Hancock College athletes arrested for murder

January 11, 2015
Lavell White

Lavell White

Santa Maria police arrested two Allan Hancock Basketball players, including the leading scorer of the team, early Saturday morning for allegedly murdering a man on Dec. 30.

Officers booked Ali Mohammed, 19, from Los Angeles, and Lavelle White, 22, from Gray, Ind., into the Santa Barbara County Jail on murder charges. Their bail has been set at $1 million each.

On Dec. 30, Terence Richardson, 23, of Santa Maria was shot near the intersection of Jones Street and Bradley Road. Emergency personnel transported Richardson to Marian Regional Medical Center where he later died from his injuries.

“Allan Hancock College has and will continue to cooperate fully with the Santa Maria Police Department during its investigation,” college officials said in a statement. “We are disappointed and shocked by the arrest of two of our student-athletes. We are still trying to understand all of the details of this incident, but this clearly does not meet the high standards our student-athletes have maintained for many years.”

Ali Mohammed

Ali Mohammed

White was a sophomore guard and a leading scorer for the Bulldogs.

In August, San Luis Obispo police arrested five Cal Poly football players, including the star of the team, for the armed robbery of Cal Poly’s Delta Sigma Phi fraternity house, which is located near the campus.

A month later, police arrested the ex-president of Cal Poly’s Delta Sigma Phi fraternity for marijuana sales. The second arrest occurred amid allegations the August robbery was prompted because of disagreements over marijuana sales.

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What was the motive?

Neither Hancock nor Cuesta has any business recruiting college atheletes from outside their districts. Community colleges were envisioned as higher education opportunities for people nearby. They are subsidized by the local taxpayers and we don’t want to pay for people from across the US and around California to come here for basketball or diversity.

In this case, a Santa Maria Black college student was allegedly gunned down by thugs from Gary Indiana and LA.