Jealous Oceano man gets 16 years for murder

January 30, 2015

Joseph MunozAn Oceano man convicted of killing a 25-year-old Nipomo resident during a 2013 fight received a 16-year prison sentence on Wednesday. [KSBY]

Joseph Munoz, 37, stabbed to death Joseph Padilla in front of an Oceano home, allegedly due to jealousy over a woman. Munoz was accused of attacking Padilla. This occurred after Munoz had made sexual advances to the Padilla’s girlfriend.

Munoz initially pleaded not guilty to second-degree murder. Earlier this month, though, he opted to plead no contest to voluntary manslaughter with enhancements for use of a deadly weapon and for four prior convictions on his record.

After the stabbing, Munoz fled the scene and evaded authorities for three days. He then led San Luis Obispo County Sheriff’s deputies on a 27-mile high-speed chase that ended in Guadalupe.

Munoz was on probation at the time of the killing.

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That guy had a girl friend?

I wonder what she looked like?

If, at 37 years old, you have so little respect for others and so little self-control that you make sexual advances toward someone else’s woman, then kill the man because he objects, why exactly should the state keep you alive? Dangerous animals are put down not to “punish” them, but to keep people safe. I see no reason this should not apply to people that act like animals.

Were it not for the fact that innocent people occasionally get framed by lazy LEOs or flory-hunting prosecutors, I would agree totally. When we can pretty much eliminate those kind of mistakes/biases and insure that poor defendants get decent representation, I will support a return to the death penalty.

“glory-hunting” (Remember to proof read before hitting enter.)

Voluntary Manslaughter – according to the article the guy instigated the situation by hitting on the victim’s girlfriend then stabbed the victim.

Sentenced to 16 – out in 8. Amazing how slight the punishment for intentionally taking another person’s life.

Only four priors?

It’s obvious jail, or prison time is not a deterrent for these career low life’s.

And we worry about the standards of institutions?

We should care more about society in general than these good for nothing’s.