Paso Robles teacher accused of sex with a second minor

December 20, 2014
Jeremy Monn

Jeremy Monn

A 31-year-old man out on bail for an arrest for allegedly having sexual relations with a Paso Robles High School student is now incarcerated in a Merced County Jail on charges he had sex with a second underage girl in 2013.

While teaching at Don Pedro High School in Merced County, Jeremy Monn allegedly has sexual relations with a 15-year-old student. The lawyer for the Merced teen’s family said officials at the Central Valley School district knew about the allegations, but passed Monn off to Paso Robles High School.

District officials deny the allegations, according to the Union Democrat.

On Friday, Merced Police officers arrested Monn at his Paso Robles home and booked him into the Merced County Jail with bail set at $250,000. On Thursday he pled not guilty to the Merced County charges.

On June 1, the Paso Robles Police Department received a tip that a 16-year-old girl was having an ongoing sexual relationship with Monn, her agriculture teacher. Police then interviewed the student who admitted to having a sexual relationship with Monn.

Following his arrest, Monn posted $50,000 bail and was released from the San Luis Obispo County Jail. Monn pled not guilty to eight counts that include unlawful sexual intercourse with a minor, meeting a minor for lewd purposes, dissuading a witness from reporting a crime and child molestation.

Monn is scheduled for a pre-trial hearing in San Luis Obispo County Superior Court that his attorney Ilan Funke-Bilu will likely attend without him. San Luis Obispo attorney David Vogel will be representing Monn at a bail hearing Monday morning in a Merced courtroom.

JB Bronson

wineguyjc: Your points of mismanagement in Paso are accurate, but I would not blame Monn.

All of that mismanagement didn’t happen without Jim App knowing about it, having a hand in it, and certainly hving no solutions for any of it.


Hey Ted

All funning & poking aside.

In all honesty for 66 years of my life,

In all religious literature I read and studied,

I sincerely never knew the Virgin Mary was impregnated at age 12.

If this is true then I honestly thank you for this knowledge.

Is there any credible reference to this shocking assertion that you can point me to?

If this is true, then it would be a shocking revelation for all of us, I would owe you an apology.

Ted Slanders


First thing, who’s kidding?

In the traditions of ancient Israel, girls married in their teens, even early teens. [1] For Mary to be betrothed (engaged) but not yet formally married, yet old enough to have and nurse the Messiah, she would have been 12-14. (Please try and refrain from visualizing GOD being nursed) The Zondervan Pictorial Encyclopedia of the Bible points out, “It appears that both boys and girls were married very young. Subsequent to the New Testament period the rabbis fixed the minimum age for marriage at twelve for girls and thirteen for boys.” [2]

Some customs of biblical Palestine relative to girls marrying young and giving birth continued through the centuries in their twelfth or thirteenth year, and sometimes as early as her tenth year.” [3] “Girls are ‘given in marriage” at eleven or twelve years of age, though this is not the limit. They are frequently married as young as nine….” [4]

One must not be anachronistic and think it’s wrong that they were married very young in the biblical era, in other words, when in Rome, you do as the Roman’s do.

1. Philip King and Lawrence Stager, Life in Biblical Israel, (Westminster John Knox Press, Louisville, 2001), p. 37.

2. Merrill C. Tenney, editor, The Zondervan Pictorial Encyclopedia of the Bible (Regency Reference Library, Grand Rapids, MI, 1976), Vol. 4,

3. Alma White, Jerusalem, Egypt, Palestine, Syria, (Pillar of Fire, Zarephath, New Jersey, 1936), p. 83, 173.

4. James Neil, Everyday Life in the Holy Land, (Society for Promoting Christian Knowledge, London, 1913), p. 223.


Is Jeremy Monn related to Doug Monn, the retiring Public Works Director for

Paso Robles?


Jeremy Monn is Doug Monn’s son.


Well, great job raising his kid. However, he is also the public works director who promoted the idiot who embezzled City assets for personal gain. He is also the guy who has headed up the waste water treatment division wherein fines are just considered a cost of doing businesses. He is also the guy who hired the idiot to run the industrial waste program and the City continues to get fines under that idiot. Well, his leadership skills are now coming out.


What a creep. Once a creep, always a creep.


Ted, Rich and Zaphod, I hope the spirit of Christmas and the miracle of a savior son set to teach and forgive us comes to you in the night and helps you through the dark nights in your lives.

Ted Slanders


Thank you for your concern, but I am fully lit at night by having a wonderful gift given to me from a friend in celebration of the Triune Jesus’ birthday, and that is a bottle of Jack Daniel’s Single Barrel Whiskey.


The conversation between Ted Slanders and Zaphod is really offensive. Don’t you guys have some kind of “make fun of Christians (not Muslims)” web site where you can blog to your heart’s content?

Ted Slanders


I am sorry that you find Christian bible facts offensive. I will privately pray for you tonight in my closet (Matthew 6:5-6) in the hopes that our God will enlighten you so as not to call His biblical facts and axioms “offensive.”


Jeremy Monn mug shot looks like a poker face.

Problem with trying theses type of cases is usually a lack of hard evidence because of delayed discovery.

My guess is that he done it, but will not be convicted based on accusation alone.


Well, he will have a poked face in prison. For a carton of smokes a month, the brothers will keep him real warm and safe every night.


There are plenty of soul-less freaks around. They land on this planet….but who the hell knows where they originate from….(reptiles…cold blooded…???) Remember the pediatrician who raped like dozens of kids right in his office while the parents were in the waiting room right outside?

Are you kidding me? You cannot assume ANY nurse, doctor, therapist, teacher, day care worker is not one of these…..the actually appear human. They do in fact occupy a human body, and can even be attractive and smart. But make no mistake: the soul that dwells in the person—is NOT human. Read “The People of the Lie”by M. Scott Peck.

Ted Slanders

Mary, the mother of Jesus, was supposedly around 12 years old when she received her “Celestal Impregnation” from her Son, Jesus. If we were back in the biblical era of our Hebrew God, Jeremy Monn’s allegegd acts wouldn’t even be noticed.


ether is the spirit he used she didn’t feel a thing.

Ted Slanders


All kidding aside, what has always bothered me is what poor ol’ Joseph might have went through while Mary was being Celestially Impregnated by her Son Jesus, as God. LIttle did he know that if Mary cried out “Oh God, Oh God” at the time, that these words were so apropos.

Joseph probably felt like a pair of brown shoes at an Italian wedding. :(


Check out this video on YouTube:


In this enlightened day, age or era,

A boy or girl at age 12 is still just mentally & physically a child with puberty commencing.

Actual PHYSICAL shaping of a real man or real woman starts to physically define or form until at approximately at age 17 to 21.

If someone has the HOTS for a 18-21 year old beauty “physically” that I can commend you on but if someone has the HOTS or a 12 year old little girl child “physically” we got a problem.

We can help you out.

Post a mailing address.

I got some old adult magazines I can send you, it’s a good start.

Ted Slanders


It’s too bad you weren’t back in the biblical era to give your knowledge of “young girls” and your magazines to the Hebrew God, aka, Jesus of the Triune, because He is the one that impregnated Mary at or around the age twelve.

In reporting biblical facts it can be quite revealing at times and be disgusting to many just like you, but, the bible is what it is.


Ted it is the father who impregnates ask a Mormon to set you straight on your fatal misunderstanding of the nature of godhood before some Calvinist burns you at stake in mission plaza.

Ted Slanders


The Trinity Doctrine simply put; there is one Hebrew God of the bible, but yet there are three divine persons: the Father, the Son, and the Holy Spirit. The Father is God, the Son is God, and the Holy Spirit is God. Yet these three divine persons are distinct from one another in that Christ is His own Father and His own Son. The Holy Ghost is neither Father nor Son, but both. The Son was begotten by the Father, but existed before He was begotten. Christ is just as old as his Father, and the Father is just as young as his Son. The Holy Ghost proceeded from the Father and Son, but He is of the same age as the other two.

Simple Christian logic of the godly Triune states that Mary was therefore Celestially impregnated by her Son, along with Jesus’ father, plus the Holy Ghost as well, Calvinists be damned!

I don’t pay much attention to the “secret underwear” Mormon crowd because they loose all validity because of their convicted scam artist leader, Joseph Smith. Joe allegedly finding some Golden Plates and him using a “seer stone” to read from them to create yet another division of Christianity is too farfetched for any rational thinking Christian!



Is Jeremy Monn one of your followers?

Rich in MB

Wait a second…I thought the line of the day was that you can’t punish people for who they love? We wanted to keep the Government out of our bedrooms and morality right?


You enjoy setting up strawmen huh? I think the line of the day is about “consenting adults” not people in general. But I am sure you knew that before you went trolling.