Ventura man stabs and kills toddler

January 3, 2015

knife crimeA 27-year-old Ventura man allegedly stabbed and killed his 1-year-old son before he stabbed himself on Friday.

At 1:45 a.m., Adrian Navarrete-Gonzalez called 911 to report that his son was dead. Officers arrived to find the child dead with stab wounds to his upper torso.

Emergency medical personnel transported Navarrete-Gonzalez to Ventura County Medical Center where he was rushed to surgery for a stab wound to the chest. He is expected to survive.

When Navarrete-Gonzalez is released from the hospital, officers will book him into the Ventura County Jail on suspicion of homicide.

Navarrete-Gonzalez had recently split from his wife and his son was visiting him when he was killed.

Eight to 10 people live at the home. However, the other residents said they were unaware of the stabbings until police arrived.

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You folks in SLO need to start reading the news on the CBS news site for L.A., and see who is committing the most violent crimes in Southern California.

See who just kidnapped and raped a young girl, see who just stabbed shot three people, took a 3 week old baby, who was found in a trash bin in San Diego. Open your eyes and see who is committing these crimes, don’t go into denial, the problems will get worse.

oh my gosh what should be done?

The suspect committed this crime when the child was on visitation with him. He really wanted to punish his estranged wife.

I am curious about his stab wound to the chest. While his 1 year old baby received multiple wounds, he only gave himself one. I mean, he killed his baby, ruined his wife’s life, so why

stop there? Do society a favor and finish the job right.

Too harsh? Maybe it is time to just say what needs to be said in times like this. His innocent

baby was a pawn in a power struggle between a husband and wife, and the husband took

away his child’s chance away to LIVE.

If he had wanted to die, he would be dead. Good think I don’t live in Ventura County and

never have to sit on his jury.

My thoughts exactly.

I wouldn’t be able to be in the same room as that monster, I would get physically ill.

whats the cost to the taxpayer?

What a sad planet we live on.

Subhuman behavior.

Reminiscent of the guy in Santa Maria who intentionally backed into the path of a train in sight of his wife working in the fields and killed himself and his child because his wife was seeing another man. Of course, family and friends were yelling it was the train’s fault and the farmer should have fenced off the tracks, etc. They hired an attorney. But the train’s video clearly showed that it was a suicide/murder.

Killing your own children is barbaric.

As the demographics continue to change in California, the people will become more tolerant of behavior like this. How many times have we heard, “he/she had their reasons, don’t judge, he/she is really a good person and would never hurt anyone, or only god can judge”. It is what it is.

I don’t think the people of California are ever going to be tolerant of stabbing toddlers. things are never going to be as bad as you make them out to be .

Demographics may play only a small part. As we seemingly value life less and less (example: increased violence in almost all aspects of our culture, degradation of family and moral values, and quality of life) we are witnessing more and more of this human to human brutality.

This is what happens when life becomes meaningless.

Somehow we need to work to change this path of destruction.

Pel1: “need to work to change this path of destruction.”

We just did, an election with overwhelming repudiation of liberal national and local politics and social policies. Of course, Obama isn’t paying attention, your Cal legislature isn’t paying attention, so except for California and some weed-heads in Maine and Connecticut and Pennsylvania Avenue, you may already be getting the first steps in your wish.

I was referring to our personal/social moral conscience…..elections today don’t mean squat! Look at Morro Bay!

the mayor there was elected and survived a recall if

I recall correctly as far as I can see.

How do we stop violence as a problem solver for so many? What is it going to take?

Rest in peace little one…you are in a much better place.


Like you, When I see news like this I get thrown into seeing so much speculations and see so much complexity in our world.

When I fall back, I realize we only need one “SIMPLE” law, regulation, policy or guide, one social government “The Golden Rule”

I am a Republican that vote democrat, independent party and write ins, ironic isn’t it.

PS I did not thumb down you.

Closing the borders would be a great start to stopping the violence.

While it may not be your intention, your comment borders on racist. So because of his surname you assume that he must be illegal? Also this is NOT confined to one group, class or race. This happens everywhere. Closing the borders would have no impact on this kind of twisted mind whatsoever.

Close the borders and see if the violence goes down.

Notice I said about this particular kind of crime. We have numerous cases of men or women killing their kids to get back at their significant other.

we live on a globe why not just keep everyone who lives in Ventura County in Ventura,and if it works in Ventura maybe we’ll scale it up otherwise stupid idea.


I think the fact that he was living in a three bedroom house with ten to twelve other adults was the clue that he is probably a citizen of another country. FYI, it is common for undocumented workers to rent a house for people just arriving here to live cheaply.

Of course, he could be a US citizen and part of a Hispanic gypsy group, or perhaps a US citizen from Connecticut taking part in a job training program or a sensitivity group, or even a member of a band staying there with his fellow musicians. Did the police say anything about finding musical instruments?

My favorite “assumption” accusation was this one on CCN (true story) “How can you assume that he’s a gangster just because he has an Hispanic surname?” the person answered ” by the MS-13 tattooed across his forehead in his mug shot.”

Closing the borders would allow the US to screen immigrants and keep out known criminals, drug smugglers, people with infectious diseases, etc. This in itself would reduce crime and disease in the US.

Boy a LOT of people missed my point. If you go back and read my comment, it was in regards to twisted people doing things that are brutal vs street crime. Closing the boarder won’t stop twisted people. I don’t have a problem with closing the boarder. LONG overdue.


how to stop violence?

don’t use it as a child rearing method !

Can someone explain why we rushed this Murderer to a Hospital and saved his life?

Sorry, we should have honored his wishes to die and let him.

There is no escape on Earth or Heaven for what he did if he was sane