KSBY back on DirecTV in time for playoffs

January 11, 2015

DirecTVDirecTV and KSBY’s parent company announced Saturday that they have settled their contract dispute and reached a multi-year agreement in time for DirecTV viewers to watch the NFL playoff game between the Baltimore Ravens and the New England Patriots.

KSBY, an NBC affiliate, has been unavailable to DirecTV viewers since Jan. 1. KSBY officials said the dispute was over fundamental differences including the fair value of KSBY’s programming.

DirectTV officials responded in an announcement saying, “The owner of this channel has removed it from the DirecTV lineup despite our repeated requests to keep it on.”

In 2013, a contract dispute between KEYT and DirecTV led to a drop in broadcast services for two weeks.

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Another example of the power of the NFL.

Take away my KSBY news, but don’t you dare make me miss playoff football.

Thanks to KSBY for their coverage of the Adams/McClish tea party escapade.

It was important for folks to see Steve Adams look right into the camera

and lie, lie, lie like it was no big deal.

They also provided an opportunity for AG to get a better insight

into Tony Ferrara’s lack of character, (although not on camera),

by reading his responses to events during the campaign on-air.

These contract disputes will come and go,

but KSBY did their homework on the recent election in AG,

and their pictures were worth more than a thousand words.

Did their homework? More like came to the dance as the band was playing their last song. For me way too little and way too late. KSBY news is lacking in so many areas, they stopping a real news source at least a decade ago.

They at least followed the story, had candidate Hill on air a few times, etc.

That’s more than can be said for the Trib who never gave Hill an inch of press if they could avoid doing so.

While I agree they’re not the best, they made more of an effort than any other news source, with the exception of CCN of course.

I certainly think you need to reset your reference scale, you think using the Trib as a reference allows for a proper scale for others? That’s like saying at least someone is better than Charles Manson. If you use CCN as a reference then you can really only say KSBY failed miserably in covering the AG city council/election story as well as any other news story. Sorry KSBY did stop being a serious news outlet many many years ago.

What else do we have? It’s not exactly like local news options abound.

Other than CCN, I don’t care for any of them, but they still have some viewers, and each and every vote was critical in the recent campaign.

I don’t watch KSBY, but did you see Steve’s infomercial anywhere else?

meanwhile in France people 1.2M people left there television sets to march in unison against Terror….

Marching is as meaningless as watching tv. What will France actually do. That is the question.

Very disappointing that our President chose not to attend the events.

The President should have at least sent his most trusted advisor on race relations – the Reverand Al Sharpton.


Really? I don’t care for Obama either but I hardly think that his presence is necessary when he sent his personal condolences and the US Ambassador to represent him. This is less of a priority than Bush’s flyover response to Katrina and I don’t include that as one of his many faults.

Obama has better things to do with his time. Whether he will use his time to do better things is a separate question.

I disagree with you OTOH…Obama’s absence from such an event was very telling. I see a big zero when I look at Obama. I see a man without pride nor conviction for his nation. He’s just a puppet that is playing a game called president of the united states when what he should be is! the President Of The United States. This lack of judgement would be talked about 24 hours a day 7 days a week until someone got fired if this were the Bush white house…Top story; huge headlines; if this were a republican presidency. I think the argument about liberal slant in the media is over. And I’m embarrassed to watch that very heartfelt event of all of those nation leaders and see no American face.

Never watched KSBY news much before, too unprofessional, but really have no interest now after KSBY’s attitude towards it’s viewers.