Five car accident in SLO

December 13, 2014

San Luis Obispo police are looking for witnesses to a five car accident that occurred on Madonna Road Friday afternoon.

Shortly after 2 p.m., a white Chevrolet Silverado truck and a silver Honda Civic headed westbound on Madonna Road collided near the entrance to the Madonna Inn. The truck then lost control and struck a white Toyota SUV.

The impact propelled the SUV into the eastbound lane of Madonna Road where it was struck by two vehicles including a silver Subaru Forster. The driver of the Subaru sustained minor injuries as a result of a deployed airbag.

Investigators are seeking witnesses to the initial collision between the white Silverado truck and the silver Honda Civic. Witnesses are encouraged to contact Officer Taylor Peterson at (805) 594-8049.

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Yes the first car to hit another was the honda hitting the chevy. Honda was in a line of cars designated to turn left on the 101 south when they realized it was completely backed up and then decided, from a dead stop, to change lanes into the south bound traffic of Madonna Blvd striking the chevy in it’s mid section, (see photo), sending it literally flying into the busy intersection where all the other collisions occured. It is unsure if the driver of the honda was the mother or her son. Anyone who saw this accident please contact the police


Wow like cue balls in the perfect storm.

Just theory, I say the cause of the initial collision (if not for it) was the force causing all the other collisions.


At least five drivers and maybe a few passengers and they don’t know what happened? Did they get 5 or more different stories? Too bad SLO doesn’t have a city camera system that might have helped, unless of course if they did have a system and got it from the same company Arroyo Grande used, that system seems to go haywire just when it is needed.


Do we really need more privacy invasions?


If I am driving and following all the rules and driving safely and someone hits me while violating safety and rules but fails to tell the truth, and perhaps they have friends in high places, and a camera on a public street would help prove who was at fault, I am okay with this minor invasion, for it being privacy not so sure it is since it was on a public street. Now we just need to keep the wrong people from having first look at the video and doing a bit a fancy editing.


It took 1 1/2 hours to go east on Madonna Road from LOVR to the scene of the accident. Could have completely been avoided by sending all the shopping center traffic out onto Madonna Road and toward LOVR instead of toward the scene of the accident.


It is my understanding the very elderly driver of the Subaru is currently hospitalized with undisclosed injuries (per one of our neighbors who is friends with the Subaru driver). Not sure why CCN and The Tribune are reporting minor injuries? Hopefully a witness or witnesses will step forward and provide crucial details.


I know what happened, I was there. I hope the elderly gentleman is OK, he left the scene on his own accord. Everyone is shaken up I am sure. The Honda was in a line of cars in the left hand turn lane for the 101 South. The highway was visably backed up and the Honda drove out of the the turn lane, from a dead stop, directly into the passing Chevy, (see photo, Honda hit Chevy on the driver’s side rear door), catapulting it into the busy intersection and causing a chain reaction of accidents. It is not sure who was driving the Honda, the mother or her son. I very much hope some bystanders come forward.


Fortunate that there were ‘minor’ injuries in this report. Thought of this today while on Madonna Rd. observing two fools in oversized pickmeups cutting into/out of traffic. The holiday frenzies are amplified by egos in 4×4’s.


Y’know, they need to stop calling this type of incident an “accident”; an “accident” implies nobody screwed up, it was just an accident, like, y’know, an act of God, nobody’s fault, gosh, just couldn’t be avoided. Well, you can be sure somebody did something rude and or stupid to cause this CRASH. Very fortunately, no serious injury.