Plainclothes cop points gun at California protesters

December 12, 2014
Undercover CHP officer in Oakland

Undercover CHP officer in Oakland

An undercover policeman pulled a gun on protestors highlighted the clashes between demonstrators and officers in Oakland on Wednesday night. [Huffington Post]

Protesters have demonstrated all week in Oakland and Berkeley, rallying against recent grand jury decisions to not indict white police officers in cases in which black civilians died. The protests have led to fighting, looting, Molotov cocktail throwing and numerous arrests.

On Wednesday, some protesters identified two officers in civilian attire marching in a crowd alongside demonstrators. A scuffle ensued in which one of the officers pulled out his handgun and pointed it at protesters.

Members of the crowd photographed the officer doing so. Officials later identified him as a California Highway Patrol officer.

The officer did not fire any shots, and most of those gathered around him quickly dispersed.

On Thursday, Avery Browne, chief of Golden Gate division of the CHP, defended the actions of the undercover officer. The officer was protecting himself and his partner from a mob that encircled them, Browne said.

“We are extremely cognizant and sensitive to the display of a gun,” Browne said. “It can be very upsetting.”

But, Browne said a crowd of about 50 was closing in on the two officers. When the officers attempted to leave, one of the protesters struck one of the policemen in the back of the head.

A woman then bolted from the crowd and kicked the same officer in the head, Browne said. The officer who had not been attacked then pulled the gun.

However, a report from KTVU News, however, stated that the scuffle began when of one the officers pushed a protester aside. The demonstrator responded by pushing back, upon which the officer tackled him to the ground and handcuffed him.

Browne said the officer was treated for concussion-like symptoms and soft tissue injuries.

The man who allegedly attacked him was charged with felony battery and assault. Police did not catch the woman accused of kicking the officer.

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Just imagine If this CHP wants to get revenge he doesn’t need his gun, mace or taser all he needs is his citation book and a pen.

Pawns are important in the game of chess. They are numerous, have limited resources, and are sacrificed to advance the true army.

When will these people realize that they are human pawns.

Why is the bozo (supposedly a California Highway Patrol officer) in the photo holding his firearm in a POS gangsta POS sideways manner? This loser needs to be taught how to handle a firearm! This is serious. No wonder so many innocent bystanders get popped!

I was wondering why the California HIGHWAY Patrol isn’t on the highway. We have municipal police and county sheriffs who work undercover. Does the CHP have undercover cops too? To catch rdd light runners?

Looks like he is the only one allowed to carry a concealed firearm.

That tells me the angry protestors are obeying the law.

Awesome, I had not noticed that before! Thanks for the keen observation

When in Rome! Or oakland.

Don’t break laws, don’t threaten cops, and you won’t be threatened with a gun, beat, or shot. Morons.

I do see where you’re coming come, and i agree with you in the sense that because an escalation of violence will almost always only produce an escalation of violence (or subjugation), such means are usually counter productive when searching for an outcome that is in the best interest of all parties involved.

Also, you have to admit that it does seem like an awful lot of people are upset on both sides of the fence (were not talking about some fringe sect of malcontents here), and usually when this is the case it is because there is at least some truth to each group’s viewpoint. I doubt every LEO is a racist thug out to thump skulls, but their purpose is to enforce the status quo (law), and the status quo is not always conducive to maximizing everyone’s self interest.

It seems obvious that if the poor were to pursue better means of self development than they would soon find themselves enjoying a much better standard of living. But then why do so many people insist on being poor when a little bit of effort will produce so much more gain? Why aren’t you (reader) a billionaire? Are those people who have amassed greater fortunes simply better people (more talented or harder-working). While this may be the case, usually the answer is more systemic in nature.

1. Even under the best of circumstances, not standing up for your rights does not necessarily mean you won’t get shot.

2. The CHP was UNDERCOVER. How would anyone know he was a police officer?

Not only was he undercover, but they were trying to incite looting and other criminal behavior to further undermine the protestors. The were outted because of how over the top they were being at trying to get the crowd to break windows, etc.

Law enforcement is out of control in this country. The government is scared, as they should be.

The ruling elite, which includes the media wants protests, chaos and anarchy so we are not focused on what is going on regarding the economy, trade relations and protecting the balance of power in the world. Cheap domestic labor via unrestricted immigration, produces higher profits and allows businesses to extract themselves from China, which is a threat to our position. Oil, produced by Fracking, priced below $50 impacts OPEC nations, many of whom are financing ISIS and Al Qaeda. It also reduces the number of petro dollars available to Russia for financing their military adventerism.

Unregulated banking allows for riskier loans to be made with the potential for much higher returns with the U.S. Treasury covering the banks if the loans go bad.

All these things and more are occurring but we are focused on media driven protests over police abuses.

The police and the protestors are pawns in a much larger game; street theater to keep us entertained while thieves raid our land.

Ahhhh…The Fourth Reich conspiracy! That’s it..Morrison was right….this is the end.

Then why is it the case that there’s absolutely no discussion in the media about significant contemporary problems (sacred cows such as banking, dark money/corruption, accusations and evidence presented by respectable public officials, etc.)? Why is there no debate over worthwhile solutions to problems. The media defines our perceptions of reality. If im holding all the cards im going to do what it takes to preserve the status quo and my position. First im going to try to “convince” you not to empower yourself. If that fails and you are too clever to go in for the deceit, then i’ll use force. Sounds crazy, i know. But its all about power and survival. Lets put aside our fears and differences and find genuine solutions to problems.

I don’t know about any “conspiracy” as such, but I know things are not always what they seem. Anybody remember the Gulf of Tonkin Incidents?

yeah, conspiracy is a bad word. its silly to think that there’s one group with one common agenda. rather there is a bunch of groups that aren’t necessarily related that invest in producing self-interested outcomes.

There is nothing wrong with “conspiracy.” It is part of the human condition.

Those who try to portray “conspiracies” as a crazy or scary thing are the very ones who are profiting from the conspiracies and want them to remain concealed.

You see conspiracies, little and big, happening every day. Anytime two people or more meet in secrecy to accomplish a subterfuge…that is a conspiracy.

Congress is chock-full of conspiracies. Indeed, it is how Congress is programmed to work.

Cops covering up for other cops…conspiracies.

Two teenage girls planning in secret to exclude a third girl from attending a party…a conspiracy.

Conspiracies, large and small, happen around us every day. It is not anything scary…it is just how humans work.

Lets face it…life itself is one giant conspiracy.

Johnson was worried about his political career and McNamera was his whipping boy. As a result, 58,000 + American’s died unnecessarily.

“I see in the near future a crisis approaching that unnerves me and causes me to tremble for the safety of my country. . . . corporations have been enthroned and an era of corruption in high places will follow, and the money power of the country will endeavor to prolong its reign by working upon the prejudices of the people until all wealth is aggregated in a few hands and the Republic is destroyed.” — Abe Lincoln, Nov. 21, 1864

Its all about distraction/divide and conquer and preservation of the status quo. Its not about growth/problem solving, genuine understanding of cause and effect, and exploration of more fruitful opportunities.