Former Capps’ aide public services announcement

December 6, 2014
Raymond Morua

Raymond Morua

On the anniversary of a drunk driving accident that took the life of 27-year-old Mallory Dies, a series of commercials featuring Congresswoman Lois Capps’ former aide are playing on local television stations.

On Dec. 6, 2013, Raymond Morua, 32, left a holiday party he was attending as Capp’s representative, struck and killed Dies and then fled the scene. He pleaded guilty and was sentenced to 20 years to life.

The Dies family is inviting the public to a 4 p.m. gathering at the site of the accident, the corner of Anacapa and Haley streets in Santa Barbara.

Part of Morua’s sentence was to film several public service announcements on the dangers of drinking and driving.

Dies’ mother Raeona Dies and Morua’s sister Teresa Montoya Morua appear in a commercial with Morua.


I don’t see the purpose for having Morua do the PSAs. I don’t know that shaming would work with someone like Morua and, besides, it just gives him the standing in prison of being on TV.


P.S. In case I didn’t make it clear…I don’t want to see murderers, no matter who they are, on my TV. It is going to do nothing but remind me of the horror the family is going through, and I can really do without that.


I do NOT blame Mrs. Capps!

This guy is typical wannabe, brown noser, ambitious…mentally

Mrs. Capps only knows what she knows by sight and sound.

This guy lacks the spiritual sincerely of being a true public servant which Mrs Capps is!

The only thing I blame Mrs. Capps is for supporting Obama Care.

My Cardiologist shared with me the fact that whether I have Medicare or Blue Cross or Blue Shield,

The insurance and Medicare have cut service members 30% and the CEO of Blue Shield got 14K salary in 2013 for working with Obama.

My Cardiologist said he has to charge the patients extra to cover expenses.

My Cardiologist also told me that some of his colleagues are either not accepting any insurance or preparing to move out of California.

The doctors are getting screwed and those who have insurance are also getting charged extra, over and above the co-pay and deductible!

Mrs. Capps I hope you are getting this Info!


I don’t blame her either. She’s too stupid to be held accountable as her actions are only derived from what she is toldd to do. Vote for this. Hire a Hispanic male. Show up here at 10 o’clock. Run for reelection. Use this advertisement. Rinse repeat.


Your comment is so confusing, willie.

You compliment Lois for being a “true public servant,” then complain about insurance problems.

You do realize that Lois is one of the Democrats who rammed Obamacare through the House and Senate, right?

Mr. Holly

I wonder if Lois Capp’s will alter these videos to make it appear that her employee really didn’t do this and he is innocent. She did a pretty good job with Chris Mitchum of misrepresenting him.


I personally would not beable to be in the same room as this drunk.

He hit the young girl, took off in his car, and left her in the street.

There is no excuse for that kind of behavior.

JB Bronson

A man thinks differently when not drunk on alcohol and/or the power of position, whether that power is real or perceived,

As tragic as this whole story is, Morua is better off behind bars and understand the folly of his past than the self-centered, arrogant, narcissists still in their deluded position of status.


So sad, horrible tragedy, he deserves every minute of his sentence, but why is the family playing to the grief junkies with this ill-advised gathering at the death scene? Her memory should be of better things than her awful manner of death. In general, this business of placing flowers on the death scene is in questionable taste: does the soul still remain? Almost a pagan idea here. I leave flowers at the cemetery, not the bed or hospital room.


But only friends and family may visit the cemetery. When a cross or small monument is erected at an accident scene, or flowers are left, it reminds the whole community that a life was lost in that location.

Until our city enacted its greedy policy of extracting a fee from grieving loved ones, Paso Robles had a few simple mini-shrines around town and I’d think about the poor people who died at those locations.

One was near Kennedy Club Fitness where a drunk woman plowed into a young guy in his truck and one was at the corner of Niblick & S. River Rd. where two poor men drowned while erecting the Naci pipeline.

Nothing pagan about reminding all of us that life is short and precious. If it helps a family to lay a few flowers where their loved one died, there’s nothing wrong with that.