CMC warden accused of doctoring an inmate’s file

January 9, 2015
CMC Warden Elvin Valenzuela

CMC Warden Elvin Valenzuela

CORRECTION: An earlier version of this story incorrectly said that Warden Elvin Valenzuela and Captain Jennifer Core were suspended while Lt. Ray Baez and Officer Oscar Herijld was fired for their participation in issues regarding an investigation into a document being removed from a prisoner’s file. However, Herijld left CMC during the investigation, the findings against Baez were revoked in a Skelly hearing, and Valenzuela and Core were not suspended. Because of personnel privacy rules, the Department of Corrections and Rehabilitation public relation’s staff is only saying that appropriate actions were taken and is not disclosing what those actions were.


The warden and a captain at the California Men’s Colony in San Luis Obispo County have been accused of destroyed a portion of an inmate’s file in an attempt to promote the prisoner’s parole or transfer, prison sources said.

While in prison, the convicted murderer had been busted for drugs. However, shortly before the inmate was to appear before the California Board of Prison Terms, documents of the 115 drug charge were removed from his file.

Nevertheless, board officials discovered a confidential report describing the drug offense. As a result, the prisoner was not paroled and an investigation was initiated.

Warden Elvin Valenzuela and Captain Jennifer Core were involved in the removal of the file, CMC sources said.

Valenzuela did not respond to requests for comment. Jeffrey Callison, the press secretary for the California Department of Corrections and Rehabilitation, confirmed that there had been an investigation into the altering of an inmate’s file.

“In response to your question yesterday, all we can say at this time is that there was an investigation into actions regarding an inmate’s file,” Callison said in an email. “That investigation has been completed and all appropriate actions have been taken. Since this is a personnel matter, there is no further comment that we can make.”

Officer Oscar Herijld and Lieutenant Ray Baez were also  under investigation during the inquiry, sources said.

The Office of Internal Affairs and the Housing Authority both sustained allegations that Lt. Ray Baez had failed to inform his superiors about rule violations in the 2012 removal of the 115 from the inmate’s file, Baez said. However, Baez was on vacation during a portion of the time in question.

In addition, Baez said the warden has the right to remove a 115 for the safety of the prison.

In a Skelly hearing held late last year, a judge cleared Baez of all charges.

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I wonder what dirt or blackmail they used.

The warden should have been fired. Falsifying inmate records to influence parole has to be a felony. What gives?

Perhaps the Warden is an illegal, and it wouldn’t have been legal to fire him.

What this should tell you is that your problem is RIGHT HERE with our own enforcement, and that illegal aliens should probably be the least of your worries.

Lock his sorry behind up!

Imagine that…a public employee getting a slap on the hand for breaking the law.

Well, in honor of this exemplary behavior, I dedicate this little ditty performed by the King himself, to all you karaoke fans who love government workers… Happy 80th Birthday Elvis.

I recently took a class where the professor was a psychologist at this prison. On and on (and on) she went about her clients there and cases and facts….I had to start recording it-it was so insane. We never learned much about the class….but got a huge education on the prison!

Maybe the inmate and the warden were lovers. The article claims that the Press Secretary responded by saying: “Since this is a personal matter there is no further comment we can make”. Speaking of personal, my personal secondary theory is that the inmate could be an informer, (also mentioned in above article), who has serviced the warder, and they had an arrangement for the his 115 to be ‘lost’. Final question: Why would an inmate who has been busted for drugs only received a 115? Isn’t that is a DA referral and a new charge.

Lot of unanswered questions and as long as someone involved doesn’t speak up, there is a slim chance of the truth being known.

Oh my goodness

“Personnel matter,

The jackpot of the public employee!

Yup! Just like the scandal in Arroyo Grande was a “personal” matter according to the then mayor. You can’t make this stuff up!

Falsifying an application by who?, the management of a prison? Why would they do that? Is there back pay after the inmate gets out? Almost sounds like an alternative to funding a lawyer.

Falsify records and you get 2 weeks off? where do I sign up for THAT job?

Elvin gets 2 weeks off and the CMC sewer plant operator that falsified records spent 2 years in the pokey. Something smells like crap…

Get used to it. In the US of A, “justice” is only meted out to the poor. (Look at who our DA charges with what and throws the book at, and who does the same or worse and gets off with a few months probation via plea bargain.) The uppers don’t get charged, or if they do, they can lawyer out. It’s class warfare! And the uppers have waged it and won.

Exactly, and if the warden eventually gets fired, now days it’s a bonanza payout $$$ with early retirement. Being corrupt and immoral are now standard requirements for executive position in the state of California.

The opposite of the warden in shawshank redemption. Rather than keep an inmate in prison, he wants to return a convicted murderer to society.

Thanks for serving the interests of the public! Enjoy your 10 days off.

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