data, seeing the disparity, before they will accept it at face value and start understanding how their brain could have not processed it before. But once they understand, a whole new picture of reality emerges, and it’s a bit unsettling.

If it makes anyone upset to read what I wrote, there’s a reason.

For clarification, the media reports the information provided them by law enforcement via a document sent to all outlets called a press or news release. If, as is likely the case with this particular collision, drugs were suspected, that would have been the extent of the details regarding drug involvement provided to media. The reason for that is because there is no presumptive test, like a breathalyzer, for drug use. The toxicological results for drugs are never available by the time these stories go to press. It’s not a matter of being unprofessional, but one of presenting the facts as they exist at that moment in time.