Car collides with Santa Barbara deputy

December 31, 2014

police chaseA vehicle collided with the patrol car of a Santa Barbara County Sheriff’s deputy, injuring him while he was responding to an emergency call on Tuesday. [KSBY]

The crash occurred shortly after noon on northbound Highway 101 in Goleta. The deputy was driving in the fast lane with his lights and sirens on when a driver in front of him started to change lanes, but quickly veered back into the fast lane, hitting the patrol car.

During the crash, the deputy, who has not been identified, suffered minor injuries. Responders took him to the hospital where he was treated for injuries, including wrist and head pain.

Neither the driver of the other vehicle nor its passengers suffered injuries.

Investigators said neither drugs nor alcohol contributed to the collision.


Was there a speeding cow involved in the crash ?

Ben Daho

Interesting how anyone can reconstruct an accident scene from text in a paragraph. Glad you’re not doctors or Lawyers.


Yeah, too many csi and ncis profesional watchers. I was more of a Dexter fan.


Interesting how anyone can reconstruct an accident scene from text in a paragraph. Glad you’re not doctors or Lawyers.


One or more of us retirees may have substantial experience in traffic collision and considered all the possibilities, your assuming, especially when you say be are not we are not lawyers!!!!!!!!!!!!

You’d be surprised how much some of us may know.

Kevin Rice

This is a community. Sometimes people know more than what is published.


“Investigators said neither drugs nor alcohol contributed to the collision…..just a severe case of absolutely stupid”

There, fixed that for you.


Not to water down your severe analysis but, I’m thinking the deputy saw the vehicle not moving so he/she moved about halfway over to the slow lane and at about that same moment the driver noticed the deputy moving into the slow lane so he corrected back to the fast lane. That’s called an accident and the deputy will potentially be at fault for this.


@stunned ….. I tend to agree with your analysis. Sometimes LE in their attempt to get there immediately will “overdrive”

Calif Veh Code 21807.

The provisions of Section 21806 shall not operate to relieve the driver of an authorized emergency vehicle from the duty to drive with due regard for the safety of all persons and property.


PS: assuming the video was on (it is supposed to activate on all code 3 driving) it should fully explain what happened


No, read the article…My analysis: the deputy was in the fast lane as was the other vehicle. The other vehicle moved partially into the slow lane and the deputy went around him, partially on the center divider shoulder. the other car then moved back to the left and collided with the deputy. Drivers are required to move to the right when lights and sirens are behind them…NEVER to the left. The other vehicle moved left, therefore the deputy is not at fault.


with your thinking I doubt you would pass the academy


Yeah, probably not, but could you please point out what was wrong with my analysis? Thanks.


Both contributed to the collision!