Did Adolf Hitler have a girlfriend?

February 20, 2015
Elliot Rodger

Elliot Rodger

Google entries to the likes of “Did Adolf Hitler have a girlfriend,” “Young people are all mean” and “Modern torture devices” all appeared on the laptop of the perpetrator of last year’s Isla Vista massacre, according to the Santa Barbara County Sheriff’s Office.

The sheriff’s office has released a report detailing its investigation into the Elliot Rodger rampage that left seven dead in Isla Vista on May 23. Rodger killed three people with a knife and shot another three victims to death prior to committing suicide amid a shootout with deputies.

Investigators concluded that Rodger acted alone in the crime spree. The report describes Rodger as a shy, mentally ill, video game-loving community college student who had an affinity for luxury items and was desperate for a girlfriend.

Rodger received several mental illness diagnoses in his childhood, including an autism diagnosis at age 15, according to the report. He took numerous prescription medications and was on Xanax to treat anxiety when he committed the murders.

Rodger’s Internet history showed that he conducted in-depth research into the Third Reich, showing particular interest in Nazi leaders Joseph Goebbels and Heinrich Himmler, in addition to Hitler. Other Google searches he conducted included “Spanish inquisition torture devices,” “Guangzhou train station knife attack” and “I’ve never had a female friend.”

Rodger left behind a 137-page manifesto, which detailed a plot he tried to carry out on his “Day of Retribution.” The plot consisted of killing his roommates and anyone else at his apartment; murdering as many women as possible at the Alpha Phi sorority house; and finally driving around Isla Vista, attempting to kill as many people as possible by crashing his car into them or shooting them.

He also kept two journals that contained entries about his plan to get a girlfriend and lose his virginity. The plan to attract women centered around Rodger becoming a multimillionaire by winning the lottery.

“Once all this comes to fruition, I will finally lose my virginity,” Rodger wrote in a journal entry. “I will be able to have sex! SEX SEX SEX!!!”

After several failed attempts to win the lottery in California, Rodger drove to Arizona where he spent $100 on tickets. When he lost in Arizona, he wrote in his journal that all of his hopes and dreams were shattered.

Just before his rampage, Rodger emailed his manifesto to relatives and acquaintances and released a YouTube video describing his intentions. He then committed six counts of murder; three counts of murder under the special circumstance of lying in wait; 20 counts of attempted murder; three counts of carrying a loaded firearm in public; and 16 counts of shooting a firearm from a motor vehicle, according to the sheriff’s report.

The sheriff’s investigation is now closed. However, the Santa Barbara County District Attorney’s Office will still issue a ruling on whether or not deputies acted legally by returning fire on Rodger.

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Gotta love the last sentence of the article; “However, the Santa Barbara County District Attorney’s Office will still issue a ruling on whether or not deputies acted legally by returning fire on Rodger.”. Damned if they do, damned if they don’t.

I read this article twice, nowhere did I see that he stabbed one of his victims 94 times, or at least thats what I saw in the fire place starter today,so the jerk thats been running all over the country whining about his kid getting shot and lets bring on more gun control,he should be slapped,he needed to make a scene about mental health and doing something about that, 94 times this other kid was stabbed,this was one sick little shit,good thing he took him self out or we the taxpayer would have to house this turd for the rest of his useless life.

Did Adolf Hitler have a girlfriend?

All men of wealth, power, or fame has some gals align with them even if it’s all fake.

When its fake, the man comes home to an empty place with all valuables gone!

It is a shame that life relationship is based on this instead of shared better or worst union together as one.

Beside mental issues he plan to attract women centered around Rodger with the illusion he will be a multimillionaire by winning the lottery with odds of 18 million to 1 goes to his favor he would have lots of women!

this is how it is!

I heard yesterday that the new governor in Oregon is bi-sexual.

Eventually a guy can marry two girls.

maybe in our lifetime a man can marry 40 virgins or even his own own son (as a Texas Supreme Court Judge said would be possible under the current premises)

This guy obviously gave off such a strong creep vibe

that no female in her right mind wanted anything to do with him.

Instincts are powerful.

Not fitting in can be tough. I believe at some point in everyone’s life they will face being teased or feeling lonesome, even if it is but a brief paragraph in one’s life story. However, the majority of us find healthy ways to cope with that rather than going on a murder rampage. So I hope others will learn to deal with their problems before it escalates in such a way.

What I fail to understand fully is this young man’s vehement demand for sexual attention. There are social pressures to be “normal” and have a first sexual experience, sure. There is a biological component as well in the drive itself. But from what I’ve read and a point this article made brief mention of, it sounds as though he truly believed he was entitled to have this experience.

Last time I checked, nobody is entitled to sex under any circumstance! In fact, that’s an awfully rape-y attitude to maintain – one that would probably frighten potential partners into reconsidering sex with him, in fact. I’m just at a loss as to how this belief could be so thoroughly developed and feel it is incredibly concerning on a larger social scale, no?

Is this an effect of the ever-present use of sexuality to sell products and the high rate at which many consume pornography? I hope that we can get some answers about where this mentality comes from to aid in changing the mindset that often leads to abuse, assault, violence, etc.

@ Syd,

We live in a fallen world. Sin is the result.

Jesus is the Way, the Truth, and the Life.

No Comment Signatures please.

What I fail to understand fully is this young man’s vehement demand for sexual attention.


Are you joking? This is one of the most innate, strongest characteristics that mother nature gives animals. Look in the ocean, look in the forest, look on the Serengetti, look in the city, look in the country–much of life is driven by desire for sex and sexual attention. It’s regularly life and death important.

This guy was autistic and obviously had problems much deeper than just an unsatisfied sex drive. (Yes, I know that not all autistic people are the same in terms of symptoms or behavior.) I suspect that his “normal” behavior made women uneasy about him which led to his inability to find a sexual partner.

Also, our society sends a lot of conflicting messages about sexuality in general and in particular about gender roles in the social interactions leading up to a relationship. It can be difficult enough for those who are not limited by a mental conditions to sort things out. I can only imagine the difficulty for someone already possessing a socially limiting mental state. I am guessing that since he was unable to use the standard “courting” processes to find a mate, he started looking at wealth as his only option — not realizing that wealth may get you sex, it is not likely to lead to a stable long-term relationship. I am also guessing that since he didn’t attempt rape, he had accepted a strong inhibition against that option.

Thanks for sharing! Good insights you shared.

Eva Braun was an actress, and girlfriend of Hitler. He also has a German Sheppard he loved dearly. It is said that when he knew he was going to be captured, he decided on suicide, for all three.

Wish Elliott would have done the same.

@ agag,

He was a troubled young person.


Troubled, absolutely.

It’s a shame he felt compelled to take others with him.

@ just,

Yes it was. Innocents for sure.

Sin is the key word here. Troubled? Yes. Because of our fallen nature.

Jesus is the Way, the Truth, and the Life.

Sin is the key word here. Troubled? Yes. Because of our fallen nature.


If we were sinful and fallen that would be would be exactly how your God intended to and did make us. That’s what happens when an all knowing all powerful entity makes something. The something turns out exactly how the all knowing all powerful being desires.

Why is it Christians want to give their God all the credit and none of the responsibility?

Oh boy ! Watch this forum now explode with demands to reign in white, Christian terrorists like Rodger.

Exactly how do you know he was Christian?

Congratulations!!!!! You’ve, once again, won the most irrelevant post of the year.

LoL guess very few understood the ironic point.

And so the crusades went on…

To the incurious, irony is like a roof.

Too bad the authorities did not track down this illegal aryan and deport him to Wyoming or Utah,

The only drawback with that is that he might have found a female illegal aryan and reproduced.

His mother was Asian ; his father was British Caucasian. We don’t know his religion, if any. The family is here legally. So he doesn’t fit the stereotype you are presenting. What is your problem?

Asian and British doesn’t sound American.

Illegal Aryan all the way.

Sick of the race card, sarcastic or not.

“However, the Santa Barbara County District Attorney’s Office will still issue a ruling on whether or not deputies acted legally by returning fire on Rodger.”

Letter of Law VS. Common Sense

Ban guns….that’s the solution to a guy pissed off because he couldn’t find a girl to have Sex with him.

Your weak attempt at sarcsatic humor again shows the ignorance that exists in our community in regards to mental illness.

The root of the cause was NOT that he was “pissed off”…it’s because he was mentally ill.

No one wants to ever talk about mental illness in America. I had hoped after the death of Robin Williams that people would start REALLY talking about depression and mental illness.

Nope…swept under the rug…again.

Robin Williams undoubtedly had access to the best mental health care his money would afford him.

This young man too, had years of mental health care.

I suspect that like cancer patients, while many are treated, not all can be saved.

It is a lot more complicated than you seem to think. As justbeware pointed out, sometimes things just can’t be cured even with money.

There was a time when we locked people with such problems away in institutions when they showed a tendency to present a danger to the public. The treatment they got in those institutions was not generally very good — due in part to funding but due more to the fact that we simply did not have the ability to cure the problems.

Then, in the interests of not subjecting people to the abusive conditions of many such institutions (combined with too many expensive treatment failures), we stopped funding institutions for all but those PROVEN to be a danger to society. That has not been a good thing for many either.

This isn’t about sweeping things under the rug. This is about our inability to deal with mental illness in a consistently successful way. It is about the high cost of any sort of treatment for many. And it is about solutions that prevent abuse of individual liberty by false or incorrect accusations of mental illness leading to involuntary institutionalization by people with inadequate evaluation skills or with other agendas. I would like to see a better system and I think we could afford to do somewhat better than we are doing but it is not going to be an inexpensive fix to the extent that it is fixable.

Ban cars too…and knives.

@ Rich,

Sarcasm I hope?