Grover Beach man identified as victim of Dunes accident

December 30, 2014

oceanoOfficials have identified Grover Beach resident Bryon Tatum as the victim of a fatal accident at the Oceano Dunes Sunday morning. [KSBY]

In the evening, Tatum, 52, stopped his truck to take down his flag as he planned to leave the beach. A pickup truck then hit him from behind, fatally injuring him.

Authorities have not made an arrest, but the California Highway Patrol officials say the truck that killed Tatum was driven by an employee of trailer rental company Luv 2 Camp. The Luv 2 Camp driver had likely just completed a trailer delivery, according to the CHP.

State parks officials say there is no indication that speed or alcohol played a role in the crash. An investigation into the collision is ongoing.

Tatum was a longtime Central Coast resident, who was born in Santa Maria and grew up in Nipomo. He had been driving trucks at the Nipomo Dunes since he was a teenager, his daughter, Kathryn Tatum, said.

Over the past 30 years, Tatum worked as an operator at Toste Grading and Paving.

He is remembered for spending numerous occasions with his children and grandchildren at the dunes, the location of his death.


I hope that Luv 2 Camp has excellent liability insurance.


No worries, we keep hearing that it’s not dangerous out there…

Rich in MB

I thought we were told it was the out of town tourists from Bakersfield and Fresno that use the dunes?


No, they just out number the locals 9 to 1. Sorry this happened.