Storm floods Santa Maria fire station

December 15, 2014

photo-firehydrantA flood at a city emergency response station in Santa Maria during heavy rainfall on Thursday night as resulted in the temporary closing of the station, according to the city’s fire department. [KSBY]

Firefighters are still responding to the storm damage at 300 West Cook Street, which has caused the firefighters to seek temporary shelter. The storm affected every room of the building, leaving approximately 2 to 2.5 inches of water throughout the station, Santa Maria Fire Chief Dan Orr said.

As a result of the flooding, Santa Maria Fire Station 1 will be closed for two weeks. The crew occupying the structure is moving into another fire station during daytime hours.

Response times may be affected at night, Orr said.


Now: shut up about the drought.


Really? So a couple storms and only two feet of snow so far and reservoirs still mostly empty and you declare the drought over? I’ll alert the media.

Don’t get me wrong, I love the fact that we are getting rain and am positive about it but I would hate to see people flocking back to using water like no big deal. Sadly as reported yesterday in the news it is already happening (water usage is up) BECAUSE of people like you figuring couple storms…………….what drought? Sad.


Well designed facility, aye?


I think this is the site of an old abandoned elementary school. I don’t know if they retrofitted it, replaced it or just adapted it slightly.