Women accused of theft at SLO doughnut shop

November 11, 2014

policeSan Luis Obispo police are seeking four women who allegedly stole cash and an employee’s purse from the back office of a doughnut shop on Friday. [Tribune]

Police say two women entered Sunshine Donuts in the 100 block of South Higuera Street and distracted an employee while the other two went into a back office. The suspects stole an undisclosed amount of cash.

Surveillance footage from a neighboring gas station captured two of the suspects entering the shop and speaking with the employee. The footage also showed all four leaving the scene in a late 1990s to early 2000s compact vehicle.

The license plate number is too grainy to identify, though.

Each of the women appear to be Hispanic and heavy-set.

Officers request that anyone who recognizes any of the women contact the San Luis Obispo Police Department at 781-7312.

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“Hispanic and heavy-set???” Obama is constitutionally obligated to protect US citizens. Obama is derelict of duty. Obama wants open borders and panders to “stupid voters.”

I can one or two pulling off something like this but four seems like a way of life or a culture among an even larger group or crowd

I will even blame cuts, inflation and higer taxation as a contributing cause

“Each of the women appear to be Hispanic and heavy-set.”

Can you say needle in a hay stack? (; )

Heavy set Latina’s, nothing unique about that.

Not heavy set.. they are “curvy”

shocking that they were able to resist the glazed donuts and just went for the cash.

Mexicans committing crimes.. say it isn’t so. Makes me feel warm and fuzzy knowing our borders are closed.

When the likes of Gearhart, Morrisey or Guth rip off people for millions of dollars in scams do you automatically figure in their racial or ethnic backgrounds and blame Native Americans for not exercising sufficient immigration control over the past 500 years? A description using racial/ethnic features can help in identifying a specific criminal but their are criminals in every human grouping. Have you ever thought that maybe its only when someone looks “different” than you do that their physical description grabs your attention?

BTW: I happen to agree that more border control is needed but it is needed to help filter out the criminals not to eliminate an entire ethnic group from immigration.

The lesson that can be learned from the native americans is what can happen when you don’t control your borders. You lose your country and it becomes someone else’s.

Wow. What an ignorant comment. And how disturbing that I see 21 likes and counting. Cal Coast News – what is your policy on these types of comments; comments that stereotype a group of people, and particularly stereotyping that smacks of racism? Do you let these comments stay? I may have to see what i can get away with if this comment remains.

SloTownMan – just curious, do you believe that all Mexicans are here illegally? Your comment suggests so. And do you believe that all people who cross a border without permission have a proclivity for committing crimes? I know, I know – proclivity is a big word, lots of syllables, you may feel a bit confused at the moment. Take a deep breath, look it up if you can, and respond…and i just can’t wait for the personal attacks devoid of any salient argument…ready set go!

Because you said “Mexican” you get more thumbs-down and attacks. If you had just left it as “Latinas” or something, it would not be so bad. Some re-education for you! Obviously the indoctrination has not taken hold… yet!

More propaganda? YES, PLEASE!