Ferguson solidarity protestors march in San Luis Obispo

December 6, 2014

hand upA group of about 40 people marched through San Luis Obispo Friday night to show solidarity against police brutality following a Missouri Grand Jury decision not to indict a Ferguson officer in the shooting of a black teen.

Shortly before the annual holiday parade kicked off, people holding signs and chanting slogans such as “hands up don’t shoot” and “black lives matter too” marched down along the parade route. Several thousand people lined Hiquera and Monterey streets in anticipation of the parade.

As the protestors marched through the streets, about a dozen parade attendees joined the march while others cheered or applauded.

Across the country, protesters have marched the streets to denounce the grand jury’s decision not to indict former Ferguson police officer Darren Wilson.

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Well, let’s see. Obama’s administration has taken on the war on women and that is now over, the war on birth control and that is over, the war on healthcare and that is almost over, the war on conservatives on that is over, the war on immigration, the war on pay equity, the war on financial institutions, the war on religions, and now we have the war on black vs white, police vs blacks. That is going to be the new slogan come 2016 elections. Al Sharpton being at the White House 86 times tells me this didn’t start in Ferguson last summer or Florida 2 years ago; it started at the White House. Agitator Sharpton and his National Action Network, No Justice No Peace has become the pawn for the democrats. He should pay his $4 million income tax bill before being allowed assess to the White House, quick his MSNBC if he is leading the cause for justice and serving on the President’s arm. When President Obama was discovered going to Rev. Wright’s Church for 20 years, baptized Obama’s children and yet Obama denied every hearing a bad word from Rev Wright during 2008 campaign that should have been a wake up call for all Americans.

I see a lot haters on this thread…..at least these people are out there not shopping or watching tv letting the government know they have a voice….if only more people would organize we could take this country back from the tyrants who gain more power everyday through fear mongering and bifurcating issues.