Nipomo woman ordered to pay $300,000 to outlet store

December 5, 2014

embezzlementA San Luis Obispo County Superior Court judge has ordered a Nipomo woman convicted of embezzling money from a Pismo Beach outlet store to pay nearly $300,000 in restitution to the owners of the business. [Tribune]

Kwing Eng Ee, 60, pleaded no contest in July to two charges of grand theft over $950. Over the four years, Ee worked as manager at the As Seen On TV store in Pismo Beach, the business was short $286,742 cash from sales that occurred, according to owners James and Stacey Foss.

The store received $875,172 in payments during Ee’s tenure, which spanned September 2009 through June 2013. The owners fired Ee for creating a hostile work environment.

Ee also told customers that she owned the business, Stacey Foss said.

After firing Ee, the owners examined her time cards and sales sheets and determined that the money was missing.

Ee accepted responsibility for the crime early on, her attorney Matt Guerrero said. She then received a one-year jail sentence and five years probation.

Her restitution hearing was Thursday.

Ee is due back in court next week for an identity theft charge in another case. Ee is accused of stealing someone’s identity in 2004 to obtain credit and goods

Her pretrial hearing in the identity theft case will occur on Dec. 11.


These owners will be lucky if they ever see a dime from this woman.

It’s not very likely anyone will hire her, at 60 with a felony conviction.

With no income, repayment is impossible.


These people NEVER pay restitution! I was a victim of a crime in 2007, got one payment and the lady vanished into thin air. I have since tracked her down, there is a bench warrant for her arrest, but the police won’t do anything. Don’t hold your breath getting repaid on this, but when she collects Social Security perhaps a lien could be put on that. That is my plan anyway and by then at 10% interest I’ll have an annuity! If someone could figure out how to do that as a buiness he’d make a fortune!


Love your optimism!


Might as well settle for revenge



“but when she collects Social Security perhaps a lien could be put on that”

I have been on Social Security for the past 4 years. One of the pamphlets they have in the Social Security Offices informs that if you are incarcerated, your Social Security payments ceases until your clearance and release.

I doubt that you can put a lien on someones survival supplement.

She does not even have to pay you because of low income.

In other words, she does not even have to file bankruptcy to get out of your judgement.

My point is the only way your gonna get any kink of payment from this gal is if she goes back to work and get a very good paying job (which she will NOT).

I really think defense attorneys motion for these types “SOUND GOOD” “SOUNDS FAIR-ACCEPTABLE” “BUT TOTALLY WORTHLESS AFTER THE FACT” types of decisions or judgements just to move them out of the court calendar.

Vagabond says:

“Might as well settle for revenge”

Another thing is if you take revenge on a senior citizen (crooked or not) the criminal penalty is enhanced!





Oh, but Gearhart will pay one day. Good chance that he ends up in the desert like the old Vegas days if he ever shows his face around Atown again.


Another symptom of a long lasting bad economy. 60 years old! unbelievable. It’s sad to watch people resort to stealing in order to maintain their lifestyle. We need change to take place in our nation. We need to transform our nation back to a capitalistic, forward moving, economically progressive, financially advantageous, and Meteorologically fearless country once again. Or we all may watch our souls degrade right along with our economy.


People with integrity don’t resort to stealing. This is someone from the article who has used identity theft, abused employees and committed felony theft.

Lesson is never give financial control of your business to someone else. Owners did not look at the books for 4 years. Ridiculous.


So true.

And I believe, once a thief, always a thief.

I would never trust someone like that ever again.


There is such a rash of embezzlement from local businesses lately. Each and everyone goes to court and gets off with just repaying the money. Probation, sure, but their probation requires them only to not steal again. They shouldn’t be doing that regardless! Light sentence because they are a first-time offender? No, probably just the first time they have been caught. Community service? Who wants a felon doing community service at their organization? A message needs to be sent that you cannot steal money and the only punishment be to pay back the amount you stole, the amount that could be proven to have been stolen, or a lesser amount due to a plea deal. Sure, jails are crowded, sure they just took money from a business. But that does not make it a victimless crime. Businesses close, jobs are lost, there are victims to this crime. They should be required to pay twice the amount. They should have to serve jail time. They should have a felony record and not be eligible to get jobs where they handle money again. They should not be able to plead “No Contest” and then merely make restitution. They should be required to plead guilty if restitution is the only punishment they are getting. This has got to stop!


Do you really think she has the ability to repay what she has stolen?


I share in your frustration but obviously jail time and or restitution won’t work. Like everyone says, the reality is they don’t have the money to pay back. Jail? Same thing. Usually short sentence that gets shortened even more because of overcrowding in jails and prisons and letting out lessor offenders.

I think you have to look at this from the old………….no pain, no gain…………..adage. I do think community service but not some picking up trash b.s. REAL service. HARD labor. Give them some REAL back breaking work to make them think, good God I don’t want to be in this position again. Will it work? Not sure but hey we have already tried everything else and it sure in the heck ain’t working.