Coastal Commission to decide if Cayucos home is built

December 10, 2014

cayucosThe California Coastal Commission will determine the fate of a proposed beachfront Cayucos house that may or may not be located on a coastal bluff. [Tribune]

In 1965, builders created a narrow sloping lot at the end of Studio Drive by placing fill dirt at the location. Since 2006, the owners of the lot have proposed building a home there, but neighbors have opposed the plan, arguing that the planned house is too large and out of character for the area.

On Tuesday, the San Luis Obispo County Board of Supervisors voted 3-2 to approve construction of a home at the site, with restrictions on development recommended by county staff. Still, a project opponent vowed to appeal the plan to the Coastal Commission.

In April, the county planning commission approved a 2,374 square-foot home on the slope.

But, county planners have since determined that the lot is located on a coastal bluff. That determination reduces the area legally allowed for living space to 800 square feet, planner Ryan Hostetter said.

A representative of the property owners said the planners’ finding renders the lot un-buildable.

A dispute is ongoing as to whether or not the lot sits on a coastal bluff.

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We as a nation won’t be happy till we regulate ourselves to death and most of these types that have no problem with all this regulation? I will GUARANTEE you they will squeal like stuff pigs if and when something affects their life. How do I know? I’ve seen in happen. It all sounds great for…………..the other guy but not me.

This is way beyond reason. Like so many have stated, they have spend years and gone through all the hopes, leave them the F**K alone!!!!

Our economic freedom is founded on individual property rights; government should never be permitted to take those away.

but no one is alone

Years ago when I read the Trib, they actually had a few in-depth articles about this situation.

The property owner has already paid big bucks and had to jump through multiple hoops, still with NO house. It’s ridiculous. He bought the lot, pays the property taxes, and has saved up enough $$ to build his dream house.

Yeah, I’m a bit jealous but good for him. Too bad for his whiny “I’m here but I don’t want anyone else here” neighbors. Let him build on his own property.

Lots are created on an approved parcel map, taxes are based on full cash value and dirt can only change the grade. The entitlements run with recordation and subject to engineering. If there is no established public easement then this is a private issue that the Coastal Commission will asses for public benifit. Looks like the owners may be living on an un-obstructed view that their premium lot allows. Buying their lot at full cash value is always an option, willing seller / willing buyer scenario?

“Coastal Commission to decide if Cayucos home is built”

A more accurate headline would read:

(Coastal Commission to stop home from being built because our local leaders are too cowardly to make these kinds of calls.)

Just a thought…..what if the soil they imported to build the bluff was from an Indian burial site? Perhaps a small casino?

“But, county planners have since determined that the lot is located on a coastal bluff. That determination reduces the area legally allowed for living space to 800 square feet, planner Ryan Hostetter said”

“I’m from the Planning Government, and I am here to HELP”

These owners/proponents need to get the turn-down from the coastal commissars, and then let the Pacific Legal Foundation represent them in a “takings” case. Building an 800 SF shoebox would truly be “out of character for the area”, too small to be worth building.

Come on, planning extremists, this is OR WAS America; it’s just another house at the end of a row. BUY the family out at 2374SF market value (a couple mil) , or let them build already. They are 8 years into your miserable, inept, often-socialist planning process. Buy ’em out with tax dollars, or let ’em build!

Smart growth means not how the smart folks in city government want. You know…mthe same folks that let the city get millions of dollars in the hole on pension obligations…ha ha ha…

As much as I cannot stand the overreaching Coastal Commission, if they can stop this ridiculous proposal, good. Then disband them.