Santa Barbara deputy shot during training

December 22, 2014

gunA Santa Barbara County Sheriff’s deputy was shot in the arm during a training exercise on Saturday. [KSBY]

The shooting occurred as a result of the accidental discharge of a firearm. The deputy suffered a minor injury, for which he received treatment, and is now recovering.

At the time of the accident, deputies were training in the 7400 block of Hollister Avenue in the city of Goleta.

The sheriff’s office has not released the name of the injured deputy or anyone else involved in the accidental shooting. An investigation into the incident is ongoing.

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The one error represents many hours and rounds of perfection. Mend well and have a good holiday.

Perfection? No. We are lucky more often than perfect. It takes dozens, maybe hundreds or thousands, of instances of imperfection before luck runs out. Strive for perfection; learn from imperfection.

through and through

Let me know the world reaches perfection.