Arroyo Grande denies Courtland project

December 10, 2014

arroyo grandeArroyo Grande City Council voted 3-2 Tuesday to deny a four and a half acre proposed mix of commercial and residential units near the city’s border with Grover Beach.

In Nick Tompkins’ current proposal, he would partner with Andy Mangano who would construct 41 homes on the southern portion of the property located at the corner of Courtland Street and Grand Avenue. During the same time, Tompkins would build a large restaurant with an additional four storefronts totaling 11,000 square feet of commercial.

However, the city’s general plan denotes the entire area as commercial.

Mayor Jim Hill and Council Members Tim Brown and Barbara Harmon voted against diverting property deemed in the city’s general plan as commercial into residential because of the loss of tax dollars. In addition, members of the public spoke out about the possibility the project would lead to increased traffic congestion.

Council Members Jim Guthrie and Kristen Barneich voted to approve the project. Barneich appeared to fight back tears as she described Tompkins’ seven year struggle to develop the property.

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She was Crying Leave her alone,better yet send her home to be alone & cry ,Geeezzzz Crazy woman ..

If I cried about how I was treated in Business I’d still be crying ,Stupid! People!

Issuing building permits only contributes to our water problems.

Is there a video of the meeting?

It will become available on slospan soon.

Finally a council that said no to greedy Nick. Barnreich needs to stay home with her kids and have tea with Tony, Steve and Joe.

Barneich perfected her tatrum throwing techniques from the king of fits, the former Mayor. Is anyone surprised how this vote went?

The votes of Barneich and Guthrie were not a surprise, they are still in Tony Ferrara’s back pocket, (and he is in Tompkins), and Harmon and Hill votes were also not a surprise. Brown has positioned himself as the swing vote for the next two years, lets just hope he continues to vote for the people and not for the former regime.

I hardly think so, Tim Votes with the Breeze, He is only covering his tail!

Kristen…were you crying? There’s no crying in council!

How can we take Barneich seriously given her spoiled child display last night? How can she think we can take her seriously?

who took her seriously before last night?