Orcutt youth football president arrested for embezzlement

December 24, 2014
Tyrome Lee

Tyrome Lee

The former president of the Orcutt Youth Football League is accused of embezzling more than $20,000 from the organization. [KEYT]

Santa Barbara County Sheriff’s deputies arrested Tyrome Lee, 35, after determining that he issued unauthorized checks, falsified invoices and embezzled league funds. An internal audit showed the football league was missing more than $20,000.

Lee resigned as president of the league shortly after being questioned by board members about the discrepancy in the bank account.

On Saturday, deputies searched Lee’s car and home and seized numerous electronic devices and other evidence supporting the embezzlement charge, sheriff’s spokeswoman Kelly Hoover said. The deputies also found two firearms at Lee’s house.

Lee is a convicted felon and cannot legally possess firearms, Hoover said. The sheriff’s office is requesting that prosecutors also charge Lee with being a felon in possession of firearms.

Deputies booked Lee in the Santa Maria jail on $25,000 bail. Lee posted bail and was released the day of his arrest.

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The exact same thing happened in Paso a few years back with a youth soccer league.

“TyroMe?” His first name alone should have been enough to disqualify him for being involved with youth football.

Have you looked at an nfl roster lately? To the contrary, Tyrome is like John smith compared to laquan, jadaveon, tramain, Karpon, Rahsaan, vontaze….. The list goes on.

Racist police are obviously to blame for his arrest.

EEOC to get the position

Then do what white people do

If there is a position of advantage to benefit.

It appears that the innocents of the Central Coast wouldn’t last a MINUTE on the streets of South Central. You wouldn’t have any idea of who was your friend, who was cool, and who was out to get you. WHO are you letting run activities for your children and adolescents? Get a clue, people. Learn to spot wolves among the pack.

I’ll bet nobody even required that he post bail with funds PROVEN to not be comingled with those he may have stole. Basic stuff in a real jurisdiction, even the bondsmen know the drill, but over the head of the locals here.

Pretty lame comment if you ask me.

Statutory rape conviction should have eliminated him from working with children Someone really dropped the ball on this one. Anyone working with children should have to checked out prior to employment not after the fact.

I agree 100% but it’s likely the community was desperate for volunteers so they foolishly just took him and any other guy with a pulse.

We’ve been involved w/youth sports (soccer, basketball, softball and baseball) for 10+ yrsand sadly there is ALWAYS a shortage of coaches/board members/volunteers. .

I know of another convicted felon (assault) who was coaching youth baseball here in townuntil the board FINALLY implemented background checks on its volunteers. That immediately weeded out a lot of bad apples.

Regardless, like you mentioned, ANYONE working with kids need to be fingerprinted and have a background check.

Santa Barbara County court documents show Lee has convictions in 1998 for statutory rape; driving on a suspended license in 2002; two counts of felony identification theft in 2004; and misdemeanor domestic battery in 2008.

In addition to his association with the youth football league, Lee, who is a certified personal trainer, runs Central Coast Elite Performance Training and has worked with young athletes from both Righetti High School and St. Joseph High School.

I got this info from the Santa Maria Times.

I can understand why some parents won’t delegate anything having to do with raising their children.

Background checks should be mandatory for anyone involved in youth sports, from the people providing transportation to those handling the money. Sorry to hear about this.

Not too surprising though.

What was his prior? Just being a curious Jorge