Three injured in DUI accident

January 10, 2015
Paul Robin

Paul Robin

One man is in jail and three people are injured following a multi-car DUI crash in San Luis Obispo on Friday.

At 11:25 a.m., Paul Daniel Robin, 51, was driving eastbound on Foothill Boulevard when he collided into a car stopped at the light at Broad Street. The crash propelled the second vehicle into another car stopped at the light.

Three of the occupants of the vehicles stopped on Broad Street were injured in the collision, though the seriousness of their injuries have not yet been disclosed.

Officers arrested Robin on a felony driving under the influence and causing bodily injury charge and booked him into the San Luis Obispo County Jail in lieu of $100,000.


This evening, I was in Chevron in Grover. A mother, or grandmother with a 7 year old was so drunk she was slurring her words and rocking back and forth, struggling to keep balance. I asked her if she was driving and she said she was, and asked why i inquired. I told her she smelled very strongly of alcohol and appeared drunk. She told me she “lives just up the street”…. The car she was driving: A very new Mercedes SUV with a couple of shitzu looking dogs in it. This country has a problem. Alcohol is not to be taken lightly, yet we have alcoholics in every workplace, every family and its accepted because it is legal.


Minor injuries v major injuries. Through an acquaintance who sustained “minor” injuries just over a year ago, it became clear so-called “minor” injuries can be very disruptive, ongoing, and expensive—not to mention debilitating. Her vehicle was hit by an intoxicated, young San Luis Obispo male after he ran a red light on a beautiful Sunday afternoon in a major San Luis Obispo intersection. My acquaintance had young children in her SUV who were attended to by a Good Samaritan [witness] while she was transported via ambulance to the hospital. My acquaintance required a complicated and intricate surgery to a badly-damaged finger on her [writing] hand, followed by MONTHS of therapy. Since her occupation is physical requiring the use of her hands, she was not able to work for MONTHS. Yes, Paul Robin, could have killed someone(s). And even though we don’t know the full extent of the injured peoples’ injuries, even a MINOR injury is SIGNIFICANT and should not be scoffed at. We’re talking peoples’ lives here. Something with a lasting impact needs to be enacted to COMPEL people who drink to NOT drive until they are truly sober. This collision was no accident and was completely avoidable!

Ted Slanders

As we true Christians are aware, we will NOT see Paul Robin in our glorious 1400 square mile heaven, praise!

By Mr. Robin being intoxicated and putting others at risk in this automobile crash, he will never inherit the Kingdom of Heaven as the inspired word of our Hebrew God so states in the following passage; “Envy, drunkenness, orgies, and things like these. I warn you, as I warned you before, that those who do such things will not inherit the kingdom of God.” (Galations 5:21)

Sorry Mr. Robin, but all you have to look forward too upon your demise is the sulfur lakes of HELL! Thank our God for His revenge upon drunken mankind.


Who is Ted Slanders??? You crack me up every time.


You know, I looked at this picture for a long time. I could swear I have seen this guy somewhere….and if you look at him for a couple of minutes-you can envision him as a well-groomed man,(and he is good looking). It is a shame what addiction can do. But what is worse-is the public ignorance behind it. We used to have this widower neighbor in our cul-de-sac growing up that became alcoholic. My dad and another neighbor went over to his house (with a couple of casseroles) and sternly said “Bob, you have to stop this-you are ruining your life and you might even become a danger when you drive”. One guy on the block drove him to AA meetings each night-encouraging him. Each neighbor pitched in a got the guy some counseling to get over the grief of his wife’s death.

The reason this guy got this far—is no one cares anymore. Until they plow into someone–then they care about the casualties. People drink to hide the pain of not being loved and nurtured (usually in their family or origins). Then, as it goes on…no one cares on the outside either. So sad.


Mr. Robin is 51 years old and is old enough to seek help himself. He doesn’t need a neighbor to bring him a casserole or drive him to AA; he needs to get his a$$ to rehab himself–after he serves jail time for his DUI.

You say “the reason this guy got this far is no one cares anymore” and that sounds like you’re blaming others for an alcoholic’s choices.

You can alcoholism an addiction…a disease…whatever. But Mr. Robin is 100% responsible for his actions.


I am an alcoholic with 9 years clean and sober. First of all, you are assuming he could seek help for himself….so…take a moment: reflect on how it was when you were drinking and did not even know what you were doing anymore—know if it was day or night…it just hurt…and you didn’t know what was wrong?

The point is, of course, that you have likely never been there and walked in those shoes. But why hesitate? Mouth off like you do, by all means.

When you say “that sounds like you’re blaming others for the alcoholic’s disease”….well, it appears you need to know a bit about fallacies also (your logic is flawed; although it “sounds” like something….you are drawing the conclusion that it is true-when it indeed is not). That is not what I meant-however, you should mouth off like you do know what I mean.

I just broke one of my New Year’s resolutions: don’t argue with idiots anymore. This site is sad.


So I’m an “idiot” because I disagree with you? I’m “mouthing off” because I state my opinion?

Geez, indigo. In the past, I thought you mentioned you were a psych major or something. Wow. I truly hope you’re not in a position to counsel others.

Congrats on your 9 years of sobriety but you seem to have a chip on your shoulder regarding alcoholism so it’s OK if you stay away from this chatboard. After all, “this site is sad” so good luck finding another forum where 100% of others agree with you all the time.


Hey,you useless piece of crap – if you are intoxicated at 11:25 in the AM maybe you have a drinking problem! Drink at home and stay there next time.


Glad nobody was killed.