Jury finds Templeton man guilty of murder

January 10, 2015
Philip Thomas Hanes

Philip Thomas Hanes

A San Luis Obispo jury found a Templeton man guilty Friday afternoon of second degree murder.

Phillip Thomas Hanes, 58, faces a sentence of 16 years to life in state prison. Superior Court Judge Jacqueline Duffy set Hanes’ sentencing for Feb. 9.

On June 4, Tina Marie Beddow, 32, suffered single stab wound to the chest. The stabbing occurred at the home Beddow shared with Hanes and his 5-year-old grandson.

Hanes said in his testimony that Beddow was in a drug induced psychosis, had been hallucinating and came at him with a knife. During their struggle for the knife, Beddow was stabbed in the chest, he said.

Deputy District Attorney Greg Devitt described Hanes as a controlling man who became angry when he discovered Beddow planned to leave him.

Hanes’ attorney Ilan Funke-Bilu told the Tribune he plans to appeal on grounds that information vital to the defense was withheld from the jury.


Seeing this guy on television and how his attorney cleaned him up with a suit, glasses, etc.; he had a whole different persona. Had Osama bin Laden been caught and tried he would have been groomed and dressed to look like an entirely different person. It’s part of the legal game, I suppose.


I was on a jury years ago.

They traded the defendant’s CMC issued attire for a pair of pants and a long sleeved, collared shirt, in an effort to hide the tattoos all over his arms and neck. This was long before tattoos were as prevalent as they are today.

Didn’t matter…

when you sit in the courtroom with men like this, it doesn’t matter what they’re wearing.

The photos of their victims’ bloodied bodies allow you to see who they really are.


So thankful the jury did its job and didn’t believe his lies. This young woman deserved justice and got it. Just proves money can’t buy everything. This guy is a liar, sociopath, control freak, egotistical, and arrogant. He has never cared about anyone but himself. I hope the victim’s family sues him for all they can. Have a nice time growing old in prison where you belong. No matter how bad old Ian wanted to paint the victim, he was being paid by much worse.;


Has Ilan Funke-Bilu ever actually won a case? He always seems to be on the losing side.

Not really a point to this, just an excuse to type Ilan funke-Bilu.


Funke-Bilu has a great record as a defense attorney although he has had some losses lately.

The one that worries me is the judge who, face it, got her position because of nepotism (she’s married to a sitting judge).

Funke-Bilu plans to appeal because of information that Judge Duffy would not allow him to present to the jury concerning this case. I wouldn’t be surprised if Funke-Bilu is proven right, and that Judge Duffy was wrong.


Justice has been served! Glad to see that just because he could afford the most expensive defense attorney in the county he didn’t do an OJ. But of course he has deep pockets so Mr. Ian is not done digging deeper into them with an appeal.Hopefully Mr. Funke-Bilu will have him penniless by the time he gets out when he’s in his 70’s. Do hope Ms. Beddows children get some of his money by filing a wrongful death civil suit.Good job jury!!


He is a sociopath. Incapable of caring about anyone but himself.


Ms Beddow Bears some responsibility for her choice of boyfriends.

Of course she didn’t deserve to die, but her bad choices led her to an unsafe place.


He has that look of hate.