Paso Robles teen opens for Merle Haggard

January 2, 2015
Amaya Rose

Amaya Rose

A fifteen-year-old Paso Robles girl opened last month for the legendary Merle Haggard at the Canyon Club outside Los Angeles.

Amaya Rose is a singer, songwriter and fiddle player. She has been playing fiddle on the Central Coast with Monte Mills and the Lucky Horseshoe Band since she was 12.

After she opened the show and left the stage, Haggard brought her back to play with his band.

When Haggard was 16-years-old, music icon Lefty Frizzell brought Haggard on a Bakersfield stage to play with his band. Haggard has now returned the favor.

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Amaya is a real talent–I heard her at the Paso park, and Slowerfaster, I’m impressed with you. Didn’t know you are a performer too.


Many thanks, Citizen.

Can’t say that I’m ‘famous’, but do have a fairly solid reputation around here ( Central Coast ). Staying anon here though.

Doing live music is a humbling but rewarding pursuit. Most do it because we like to, and like to bring enjoyment to others …if only for a short time. The money certainly is not the big payoff that many think.

We get paid to haul, unload, set up the gear; then break down and haul away after !

Almost all of the other musicians I know are amazed and appreciative of young talents such as Amaya, and applaud hers and their continued success.


I had the opportunity and pleasure to hear and perform with Amaya when she was first starting out.

She was incredible then !

Good for you, Amaya !