Are Cal Poly frat houses ripe for sexual assaults?

January 15, 2015

cal polyA sexual assault that allegedly occurred in San Luis Obispo over the weekend is reported to have taken place at a fraternity house. [Tribune]

The incident is the third sexual assault alleged to have occurred at a Cal Poly fraternity house since last October. Cal Poly administrators responded Tuesday by placing all fraternities and sororities on temporary social probation, which bars them from hosting social events on or off campus.

San Luis Obispo police say the latest alleged sexual assault was reported to have taken place on Friday night or Saturday morning at a fraternity house in the 1200 block of Monte Vista Place. Police have not yet released the name of the fraternity, and multiple frat houses are located on that street.

Last year, police received a report of a sexual assault at a Halloween Party hosted by the Pi Kappa Alpha fraternity. A woman was allegedly drugged and raped at the party.

No arrest has occurred in the case. San Luis Obispo County Sheriff’s spokesman Tony Cipolla said detectives have completed an investigation into the alleged rape and submitted the case to the district attorney’s office for review.

Another sexual assault is alleged to have occurred at the Alpha Gamma Rho house on California Boulevard near the end of Cal Poly’s fall quarter. The quarter concluded on Dec. 13.

San Luis Obispo police are investigating that allegation, as well as last weekend’s alleged sexual assault.

Cal Poly officials are still determining how they will punish Alpha Gamma Rho, if at all. The university has suspended the Cal Poly chapter of Pi Kappa Alpha for at least six years.

Administrators have also given fraternity and sorority leaders 30 days to create a plan for a change in culture. If they do so, university officials will consider revoking the social probation placed on the non-offending fraternities and sororities.


Fraternities and sororities exist for people who are too stupid to develop a social life on their own. The average maturity level in a frat or sorority is probably equivalent to that of a thirteen year old.



1. Taught in grades K-12: Big bang theory, decendants of animals. No murmur of creation by design, [Creationism].

2. Higher education: Welcome to those who are teaching what they were taught in 1 above. The “enlightened” radical left.

3. The results of this article. And many before and after.

Jesus is the Way, the Truth, and The Life.

Our Creator.


I’ve got a good idea; why not have standards that these kids have to live up to or they’re out? Seems like years ago certain behaviors would get you kicked out of school, but now they will have graduated long before it even gets to a hearing let alone a trial.


I think 30 days is plenty of time to give the frat and sorority leaders time to come up with a plan. However, until they quit serving massive quantities of alcohol at these parties I think they are still going to have issues. It’s like they need a faculty chaperone there to monitor the situation – – just like back in junior high.

These young people may be adults, but many are far from being mature enough to stop drinking when they feel the effects. Just go downtown on a Saturday night.


In the old days, only the frat members and their dates were allowed to attend the parties. Now women attend by themselves or come with friends—maybe because of university rules of inclusiveness?

If they went back to just frat members and their dates attending parties, then I think it would make a big difference. Each guy would be responsible for the woman he brought to the party.

Sounds simple, doesn’t it?


Not true, at least from the 60’s forward. Parties (“keggers” and “TG’s”) are open. Panhellenic events are frat/sorority only. Formal chapter events are members and dates only.


“…create a plan for a change in culture.” Right. Culture can be defined as the way of life of a particular people, especially as shown in their ordinary behavior and habits, their attitudes toward each other, and their moral and religious beliefs. How do student “Greek” leaders alter the very NATURE of individual college students. Students, also known as members of society, were either raised from the outset with a consciousness of morals that includes respect for others – or – they were not. In others words, students either embrace and live their lives in a way that defines consideration for others, or they do not. WHAT is Cal Poly’s administration thinking? There is no magic wand to make this suddenly happen in thirty (30) days.


Let’s expand that a bit further. Is it just the fraternities or are College Campuses, including dorms and common areas, ripe for sexual assaults?

With technology today there is no compelling reason for thousands of 18-21 year olds to congregate on a college campus to receive their degrees. It can be done from the safety of their own homes.

I think the Calpoly President should put the entire campus on probation and consider disbanding the calpoly campus. Think of the savings to the taxpayer!!!


I’m more concerned if the SLO PD is RIPE (capable or qualified) for investigating serious crime, not the readiness of the frat houses per the article.

Seriously, an outfit (SLOPD) which can’t prevent downtown near-assault by homeless, and which has NEVER repudiated nor risen above it’s previous chief’s SURRENDER memo saying that obnoxious motorcycle exhaust tampering was TOO COMPLEX for her and her officers, can’t hardly be up to investigating SERIOUS personal crimes like rape. We need a tougher and less selective-enforcement bunch heading the SLO PD.

I realize the “leadership” in the county doesn’t send good signals, not with a mouthy jerk (A.H.) on the BOS, former chair Gibson banging away at a paid subordinate while banging away at the legally guaranteed speaking rights of the public in his old chamber, or the FDre-hiring the violent crminal Mason on the fire department, but COME ON,

SOME of us USED to have deep respect for LE and public safety workers. The SLOPD needs to tighten things up in so many areas of illegal behavior. Slacking isn’t making the town any nicer, and they ARE slacking.

Rich in MB

Two Words:

Rolling Stone Magazine

Ok….maybe 3.