California teachers accused of beach sex with students

January 19, 2015

photoshootTwo female Southern California high school teachers are accused of luring a group of male students to the beach, giving them booze and then engaging in sexual acts. [LA Times]

Orange County Sheriff’s deputies have arrested South Hills High School teacher Melody Lippert, 38, and her former colleague, 30-year-old Michelle Ghirelli. Sheriff’s investigators allege that Lippert had sex with a student at the beach in November and set up a camping trip a few weeks later in which Ghirelli joined her.

Lippert and Ghirelli are both accused of having sex with male students during the overnight trip, which also took place at the beach. The camping trip was not a school-sanctioned event.

The Covina-Valley Unified School District has placed both women on paid administrative leave. Ghirelli had been working a job in the district offices since leaving her teaching position at South Hills High.

Lippert initially faces charges of conspiracy and contributing to the delinquency of a minor. Ghirelli faces possible charges of oral copulation and unlawful sex with a minor.

Another South Hill High staffer, too, faces allegations of inappropriate conduct with an underage student. Two weeks prior to the arrests of Lippert and Ghirelli, West Covina Police arrested South Hills wrestling coach Anthony Vidales for inappropriate contact with a 17-year-old.

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People don’t realize how serious this is.

A friend of mine in HS had sex with a teacher and died. Of too many high fives.

My HS teacher coerced me into sex, which was ignored when I reported it to the principle, where I was home schooled.


OMG, I feel your pain! You’re friend should have worn thick gloves, or even boxing gloves, and he might have still been here to relive his memorable story! How sad.

The story of you having sex with your teacher while being home-schooled is somewhat convoluted to say the least. Therefore, I don’t want to go there in any way whatsoever!

Remember the Catholic Priest sex abuse scandal – likely because the media will never let you forget it.

Kids are far more at risk in being abused by teachers. According to a study at Hofstra University, the physical sexual abuse of students in schools is likely by more than 100 times the abuse by priests.

The Dept of Education estimates that from 6% – 10% of all students in public schools are the victims of abuse before graduation.

Why doesn’t media report this abuse by government employees with the same intensity of the catholic priest situation?


To answer your question, the Catholic Church, being one of many divisions of Christianity, is to be held to a higher ground as one of the Hebrew God’s representatives, therefore they’re to have the upmost in morals and ethics. Agreed?

History proves otherwise to the notions above in that the hell bound Catholic church hid decades of pedophile priest coverups that started in the sixties with then Bishop Ratzinger, that insidiously became the Pope in recent times. For the sake of brevity, I will not bring forth this Catholic factoid. Google is your friend.

Therefore with the Catholic Church not having good morals, ethics, and their factual blatant pedophile priest coverups that goes directly against God’s teachings, that has cost their followers BILLIONS of dollars in reparations from their plate offerings every Sunday, is the reasoning they get the disparaging bad press that they do, and as they should!

Because of their blatant pedophile coverups, the Catholic Church will never be able to offer ANY moral authority on ANY matter in the future, because it would hypocritical to say the least if they even tried to accomplish this act.

Completely agree with all said about the catholic church.

That said, shouldn’t the teachers union be held to the same standard? Shouldn’t the schools have to pay millions to these families?

Where the hail were these teachers when I was in high school ???

People tend to think it’s a joke when the teacher is a female and the students are male, but when the genders are reversed people lose their sense of humor about it.

click on the LA Times link to see pictures of the teachers. Far cry from the bikini model pictured next to the article. These boys may have nightmares for years to come.

To put it in the young male’s perspective, is there really any bad sex at their age?

Much like the alcoholic bartender who chooses that profession in order to stay close to the booze, there are teachers who choose that profession for reasons OTHER than teaching.

Cultural/moral degradation has EVERYTHING to do with this all too often crime.

What is wrong with these teachers who prey on under-age students!? Can’t they get sex any other way?

Sister or Eve, Mary,

The following link may shed some light upon this topic;


I would have taken more of an interest in school and even done my homework if I had those teachers. If those kids are too traumatized maybe they can sit in at a Veterans PTSD clinic, poor dears.

Not to make light of a crime, if there is one, but somehow I don’t think a 17 year old male will be scarred for life by an encounter with a 30+ female teacher…

Sure, teach him sex is free and means little. That won’t scar future relationships. What if she gets knocked up? STDs won’t scar for life. I think the point is maturity to weigh those issues, no? Not to mention an agent of the government having undue authority over one’s person and grades is taking advantage of a child in her charge.

Or for Christ’s sake Kevin, give it a rest! It seems like you were deprived of sex if you can make a statement like you did. Don’t put your sexual frustrations upon how others are suppose to act! Enter the 21st Century in that they’re methods of not getting STD’s, and where science addresses any woman not getting “knocked up.”

Don’t tell Cal Coast News that if you were 17 years old and a teacher looked like the one pictured above in this story was to come on to you, that you would turn it down so as not to insidiously “scar” your future? Laughable!

Yes, sex is NOT free in any way, shape, or form, and do you really think the guys are worried about her having authority over their grades and being taken advantage of in this case? Kevin, you’re funny.

Ted Slanders: the fury of God is upon you. There is certain to be a wrath unleashed upon you for condoning sex without marriage!

If you haven’t yet figured it out…Ted does nothing more than lampoon Christianity. He is attempting to cleverly mock the religion, hoping everyone believes him…NOT.

It’s time to come out Ted.

Elvis said it years ago…”he is the devil in disguise”


Your concern is what happens to TRUE Christians like myself, that read ALL of their bible as God intended. When doing so, this teacher/student scenario is like a boy scout picnic with diligent parent chaperones! This is because our Hebrew God condoned, ordered, and took part in, sexually mistreating very young girls and boys, where the age of a seventeen year old boy was an old man!

Bible narratives of this topic are too graphic for me to post on CNN.

Don’t be an asshole, Ted. Dies my opinion impinge on your desires to seduce little boys and girls? Or do you simply think the CTA should fight for teachers’ right to diddle their minor students?

Well said Mr. Rice!


As usual, you have to be over zealous with another one of your posts, as using the term “little boys and girls” to make your point, and why am I not surprised? Do you really think that a 17 3/4 year old boy or girl are “little” as you would like them to be to help you in your argument? I didn’t expect anything less from you.

It’s okay for 17 year old men and women, or as you would put it, “little boys and girls,” to enlist in the US Army and go off to fight Bush’s fraudulent Iraqi and Afghanistan wars. What do you think these 17 year olds will be doing once overseas? Wearing chasitiy belts until their eighteen? HELLO KEVIN, anybody home today? I understand there has to be an age of consent number for each State, but in this case, it’s okay for 17 year olds in California to be killed in the armed services at this age?

It’s funny that you use “little boys and girls” where in the majority of the United States, the AGE OF CONSENT IS 16 YEARS OLD! What would you call these boys and girls, “ little toddlers?” California is one of ten states where the legal age is 18 years old. Kevin, so get off your high horse as the arbiter of morality in the overall USA school system!

The irony of a woman having sexual relations with a 17 year old, is that the “thinking” is not as disparaging as if a man does it with a girl at this age. Throw the book at the man, but watch what happens when a woman does it!

You missed the boat on this one, Ted.

Not really Mary. In a real world scenario, the funny thing about this story is that the males involved in this teacher/student sexual tryst are held in high esteem and given “high-fives” by the majority of their male peers and friends. In fact, albeit that the majority of fathers of the male students in question would secretly give them a “hell yeah.” Subsequently of course of telling them it was wrong. *cough* In part, this is substantiated by the reactions of certain males within this thread.

Conversely, our society really looks down upon a male teacher having sexual relations with a woman of this age. Funny, isn’t it?

One can stand upon their soapbox all day long and spew platitudes until Jesus’ Second Coming, but the bottom line of the majority of male thinking relative to a female teacher having sex with males at this age is not in any way the end of civilization as we know it.

Barring ANY factors, certain genetic wiring is not going to change anytime soon. We can thank the Hebrew God for this fact because he stated that we’re to be fruitful and multiply.

Waaaaaaay off base, Ted.

Surely you could quote something from the Bible about taking advantage of children…YES CHILDREN!

No parent sends their kids off to school expecting them to be taught that teachers don’t have legal, as well as moral boundaries.

Good Lord Ted!


Yes, I could definately quote scripture relative to the topic at hand, but CNN has pride of ethics and morals. The very graphic passages regarding real aged “children” and what our Hebrew god did to them in a sexual manner wouldn’t be a pretty sight. :(

What if he becomes a teacher to your 17 year old daughter?

If any of these underage boys get these older women pregnant they will responsible for

18 years of child support regardless of their age.. I think that’s a crime in itself!


Do you really think that any woman going into the 21st Century, and that is single and sexually active, doesn’t have science on her side in the way of birth control?

Women today might have “science” on their side but once they’re pregnant

they can do anything they want..