Cayucos and Morro Bay agree to joint sewage treatment plant

December 13, 2014

sewage CayucosThe Cayucos Sanitary District Board voted Thursday to join Morro Bay in building a jointly operated sewage plant at a location near Highway 41.

Under a joint powers agreement, the boards chose the 187-acre Rancho Colina property, situated in Morro Valley agricultural land near Morro Creek as its desired location for the new plant. Capital costs for moving the plant to the Rancho Colina location are estimated at $75 million.

Last year, the California Coastal Commission rejected the Morro Bay’s initial plan to rebuild its current sewage plant.

Morro Bay has a 60 percent ownership and the Cayucos Sanitary District has a 40 percent split of the current plant located near the ocean on Atascadero Road in Morro Bay. The specifics of the new sanitation plant agreement have not yet been determined.

fishing village

Oh ‘lame’ where have you been? THE Coastal Commission said no plant near the OLD site 18 months ago!


Fishing village you still have your head buried in the sand. (not a surprise) Your king Irons, requested that they deny all and close the whole deal. Hope you have a pocket full of cash as your buddy Irons is flushing us down the toilet money wise here in Morro Bay. No pun intended. The sewer debacle is just one of many blunders this fool of a mayor and his comrades Christine Johnson and Noah Schmuckler are responsible for. We are on our way to be unincorporated as a city thanks to these FOOLS we have on the council which includes Jamie, “I have my hand in the cookie jar, friend of Ferrara the mayor who just got flushed down his toilet bowl” Really “Fishing village” WAKE UP FOR GODS SAKE!


The Morro Bay innocents have only just BEGUN to realize the expense that Irons cost them by personally crushing any chance of simply upgrading the existing plant.

If you believe in unlimited spending to reclaim a small footprint sewer plant site along the bay, swell, you are entitled to your opinion. Just no lies please about the CCC wouldn’t allow an upgrade. Irons personally has cost every Morro Bay homeowner a fortune in construction and future O&M, and such a move is unconscionable without having put it to public vote.

The arrogant king-like attitudes of elected officials in this county are disgusting.


Friends don’t let friends design (or retrofit) sewer plants. The lessons of Los Osos evidently didn’t sink in here.


This is just the beginning. Irons like Mayor Ferrara (Irons good buddy) who just got flushed down his toidy bowl has cost we the citizens of MB more $$$$$ and created more damage then most at this point haven’t a clue about. When the people that elected him start having to reach into their wallets and pay for the damage and repercussions created by this fool, they just might see the light. Maybe not, as they have been clearly blinded thus far.


There…you see? teamwork; Morro Bay is working with Cayucos to build a new sewer plant. Now that’s how you get crap done.

fishing village

This is a new ‘ballgame’ with different agreements. The old JPA does not apply. I’m hoping for cooperation and a willingness , from Cayucos, to work with MB in every way. Morro Bay residents are footing the major portion of the bill and taking all the risks. We need a majority say in this new plant.


Fishing Village….r u really that misinformed? Ore do you just make up shi@ to see what kind of reaction you get?