Plainclothes cop points gun at California protesters

December 12, 2014
Undercover CHP officer in Oakland

Undercover CHP officer in Oakland

An undercover policeman pulled a gun on protestors highlighted the clashes between demonstrators and officers in Oakland on Wednesday night. [Huffington Post]

Protesters have demonstrated all week in Oakland and Berkeley, rallying against recent grand jury decisions to not indict white police officers in cases in which black civilians died. The protests have led to fighting, looting, Molotov cocktail throwing and numerous arrests.

On Wednesday, some protesters identified two officers in civilian attire marching in a crowd alongside demonstrators. A scuffle ensued in which one of the officers pulled out his handgun and pointed it at protesters.

Members of the crowd photographed the officer doing so. Officials later identified him as a California Highway Patrol officer.

The officer did not fire any shots, and most of those gathered around him quickly dispersed.

On Thursday, Avery Browne, chief of Golden Gate division of the CHP, defended the actions of the undercover officer. The officer was protecting himself and his partner from a mob that encircled them, Browne said.

“We are extremely cognizant and sensitive to the display of a gun,” Browne said. “It can be very upsetting.”

But, Browne said a crowd of about 50 was closing in on the two officers. When the officers attempted to leave, one of the protesters struck one of the policemen in the back of the head.

A woman then bolted from the crowd and kicked the same officer in the head, Browne said. The officer who had not been attacked then pulled the gun.

However, a report from KTVU News, however, stated that the scuffle began when of one the officers pushed a protester aside. The demonstrator responded by pushing back, upon which the officer tackled him to the ground and handcuffed him.

Browne said the officer was treated for concussion-like symptoms and soft tissue injuries.

The man who allegedly attacked him was charged with felony battery and assault. Police did not catch the woman accused of kicking the officer.

Mr. Holly

Everyone should watch this video and then maybe people will realize what really goes on in the world. These are some of the people that law enforcement comes in contact with on a daily basis. There is little doubt in my mind that if this thug had got the gun away from the officer he would have shot and killed him. video-release/


It’s not Michael Brown and it’s not an old man. Is this really the kind of information you use to form your views? Frightening


WHO VOTES down on this!? Are you people for real?! You seriously support this kind of utter BS? Anything that swings the view your way is ok huh? Forget truth and honesty, forget having any kind of values. Apparently you would rather live in land of lies.


I don’t know if it is or not. Based on the website, it could easily be a video of someone who looked roughly similar but how does one know? Even loonies can be right on occasion and maybe they did stumble across a legitimate video of Michael Brown as a thug.


The problem is that too many LEOs are inclined to make generalizations that anyone is a potential thug based upon the bad ones they do encounter. Then they treat everyone they don’t know as a potential enemy and end up alienating entire groups of people who fit their profiles (subconscious or not) of dangerous people.

Using the site mentioned as a source is really questionable. Their biases are so obvious and blatant that I would not assume anything they posted was what they claimed without better supporting evidence.


What I also don’t understand is why the same people who supposedly oppose big government have no problem when it involves law enforcement. Could it be that the same techniques used to gain support for big government, like fear, have been used on your to get your support for big government as well?


Why are CHP officers marching out of uniform with protesters? It seems a lot of you are skipping over the obvious questions.

Downtown Bob

Um, seems obvious to me that it would be good to hear what the protesters are saying and seeing what their actions are so when or if they decide to loot or burn stuff you have some idea. They were not stopping anyone until they got attacked. And you are a complete fool to think that they would only gotten beat up, who stops beatings in mod rule? Matt Matt Matt…so sad.


They were not stopping anyone because they were INCITING them to violence


Molotov cocktail throwing & kicking a policeman in the head are reason enough to believe that if you’re advancing you’re bringing more of the same. The officer obviously meant business or he would have been killed plain and simple. That wouldn’t have made the news!


That is just ridiculous and you know it. It absolutely would have made the news, but it also would never have happened. He would have gotten his ass kicked and that’s it. If you want to know why protestors would be throwing molotov cocktails, go watch some of the videos of police beating the crap out of unarmed, peacefully protesting women.


How ironic that you find the police officer’s action of drawing a gun completely unjustified, yet you find justification for the use of Molotov cocktails.
Your hypocrisy is unyielding.


I was watching the news the other night from RENO , why did the police allow the bezerkly wackos to lay on the a tracks and hold nup traffic on the freeway?
All i can say is NEVER NEVER lay down in front of me in this kind of protest , cause i WILL run your DUMB ASS OVER , you have a right to a peaceful protest , you do not have a right to stop a train or block a road or freeway , but look where it took place , the most worthless town in the state of CA ..


The officers in question are fortunate they were armed, otherwise they may have suffered serious injury.


Spies and agent provocateurs are treated much better here than they would be elsewhere.

THEY are the troublemakers inserted to stir up violence.

Thankfully, video recording and cameras are now quite common.


Slow dude, what size tin hat are you wearing?


Read up on the story, BCP, and look at the pic; guy really looks like a cop, huh? You are in a crowd (shut up already it is their constitutional right to peaceful protest) and you are shoved by somebody (who does NOT identify himself as a cop) and you shove back and you get knocked down and arrested? This is just? And, read some other reports, witnesses said the plainclothes cops were trying to incite violence by the crowd; provocateurs. Sounds like the deserved to get their asses kicked by the crowd.


how convenient the witnesses were fellow ‘peaceful’ protesters.

“Sounds like the they deserved to get their asses kicked”

funny….that’s the same argument used by pro-cops to no avail. Cops get their asses kicked…they deserve it….Criminals get their asses kicked….racist cops with a power trip.

Get a dog


Wait a minute…back up the paddy wagon. IF they were PEACEFULLY PROTESTING, how and why was the police officer hit in the back of the head? Because he was recognized?
Isn’t the right to peaceful protest a right of ALL citizens…or just those who feel they are entitled?
The guy who hit the cop was rather foolish…kind like bringing a knife to a gunfight.
I’m glad the officer took the necessary measures to protect himself and his partner.


So, answer me this: the cops are undercover – spies. Now, dressed like a civilian, mingling with the crowd, not identified as cops, HOW DID THEY GET IN A SCUFFLE? They were provocateurs; DESPICABLE!


How many of the protesters identified themselves as non violent, non rock or bottle throwing, non window smashing, non fire starting, non spies, non “provocateurs?”
You can’t have it both ways.


The cops try to have it both ways…and often do.

They are ‘undercover’, dressed in mufti, and insert themselves into the thick of things in practically every demonstration that does not have sophisticated leaders that can recognize these goons in a matter of minutes.

They’re always the ones the loudest inciting people to violence and non-peaceful means.

Back in the 60’s at an anti-Vietnam war gathering, I followed a couple of these jerks after an organizing meeting …not a public demonstration.
These idiots were so confidently stupid, they went right to the police station !

Course, I outed them among the serious in our group, and we sent them on all sorts of wild goose chases before they figured out they were had.

Theo P. Neustic

Once more folks. Attack a police officer, you have a good chance of dying.How hard is that to comprehend?


Attack protesting unarmed women with a baton, and police officers will get attacked. How hard is that to comprehend?


Where can I see peaceful unarmed women getting beat by plice for no reason. Video link?


Here you go:


Please point out where in the video women are being beaten.
Refusing an order to disperse with police officers using their batons to move them along is considered beating?
Like I said, I love you revisionists.


WHERE are the protesters supposed to disperse to? Did you not see them surrounded on all sides by armed cops?


They were supposed to leave the area. The police will NOT, and CANNOT, enclose a large protest. So when they say disperse and leave the area, their is a large door to do just that.

On the other hand, if you are there in order to get arrested or beat by the police……too bad when you do.


The same way they arrived. They were given plenty of time to disperse once the order was given that it was an unlawful assembly.
Try reading or watching ALL the reports, not the just ones provided by the protesters/rioters through social media.
Generally, there are two sides to every story


What a waste. Next time you direct someone to a video, please have one that supports your point of view. Nowhere on the video did it show a police officer beating a woman. That is ten minutes of my life I will never get back.


I love revisionists!


There’s a clear difference between protesting and rioting. Apparently the media does not distinguish this difference.

Now they have to defend an officer for drawing his weapon? Talk about the inmates (or future inmates) running the asylum.


The media has been describing this by pointing out all the violence on behalf of the protesters. It has not shown what happened before the violence started, like the police corralling protestors and beating unarmed females with billy clubs.


Please define beating…if you can.


How about just watching the video I’ve posted umpteen times


When I was growing up this type of behavior was described this as “The monkeys are running the Zoo” Or “The Inmates are running the asylum” .
Rule number one, the guy with the gun is in charge whether he has a badge or not.
Many years ago a robber shoved a 38 Smith and Wesson with a 3.5 inch barrel, chrome polished with a pearl handle in my face. He was in charge for the duration of the robbery, period. On another occasion many years ago I was stopped by law enforcement at gun point and told to get out of the car, at gun point.The officer was in charge, no questions asked as I followed all his instructions because that was how I was raised. Today, many people feel the need to question and demand answers when it is at the most dangerous of times and we are having these results we are reading and seeing in the news weekly. I think it is going to get worse before it gets better.


For rare incidents, your approach is sensible. However, if you were repeatedly robbed by gun-wielding assailants or singled out for armed stops by LEOs, you might decide that the time has come to resist. (This assumes that these situations are not easily avoidable — i.e. you have a home or business in a high crime area or you fit the LEO profile of a dangerous person such as being black, male and/or young.)


Good luck with that, let us know, if you can how that works out for ya!

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