Boost to absentee voters

January 3, 2015

VoteVoters in California can now mail in their ballots on election day and have their vote counted.

In the past, ballots had to arrive at the county office before 8 p.m. on election day through the mail or by hand delivery. Ballots, though mailed before election day, that arrived afterwards were discarded.

The new law that went into effect on Jan. 1 requires that ballots arrive within three days of the election.

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Great, just great. If we get a count on election night and someone is behind by just a few votes, the party workers will harass everyone imaginable to get their ballot in so they can overtake the front runner. More dirty tricks afloat. What a disaster.

If you can’t vote on time then you are an idiot and SOL. You can get an absentee ballot and complete it and turn it in or mail it in, not that hard. No one has an excuse for not voting in a timely manner.

Now that however millions of illegal immigrants are going to get their California Driver’s Licenses we won’t have to worry about voting anymore. From the DMV straight to the Voter Registry.

care bullshit you need to be a US citizen to vote in the United States of America .

Illegal: Contrary to the criminal law; breaking a law ( not just improper or civilly wrong ).

A human being, wherever they are from, cannot be ‘illegal’.

Ignorantia legis nominem excusat .

The immigration is illegal, duh. Go ahead try moving to any other country without permission and see what you get.

That’s good news in some regards, but what happens if I mail in my absentee ballot on the day after the polls close? Or my car breaks down on the way to the polls? Or my dog eats my ballot? I’m all for making sure all votes are counted, but at what point is the individual voter responsible to get his lazy a$$ off the sofa and go vote or mail his ballot in on time?

In the end, this is a feel good law that won’t really do much because the voter still has to take his Dorrito stained fingers out of the bag-o-chips, mark his ballot and find a reason to bubble in the Politician that will promise to give him more free goodies.

Relieve yourself of all the pressure.

DON’T VOTE ( it only encourages them…they’re all the same anyway ), and continue to gripe.

Not voting is about the dumbest thing you can do….but hey….that’s what the left wants…that way just the elites in Power can tell the people what do to….

Not according to the godfather of the conservative movement, Paul Weyrich:

any relation to our own very Catholic very conservative David way rich?

Here’s another one…contemporary to this past year, proving that it is Republicans that don’t want people to vote:

Wow! just wow. What color is the sky on your planet?