SLO Council planning student housing removal program

December 3, 2014
Councilman John Ashbaugh

Councilman John Ashbaugh

San Luis Obispo Councilman John Ashbaugh and Mayor Jan Marx are proposing a program where the city would deed restrict homes to protect the city from becoming like Isla Vista. [Mustang News]

In neighborhoods with a mix of primarily families and 40 percent or less student occupied homes, the city would purchase homes as they come on the market. The city would then sell the home with a caveat that it must be owner occupied in an attempt to move students out and families in.

The city is not planning to implement the program in neighborhoods with a 70 percent or greater student population.

After deed restricting the home, the city would give purchasing preferences to Cal Poly and Cuesta College staffers for homes in the Monte Vista Place and Monterey Heights neighborhoods. The program could also be extended to the Highland Drive and Cuesta and North Chorro streets areas, Ashbaugh told the Mustang News.

Ashbaugh said the planned “neighborhood stabilization program” would have little or no cost to taxpayers because city staffers would resell the homes shortly after purchasing them. The new owners would then be required to occupy the home as opposed to renting.

Marx said the plan to reduce student populations in areas where they occupy 40 percent or less of the homes would help stave off segregation.

“The difficulty that arises when you just have one group of people in a neighborhood is that it becomes like segregation,” Marx said. “And the city’s policy is that it’s healthier for everyone if there’s integration in neighborhoods.”

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Marks and as snag know that this won’t work…..this is the way they the community to back

Their support for overruling the LUCE. Please don’t forget these two crafty liars are both

attorneys and will stop at nothing to get their way. Just take a minute to think about it.

Also, ask yourself this, why now? Timing go is everything!

I’m from the government and I’m here to help.

And don’t forget—

If you like your doctor, you can keep your doctor—PERIOD.

Sad to say, I am becoming more and more convinced that Mr Ashbaugh is suffering from some sort of disorder.

I saw the video on this site a few weeks ago, then heard him on KVEC shortly after that.

Clearly, something is wrong.

I’ve said the same thing for a long time.

agag1 and Citizen,

You both have made me decide to go listen/view his various recent interactions.

Thanks for your community input and “additional eyes and ears” where needed!

The disorder is shit for brains politician

As an owner of a student rental in a SLO residential neighborhood near Cal Poly I can tell you Ashbaugh knows nothing about Realty. A house has a much higher market value as a student rental than it would as a Single family residence with a “no rent” clause in the contract. The City would only lose money by buying high and selling low. As a side note my renters are great kids who are very good neighbors.

And my dog doesn’t bite.

Ooh, we’re casting predictions now? Here’s mine: a poorly executed housing act leads to imminent domain!

During my time as a student in SLO, I did ponder what it must be like for families, especially those with children, living in areas where rowdy student activities were common. It crossed my mind out of curiosity as to what the kids’ impressions must be. But it’s ultimately the parents’ responsibility to find a community in which they and their offspring may safely reside, so for the city to step in is a literal boundary issue in my opinion.

This is clearly a ridiculous measure to even contemplate.

I had more difficulty in grasping what it does to a city’s economy to have approximately 40% of the entire population (students) reside within the area for only 75% of the year. A significant majority of Cal Poly students leave SLO for the summer, and I’m guessing it’s similar with Cuesta kids. So apartment complexes who provide student housing, like Mustang Village, are faced with the following choice:

1) forcing students to sign one year leases knowing full well that most of them only need a 9 month timeframe, or

2) charging students rent over a period of 9 months that essentially covers the business’ cost of all 12.

Not to mention the hit restaurants, shops, downtown, etc. must take once June rolls around.

If the city council proceeds on this issue, I wish them a sarcastic good luck. Maybe passing a measure to unincorporate both schools from the city and banning outsiders from living within it would be an easier feat.

Sorry guys, *eminent domain.

HILARIOUS!!! I hate to say it but everyone who lives/votes in SLO deserves just this sort of stupidity from YOUR elected officials. You re-elected a mayor who allegedly was part of a behind the scenes conspiracy with the Copelands to prevent Dalidio from a responsible development on the same property they now want to overdevelop with high density housing in the airport flight path, who refused to lower the city flag for for Pearl Harbor Day, who passed a a trashcan ordinance and violated same, council members and a mayor who have no respect for the brown act or any other rule of law for that matter. What did you expect? This is your measure G tax dollars at work folks. No surprise the governing body of this happy happy city would now target students for discrimination.

Whats next? Discrimination of the homeless and motorhomeless with an unconstitutional enforcement of penal code 647e….never mind already being done. Maybe the police supervisors could target fat people for police enforcement under a game called poundage?…..never mind that has already been done too.

I guess the SLOw voters deserve all this type of thing that the commune living, swimming nude in the beaver pond, 60’s throw back hippies can think up.

No. The city will buy homes and to make the neighborhoods better, will populate them rent free to homeless bums. A step up from college students.

I hope our wonderful city attorney is up to snuff on “disparate impact”. Although I highly

doubt it. The explanation below doesn’t specifically mention students or non faculty but I’m sure a smarter attorney would find a way to include them in the description.

I did not write the below explanations, I merely cut and pasted.

Disparate Impact

Disparate Impact is a legal doctrine under the Fair Housing Act which means that a policy or practice may be considered discriminatory if it has a disproportionate “adverse impact” against any group based on race, national origin, color, religion, sex, familial status, or disability.

Why Does It Matter?

Disparate impact theory safeguards the right to a fair shot for everyone. Where you live determines where you work and how you get there, your access to healthcare, and the school your child attends. Unfortunately, policies and practices still exist that – intentionally or unintentionally – keep some people out of housing they can afford simply because of who they are.

A disaster in the making! John Ashbaugh will be on the Dave Congalton show at 5 PM (920 AM) to discuss this. Tune in!

Maybe the City of SLO can handle all Real-Estate transactions for an even happier City?

UGH! Is there anything SLO doesn’t feel the need to regulate?

When is enough, enough for you SLO residents?